Affiliate Networks & Programs List

In order to make extra money from home by affiliate marketing, then you will need to find some great affiliate offers first, before you go out and make a ton of cash.

So, whether you want to find affiliate offers to promote, or want to create your own product and get it submitted, then you’ll find a great list of affiliate networks and programs below.

Go ahead and check some of them out, and find some affiliate offers that will be relevant to your niche or topic. I have split the different types of affiliate offers into different sections, and have further explanations on what each group is all about.

I will continue to add more affiliate programs and networks on a continuous basis, so enjoy.

Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network is a place where sellers and affiliates can meet at one place. By joining an affiliate network you’ll be able to promote affiliate offers for several different businesses, not just one. Affiliate networks is the place to submit your own products too, if you’re looking for affiliates to promote it for you. An affiliate network will act more like a 3rd party and can handle all transactions for the customers and affiliates. – is widely known worldwide. Affiliates can find products whether they be digital downloads, tangible products and merchandise made from some of the top companies. The Amazon associates program is very popular amongst affiliates, but they do start out paying out only 4% per sale. – is the king of digital downloads. They’ve paid out over 2 billion dollars to their clients. You can find just about any type of ebook on any subject here and it’s pretty easy to create your own product and get it accepted to their affiliate network. Payouts are between 50% – 75%. – One of my favorite affiliate networks online. A ton of different companies and products to choose from. You’ll find companies that offer digital downloads, services and tangible goods for shareasale affiliates to promote. Payouts differ per item but most pay at least 30% or better. – I really like this affiliate network too. It’s mostly filled with digital downloads as in software and ebooks. Many of them are pretty low quality, but they do have some really great products, and those sell really well. Payouts are around 50%. – These will be the Google ads you can set up on your site where you can make money per click. No one needs to make a purchase from the direct company, you make money as an affiliate just by having people click on the Google adsense ads on your sites. The amount you make per click differs. – is one of the largest affiliate networks there is online. They offer a wide range of top companies and brands for affiliates to promote. Which include tangible products, digital goods and services. You can find just about anything here for any niche or topic. Payouts are different for each company. – affiliate network has a pretty large marketplace filled with digital and tangible goods. There are a lot of low quality products here, but there’s a lot of high quality products too. So look around and payouts will be different for each company. This is a pretty easy company to submit your own digital download product for affiliates to promote. – is an online advertising network, kinda like Google Adsense. Get paid per click if you’re a publisher/affiliate or you can become an advertiser.

Epic Direct – has many different companies to choose from for several different niches. Each payout will differ on each company. Use to be known as Azoogle Ads. – One of the largest CPA (cost per action) networks with many top brands to promote. Each affiliate payout will differ per offer. Plus they have a CPC (cost per click) program, kinda like Adsense where you make money per click. – has a wide range of different offers to choose from mostly in digital downloads and services. Affiliate payout is different for each offer, but many are around 50 – 75%.

Offer Vault – cpa offers galore

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are for individual companies. They are in-house affiliate programs that the company provides. If you join any of these, you can only promote affiliate offers for that specific company. This means you will be relying on them to pay you, too. I’ve had good relations and success with just about every affiliate program below. – If you’re looking for the best selling twitter software, then this is it. Tweet adder really does sell like hotcakes, but my sales are dwindling down since Twitter isn’t as HOT as it use to be. But it’s still really easy to sell and you make 50% per sale. – has a few products to choose from like a wp theme and wp plugins. They payout I believe 50% a sale and their affiliate program has some recurring products too. – offers several different internet marketing products for affiliates to promote. I’ve had some good success with some of their products. Most of their payouts are 50% and some are 25%. – A paid online survey site that I’ve made some money from in the past not to much currently. They’re payout is multi-tiered and there’s some recurring money thrown in too.

Instant Paid Affiliate Programs and Networks

These are affiliate programs that payout instantly when you make a sale. These type of affiliate offers are pretty sweet, but they’re really aren’t that many good ones out there. When you make a sale you will get paid instantly, usually through Paypal. The way they usually work is the first sale goes to the owner and then the second goes to you. Payouts are usually 100% of the sale for this type of setup. The only drawback is you will be responsible for any refunds if it’s 100% payout. So just make sure you promote quality products. The others will pay a percentage, usually 50% for every sale. – love it when I see one of these payments popup in my inbox and straight to my paypal. But they aren’t the easiest to sell, especially since it’s for a very specific demographic and Twitter isn’t nearly as Trendy as they were a few years ago. They payout 100%, first sale to owner and 2nd sale goes to you and so forth. – is mostly filled with digital downloads and I believe affiliates get 100% per sale instantly to your paypal. You would split most sales with owner 1st sale goes to them and 2nd goes to you and so forth. The quality of the products isn’t to great but the prices aren’t to high either so the sales would really be up to your skills. – is an instant pay affiliate network. It’s mostly made up of digital goods and ebooks. Most of them pay 50% split sales. First one to owner the next to you instantly to your paypal. Some are kinda lame, but there are some quality products. The Ultimate WP Review Themes is one of the better products. – Quite a few internet marketing products to choose from that pay instantly to your paypal. You make 100% payout and 50% for their upsells. Most of the products aren’t high end stuff, but the prices are low which make for easier sales with the right audience. – This site has a ton of products to choose from that pay instantly! The payouts of course differ per product, but they seem pretty good like around 50% or more. It’s time to make some instant cash thru paypal. You’ll mostly find digital downloads, but there are some other types of offers, too. Dig around, you’ll find something good to promote.

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring affiliate programs are a great way to make residual income. These products or services charge a monthly or yearly fee, not just a one time fee. So their affiliates get paid for each and every sale referred, but also will continue to get paid for the lifetime that the referring customer stays a member. This is a great way to make some money just by bringing in a few sales. – is a popular place to get contextual backlinks from directories and blog networks. Their payout is a 40% recurring monthly amount for the life of the customer. – Is probably the most popular email marketing software. So if you’re an internet marketer you probably already have an account with them. They payout 30% per month for the life of the customer. – Is one of the top sites for hosting and creating a successful website. They sell pretty well, but needs to be highly targeted traffic. They payout $75+ per sale, and 20% or more as a recurring fee for the life of the customer.

Recurring affiliate programs list This list contains over 160 recurring affiliate programs for 17 different niches. But it’s not free, but well worth it if you’re looking for recurring affiliate programs that aren’t just in the make money niche. – A very popular software that power E commerce sites. Affiliates make a recurring 10% every month for the life of the customer.

Other – find the latest and hottest cpa offers and networks. – great place for affiliates to find the latest products from their favorite networks

By now I’m sure you’ve found some great affiliate programs and affiliate networks to make buckets of moola from. I suggest that you join quite a few different affiliate programs and networks and like us internet marketers say, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It’s good to have income streams coming from multiple places not just one company or network. You never know if something bad or unfortunate will happen, especially with internet marketing when things change on the fly and there’s so many shady people that you’re dealing with online.

I created this page to make it very quick and easy for anyone to find some of the best affiliate opportunities online. Many of them I already have experience with and am an affiliate for.

Make sure you check back often since I’ll continue to add to this affiliate networks and programs list. Have fun making that money.

And if this page helped you out at all, do me a favor and share it with others. 😉