Relax: Have Fun & Enjoy Your Work & Boost Your Productivity

If you’re like me, then you push yourself to the limit on a daily basis. I learned that’s just who I am and I try to make the most of my time before it’s all over.

Mentally Strong and Physically Strong is what I try to achieve everyday to hopefully be the best that I can be. Not saying that I don’t have obstacles and many challenges to overcome in my life, I give it 100% even if I fail over and over.

But it hit me one day…

I see it all the time with other people, and in myself; by pushing yourself to the limit daily, you can end up putting yourself into a pressure cooker that could blow the top off.

We over stress ourselves and this actually can lead to frustration, cloudy focus, fatigue and much less production.

Have fun and enjoy your work

Don’t take what you do for a living or ways you make money online for granted.

It’s a privilege and blessing that we get to do what we internet marketers get to do.

What’s the point if you’re going around in life unhappy, stressed and under a pressure cooker all the time.

If you truly enjoy what you do and actually have fun, then you can actually make a living by doing something that you love. What more could anyone ask for? Thus if you truly enjoy your work and have fun making money online, then you’ll actually be making money from something that you love. Can’t beat that.

Not only will more people like you cause you’re easier to be around, you’ll have more energy, laser focus, less stress and be able to produce much more efficiently- and thus producing more productivity everyday.

Why are you doing what you do?

Really think about why you’re writing that content, creating that site, writing that code. There has to be a reason. Probably because it’s an interest you have, money, it’s what your good at. Then enjoy it.

Look at things differently.

Content can be one of the most grueling and boring things to do online it seems at times. But you’re writing about something that interests you or something that you know a lot about.

Have fun, smile – you’re getting to share it with the world and letting people hear your voice. You’re actually creating something that could help build your legacy or touch or help someone without even knowing it – AND you could be making a living from it.

It’s actually pretty cool and incredible if you really think about what we get to do as internet marketers and we actually get paid for it. Some internet marketers actually get paid really really well from it.

Do Whatever it takes

Maybe like me you need to take care of some things personally, mentally, change some habits or support, whatever it is take care of yourself first in order to be a happy, fun and productive internet marketer.

Or maybe you need to change what you’re doing or need to start doing something else, or even taking a different route to make money online.

Try different things: diet, health/fitness, yoga, meditation whatever to get your mind right. Take breaks, go on a date, make a new friend, take a nap or go help a stranger; whatever it takes to keep you from getting down and  stressed from your work online.

But remember to enjoy, have fun, don’t take for granted and remember why and what we actually get to do for a living.

This of course can be applied to any job or work out there. This doesn’t just apply to internet marketers.

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