Laser Focus: Sales Cures Everything

I was watching the latest episode of Shark Tank the other day, one of my favorite shows for entrepreneurs btw, and my boy Mark Cuban had given the most critical advice for these struggling entrepreneurs who were giving their pitch.

He told them that “sales cures everything when your back is against the wall” and that there’s basically NO EXCUSES for not having a much fatter bank account and more working capital for your business.

I needed that reminder.

I don’t know about you, but there’s really only one reason why I got started with internet marketing. Yes, I want the freedom, a better life, but it was for the money.

Of course I want to give back and help contribute to make the world a better place through my internet endeavors eventually too; But I believe a lot of internet marketers, especially those who are new or still trying to break-though (like myself) we tend to waiver off the path.

This can lead to disaster if you’re just scraping by online.


I’m sure you have your reasons why you got started with internet marketing, but I’m sure the main reason was to make money online. However, until you’re making the big bucks online, then it’s very easy to get distracted and start chasing every money scheme online. Or you might even start doubting yourself, and of course there’s the 99% chance that you’ll eventually give up the whole internet adventure for good.

If you saw a consistent flow of money rolling in do you think you would  quit internet marketing?

I tend to find myself working and planning on other internet ventures that I have going on, and many times, I spend time writing content that will make me money eventually, but not anytime soon. This takes away from my energy and ambition, thus at times makes me wonder what I’m even doing online other than a hobby to make me feel better about accomplishing at least something.

Sales Cures Everything

Until you’re making 6 figures online in profit yearly, Until we’ve quit our day jobs and have extra money laying around, then you and I need to wake the $#@! up. If you really got started with internet marketing like myself to make money and to gain more freedom, then we should only be focusing on making money.

Everything that we do online should be for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to make money.

100% of the content we write and projects we’re working on should be to make us money in the shortest amount of time possible.

Don’t be working on content or projects that will make us money down the road in a year. Who knows, if we’ll still be interested in internet marketing by then.

If you have sales rolling in on an hourly, daily and weekly basis, then you’ll feel so much better about yourself. The confidence and freedom you get from it is unsurpassed by really anything else.

I know, I’ve been there before, but never kept it going consistently. I would get sidetracked or start working on other long term projects.

Honestly, it’s not that hard to make fast money online. For instance, Sniper review sites gotta be one of the easiest ways to make money online still to this day. But I tend to work on my other projects or keep adding to my to do list with other ventures and I end up just running around wasting time and energy.

#1 Laser focus needs to be making money now, not later.

I know this might sound a bit to harsh or selfish bad intentions, but are you forgetting the mind set of a true salesman or entrepreneur shark?

Get the consistent and stable sales and money rolling in, then once you have enough money sitting around, you’ll have the power of the snow ball effect and you then you can grow your staff, business and work on those projects and content that will actually give back to society and help you sleep better at night for making a difference.

affiliate marketers should be sales machines

If you’re main income is from affiliate marketing, like myself, then don’t forget what our primary job is. We should take it seriously!! Our main mission is to sale the crap out of their product or service. That’s it, nothing else should be on our minds.

Be so laser focused to become their #1 affiliate in sales and I bet you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish.

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