Self-awareness: You were Born with Unique Strengths so Use Them

I believe a lot of internet marketers and entrepreneurs (myself included) have a problem of spreading themselves out to thinly with their precious time and with different projects all over the internet.

This isn’t a good habit or characteristic to have. What ends up happening is too much time gets wasted on things that you never were born to be good at unless you spent your whole life on trying to conquer it. Your stubbornness and ego can get the best of you, and you’re just so dang determined that you can be good at something, that you’ll end up never making the most of what you’re actually naturally good at.

I believe you need to know how internet marketing works, generally speaking, but you don’t need to know or possess every skill there is that pertains with internet marketing. You don’t need to be good at seo, ppc, programming, designing, social media, landing pages, and etc.

This is where I’m weak at.

I have experience with just about every way to make money online, but I waste so many precious hours and energy on trying to work on things that I know I’m weak at, rather than concentrating on my strengths and making money.

Yeah, If I spent the rest of my life I’d probably finally be able to become an actual 1st rate blogger and writer. Or I could spend 15 years on PPC and become a killer on the Google ads. This probably isn’t the best way for me to spend my time.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, then you need to steam roll ahead and kick-ass utilizing your strengths only.

If you have a bit of experience online, and have made money, then keep making money with the way you know how. Don’t put a halt on it and try working on things you know you dislike or weak at.

Be knowledgeable in all aspects of internet marketing, but choose only 1 way to make money using your strengths and never look back. We don’t have the luxury of time to pick and choose or to pursue things we are weren’t naturally born to do without a lot of time and energy being spent. Once you’re rich and so successful with your 1 method of making money, then you can move onto something else, or just rinse and repeat if you can.

Everyone online who is successful is known for 1 Super Power that they have, meaning one thing they are known for being great at. They aren’t known for being great at 10 different things. It’s either they’re a great blogger, ppc, seo, podcasts and etc. And it usually can get even more focused than that. A great blogger for¬†authoritative type blogs, great in seo with niche sites, and so forth. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are known for being great at 1 thing.

The Shark Tank entrepreneurs always preach to choose one thing and run with it and make as much money as fast as you can. And to know your strengths and weaknesses and concentrate only on your strengths and find someone else to handle whatever your weak at.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a firm believer of betting all in on your strengths and not giving a $@%! about his weaknesses. He is, to me, the Tony Robbins of the tech world when he’s speaking; with unrelenting passion, drive, energy and gives it to you straight without letting up.

He is known for turning their 3 million dollar wine business into a 60 million dollar wine business and now is a rising internet voice and investor with his company vayner media.

Even though this whole concept goes against who I am, this is the way of a smart and successful entrepreneur.

I like to believe that we get one life and that we should make the most of it by learning and breaking as many different barriers as we can on a daily basis. Things that I’m weak at, I try to tackle head on so they become my strengths, but this does take unrelenting time and energy. That are 2 things that true entrepreneurs and internet marketers do not have, and I now have learned to go all in with just your strengths.

Maybe down the road after you’re surrounded with or see something done over and over, then maybe you’ll realize and notice new strengths and want to explore more with them. But until we are super successful with one thing, then don’t waiver from the path cause it could disappear before your own eyes at any moment.

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