SiteGround Web Hosting Review – 3 Key reasons why I chose them

I finally found a web host that makes creating any type of WordPress site super fast and simple with 1-click script installs and multiple professional video tutorials that walked me step-by-step.

The amount of helpful resources that SiteGround provides was unmatched by any other hosting company out there. Some of my favorites had to be the setup-wizard that helps you get your site up and running, and a multitude of FREE resources like an SSL certificate and FREE Cloudflare CDN which I’ve never used before, but always wanted to since I see all the authoritative sites seem to use it.

What really made me finally choose Site Ground Web Hosting was their unmatched customer support, speed of their hosting and security measures that I talk more about below on how I came up with these discoveries that didn’t come from online hype.

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I started looking for some more hosting a few months ago for my new niche sites that I’m in the process of creating.

So my very first step was to get some new web hosting that I could rely on to keep my sites up and running at all times, and keep them safe from any dangers that lurk all over the internet.

-Let’s be Realistic: you can have the best and most beautiful website/blog in the world, but if your site loads slow, your hosting has bad up times and provides lousy customer support, you might as well not even have a website at all.

I spent a lot of time researching and spending time in hosting forums and even reading reviews about several top web hosting companies. I even got to chat and get a vibe from some of the web hosting techs and managers just to get a feel of their staff before I made my final decision.

7 Reasons why I chose SiteGround Web Hosting

Customer service and support – siteground web hosting company has one of the highest satisfaction ratings than anyone else out there. And they are very public about everything. Multiple social media accounts and everything available for anyone to comment and voice their opinions.

I found really no negative comments about this company that weren’t addressed with a reasonable explanation from one of the staff and taken care of. The staff have a great attitude and are ready and willing to support you with anything that you need at any level.

Siteground actually prides themselves for being known for their highly satisfied customer rating among web hosting providers and try to set the standard.

They have of course 24/7 support with instant chat, phone and email with the shortest amount of wait time possible. Expert customer service reps are available to handle any type of support that you might need, and these people seem genuinely happy and eager to help you.

Simplicity – Anyone can build a website so easily with Siteground hosting no matter your experience and tech skills. Heck, they’ll even setup your site for you for free when you purchase web hosting from them.

They even called me when I purchased my new web hosting plan to see if I needed any help or had any questions to help me get started with my new sites.

Setup Wizard when creating or setting up new site:


Site Ground provides a simple cpanel with all the 1 click script installs that you’d ever need or want. It literally can take just a couple clicks and you can have your site setup with WordPress or other platforms you choose.

Multiple videos and tutorials available to help you with every step of the way. They even have a drag-and-drop website creator to make it super-simple for anyone to create a professional site with limited tech skills.

These are just some of the step-by-step video tutorials to help you build a wordpress blog:

Checkout all of the step-by-step website tutorials and vids: Click here

Reminder: Site Ground can pre-install wordpress and other platforms for you, call you and walk you through the entire process, or you can use their site wizard which will walk you through every step too. Plus, they already have wordpress and multiple other platforms already preinstalled in your cpanel so it only takes 3 clicks and your site can be ready to go.


Siteground uses their own SuperCache that helps increase site speeds to be blazing fast even with increased amounts of traffic.

Speed – I’ve constantly checked my sites periodically to see the speed of my sites and they have lived up to my expectations so far. Siteground uses the latest technology and resources to keep sites running at maximum levels of speed and up-times.

Of course they say 99% percent up times for their servers, but I learned all hosting companies say that so that doesn’t mean much to me anymore. I go from my own experience, reviews from what others say about siteground’s hosting speeds/uptimes, and the utilization of the latest technology.

Safety – siteground web hosting practices the safest and latest security measures available to protect your sites from hackers, outages and keeps multiple daily backups of your site just in case something happens.

Not only do they provide FREE SSL certification when opening a new hosting account with site ground, they also have partnered with a leading CDN company, CloudFlare (many of the major sites and blogs use cloudflare cdn) to help protect and to speed up their websites and blogs.

Checkout CloudFlare Tutorials with SiteGround hosting: Click here

Site Ground with Cloud Flare is already pre-installed into your cpanel, and only takes a few clicks to install onto your sites for FREE. If you want the premium edition you can get a discounted rate since you’re using Site Ground web hosting.

Reliability – if Siteground wasn’t reliable, then trust me, there would be a lot of bad complaints and reviews all over the internet about this problem and every savvy marketer would know about it. Like I already mentioned before, they use the latest technology and resources to keep your site up and running at the highest possible level that they can. With 99% up-times just like every other good hosting company, they actually seem to take this quite seriously.

Price – Siteground hosting prices are very competitive and beat anyone out there for the value you’re getting. There’s a few cheaper hosting companies out there, but then you’re sacrificing reliability and support just to save a couple dollars. Hosting packages start as low as $4 per month.

  • Includes FREE domain
  • FREE SSL certificate for one year
  • FREE transfer and setup
  • FREE CDN with CloudFlare
  • FREE migration service
  • FREE point-and-click site builder

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Constantly Improving – siteground hosting company actually takes pride in constantly getting feedback from their customers to keep improving and yet continue providing the best possible web hosting solutions for whatever your needs are. I’ve actually did the digging and read some of their customer and affiliate interactions about what Site Ground is excelling at and what they need to work on and improve on. And they even seem to keep going over what changes they made or are making to continue improving their high level of web hosting to meet individual needs in a consistent manner.

Already have web hosting from another company? They even have FREE website migration service available while other hosting providers charge up to a couple hundred dollars for this service.

My SiteGround Hosting Account

As an internet marketer for several years now, I’ve learned it’s good to be skeptical whenever someone is recommending something coming from their own personal experience.

I’m not going to give any domains or links to my sites at this moment that are hosted with Site Ground hosting, but I do have some images below that show my cpanel and sales receipt email.

I’ve had siteground hosting now for a few months and so far they are my favorite web hosting company. I’ve tried and researched just about every web hosting company out there and no one seems to match the value and features that Site ground hosting provides.

I’m going to try one of their cloud hosting plans next as soon as I start spreading out and expanding my little website empire.

SiteGround affiliate marketers: not only do they have one of the best payout options available, but you need the best hosting at the best price to make a lot of conversions that actually payout. However, like any good internet marketer knows; having siteground yourself first is the best way to be successful with any hosting affiliate program so you can actually share your firsthand experience and perspective with your trusting visitors.

I found that personal videos and tutorials of the total process of purchase and installing WordPress, convert the best. I have a handful of them and even with minimal promotion, they trinkle in some sales.

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Right now is the best time to get in with Site Ground Web Hosting while they are at the perfect size of growth. This company has been around for years, but they still, in my opinion aren’t too big and not too small to meet anyone’s hosting needs; providing premium features, support and stability at the lowest cost possible. They, I’m sure for at least several more years, will continue to give everything they can to retaining and continue improving their stellar web hosting. I only say this cause we all know what happened to Hostgator and bluehost. They provided excellent hosting and support many years ago, but once they became the top leading web hosting providers, they started going downhill in support and stability and seemed only to care about making more sales rather than keeping the customers they already had.

Like I always say, don’t trust anyone online and always do your own experimenting and research before you make a final decision and purchase.

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