Google Toolbar PageRank Update April 16, 2016: Page Rank 0?

Oh boy, here we go again down memory lane… I remember back in the day when we wannabe seo’s waited anxiously for the almighty Google pagerank updates; just praying for an increase of at least 1 or 2 in authority on our Google pagerank toolbars.

But those days are long gone ever since December 5/6, 2013, which was officially the last day Google did a Page Rank update on their toolbar.

Ever since then, they basically have been keeping everything stagnant, and whatever the sites were showing since then, that’s what was shown on the Google toolbar.

The past 3 years was actually the time that expert SEO’s with services started to make a killing on selling back links to newbs in the internet marketing world. A newb see’s sites with pr 5, most of them believed it was a true pr 5 link for their site.

That’s all about to come to a major halt starting today!

Google Toolbar Pagerank now at PR 0

I was doing some work online this morning, april 17, 2016 and I noticed that all of my sites had 0 pagerank. Huh?

This made me do some research, since I first initially thought…no, maybe.. did Google just do an update and fool us all.

However, after doing some research and talking on the seo forums and seo authority sites, I found out that sometime on April 16, 2016 Google basically ended the google page rank toolbar for good.

Now everyone’s site that I’ve seen or heard of are all at Pagerank 0. But they all show that they are indexed – at least the toolbar is the white color; which meant before that the site was indexed for sure by Google.

Even my new sites were all indexed so I wonder if this means brand new sites and unindexed sites are shown as indexed (white in the google tool bar) or going to be gray, like before?

As soon as I hear from someone or buy a new domain, I’ll update.

The Google PR toolbar is officially dead, yes I know it died on dec 5, 2013, but at least it did show pr on what sites might still be at, whereas now, it’s just a white toolbar meaning nothing since every single page and every single site shows exact same thing.

What this means to SEO’s

Now for those who are into the whole black hat seo thing…. Oh not me, I’m a good boy… you better make sure you check all them links and sites before you make purchase and see the domain authority and the other relevant information on a site or site’s page.

SEO Moz and Ahrefs seo tools set the bar on the industry standard and are totally legit. Those type of tools are the only way to tell really what type of sites you’re getting links from.

Though, I was checking out some sites and it seemed some of the information was showing incorrectly on link count and such so I dunno about accuracy in the coming years of Google and seo tools. Or even right now, since I haven’t done too much tinkering around with all of that yet.

And what’s up with keeping the toolbar in the first place? Unless it’s going to be to show which sites are indexed in Google or not. Maybe they’ll get rid of it eventually or turn it into another type of measurement of authority. Or maybe they just don’t give a hoot about it right now, since they are like all geniuses and stuff and have a million other more important things on hand at every moment.

For me:

Google is definitely doing everything to get rid of shady SEO practices and demands pure value and content from our sites, so it’s best to get with the program if you wanna keep doing this internet marketing for the long haul.

However, I’ll probably never stop experimenting and tinkering with methods of getting sites ranked quickly through seo on the search engines. There’s still a lot of money to be made from it for another handful of years I’m sure. But I advise to never practice on your authority sites. That’s just silly.

BTW: I’m a bit old school when it comes with internet marketing and seo. I got started when all of this was just coming of age and just starting to get popular. So I still have the Google toolbar on most of my computers and I was still interested in what Google was going to eventually do to their page rank tool bar. But obviously I evolve on the daily or I still wouldn’t be trying to make it through internet marketing and live the dot com lifestyle one day.

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