Hey, appreciate you visiting my blog on ways to make passive money online.

I’m a self-taught internet marketer and also an aspiring Internet Entrepreneur.

I try to blog about things that will genuinely help others make money online. Many of my posts are aimed at beginners since I was in your shoes not to long ago, but I keep up with the latest internet news and strategies for the more experienced online marketers too.

I truly had no skills for internet marketing or blogging when I first began. NO technical skills. NO design skills. I was a complete newbie to the whole concept of making money online from my computer. I still have very little tech and design skills, but I manage to get by and I work on building those skills a little each day.

It’s been a few years since I first started my internet ventures and just recently, I decided to go full time online. I was working a full time job ever since I first started internet marketing, so I was only doing the internet thing part time. This is probably the best way to get started because it may take some time before you start making any real money online.

I am now the owner of a few blogs and several other sites in many different niches. I manage to make enough money to pay my bills each month with just the income made from my blogs and sites. I plan on taking this to the next level within the year since now I have more time and energy to spend on my online business.

Let me be frank. There are no such things as get rich quick schemes that actually work online. I know, I tried them when I first began, and all I did was get burned. After sometime, I learned the true ways to make a consistent paycheck online and how to start a bonafide online business.

If you are serious about making real money online and ready to give the effort and time, then my blog can help you achieve that. You can find posts containing complete tutorials on setting up your first blog, all the way to getting more traffic to your sites. Or, let me know what you want me to write about.

Here’s my story.

It all started a couple years ago. I was a full time retail stocker and looking for a way to make some extra money. I was living near D.C. If any of you have lived near there, then you know how expensive the cost of living is in that area.

I pretty much exhausted every way possible to make a extra paycheck on the side. I quickly got burnt out working an extra job on top of my full time retail gig. Then one day at my job, I had heard someone was quitting to work full time on the internet. I was thinking to myself if they can make a full time income online, then I should be able to make at least a little extra money once in awhile. I had no idea how they were making money online, whether it was from selling on eBay, websites, ebooks or etc… All I knew was I needed to checkout what the the internet offered.

My online journey began…

I tried everything to selling on Ebay, all the way to taking online surveys. I didn’t make much and I really didn’t enjoy it either. I continued searching for another option to make some extra money from home. I found a site that talked about internet marketing and affiliate marketing. It really got me interested and was something I wanted to stick to and master.

So I started learning as much as I could about internet marketing and began experimenting. After a little while, I successfully started putting the pieces together, made a little money, and I was hooked.

Why Internet marketing?

I quickly learned that internet marketing offered a real way of starting your own online business or making extra money on the side with little start-up costs. You can do it from anywhere, all you need is internet and a computer. It gives you the freedom and opportunities to pursue your true passions and interests.

Is making money online hard and take a lot of time?

NO, it does require having the correct knowledge, the motivation to generate ideas, and then executing them. It doesn’t take years of experience or endless hours of working because I don’t have or do either one, but just don’t think it’s going to be a walk in the park either.

If you are serious about making money online or even starting a online business, then stay in touch with me and my blog, and maybe one day we’ll make some money together.

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