Change it up: It’s ok to have Pillar Posts, Simple Posts and Money Pages

I remember when I first started internet marketing, with minimal tech skills and zero experience; I thought I needed to follow a certain writing format. And back in the day, that was to write long epic posts filled with as many images and as much content that I could stuff into them.

Times have changed.

We used to create those posts and have a minimum of 500 words, mostly to follow the mythical seo Golden Rules.

But really there’s a lot of times when that just doesn’t really make sense or even¬†necessary.

Heard of Seth Godin? He kills it even with a few sentences.

The Perfect Combination

Pillar posts – Just about any blog needs to have a good handful of long, skyscraper-epic posts. Show those suckers off by having them on the sidebar, promotion and linking to them whenever you write other posts that are relevant. These posts are the one’s that bring in the traffic from seo and from all over the web as a source and reference. They can put you on the map and give your blog authority.

Money pages – You need to have some of these if you wanna make that money from your blog to cover the costs and to put a little away in the bank for them rainy days. Remember, people are much more internet savvy: be more subtle, slick, original or honest to make them dollars.

Simple, short and to the point posts – If you got something to share that provides value, then by all means post it. Even if it may only be a paragraph or two. Not everything requires a long drawn out post that has 500+ words. I think especially when it’s a personal blog, then sometimes you just might want to share just a thought that’s simple and to the point.

This doesn’t really apply to every type of site or blog out there, but for many, it’s ideal to change up your posts whenever necessary.

Brevity my friends can sometimes be the perfect ingredients for the perfect post.

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