I really wanted to create this page of the tools – things I use on a daily basis that I couldn’t do without for all of my internet marketing needs.

WHY you ask?

Mostly, so I can give props and give recognition to everyone who helped create and develop all of the top internet marketing resources and tools that I use on a daily basis. And maybe it could just help you to find something that you just may want to add to your arsenal too.

I mean seriously! Some of the things I mention below have literally helped me make $1000’s online so a Big Thank You once again.

I’m pretty dang picky and can have Gordan Ramsay type standards most of the time when I finally settle on something.

Once you get to know me, you’ll quickly learn that I don’t go with the trends or hype online. I believe in the good ol fashion extensive research and experimenting on my own until I find the best in value that meets my needs.

My list of daily online tools and internet marketing resources: – This is basically the only blogging platform that I ever use anymore. They are essentially the best and easiest way for me to create sites and blogs for anything that I’m doing online. Not only is it FREE, but makes creating any type of site a cinch and really fast and search engine friendly. Not to mention all the plugins and themes that just plug in instantly. is the most popular blogging platform in the world and is updated constantly so there’s no worries that they are going anywhere in the near future other than upwards.

WordPress Plugins

All in one SEO Pack – my favorite out of all the thousands of onpage-seo choices online. This is all I really need for on-page seo for any of my sites. I love using this plugin because most any good theme already recognizes this seo plugin and will allow it to take over all the SEO for the entire site instead of the theme options. This plugin alone has helped me rank faster for just about any site or post page for the keywords that I’m going after.

Akismet – couldn’t live without this plugin. I’d probably go crazy by seeing all of the spam and crazy comments left on my sites on a daily basis. Whether the spam comments are created by bots or humans, this comment plugin will clean them up or allow whatever type of comments you want to go on through for your personal screening process. Thousands of spam comments have been totally screened and then erased on auto-pilot without me ever having to spend a moments notice on them with this akismet plugin.

Contact Form 7 – what can I say about this contact form plugin. It was exactly what I was looking for and it’s been pretty great so far. It’s simple to install get working and has many features if you want them. I just have it set for the basics: keep bots from sending me messages, reliability and staying updated constantly. This plugin does all those things and is quite pleasantly updated often. Hands down the only contact form plugin for wordpress that I use and recommend.

Google XML Sitemaps – probably the most popular sitemap plugin ever for wordpress so it must be good right? Well, it is and even more… Sitemaps can get complicated if you want to go that route or they can be very easy and functional for even the least techie type of person (me). But you do need a sitemap or Google and the search engines won’t be able to crawl your sites pages correctly or thoroughly in a quick manner. Pretty much everything is already setup for you just plugin and click a few boxes for quick customization and Google will find your content and help share it with the world.