How I Turned $200 into over $27,000 from 1 Simple Sniper Review Site

It’s no secret, if you ever read any of my posts on this blog, then you would know that my most favorite way to make money online is by creating small niche sites. More specifically – Sniper review sites.

In this post I will review to you my ugliest and most simple looking sniper review site that you’ve probably ever seen.

I want to show to you don’t go with all the mumbo jumbo and hype that’s online. Which I don’t, and really never have. Cause many of them say that Sniper Review sites are just hype and don’t work anymore. They say that Google easily tracks them down and won’t let them climb the ranks in the search engines.

If you’re intelligent, and creative enough to discover and pursue internet marketing, then you should go by your own experience, and by what your gut tells you rather than all the online hype.

I’m glad many of the forums and internet marketers out there say that Google sniper, now goes by Gsniper, doesn’t work anymore. Less competition for me!

Why Sniper Review Sites?

These mini little niche sites are designed for laser targeted traffic from the search engines. Not only does this mean that the traffic converts incredibly easy, but they can rank very quickly and easily if you follow all the steps.

I purchased Gsniper years ago from clickbank. The very first simple site I ever made money on when I first started with internet marketing was essentially a Sniper review site. Other than a few blogs and paid traffic methods that I use, my main method of creating niche review sites all were modeled from what I learned from Google Sniper. Almost all of the money I’ve made online that was pure profit came from just a handful of Gsniper review sites.

Look: Over $1,050,259.35 in one year from Google Sniper

I spend very little time on them and very little money and effort to promote them.

I mostly only relied on SEO traffic by being on the first pages of Google and the other search engines since this is what is taught in the Gsniper course.

But they are pretty great with paid traffic too, once you get a bit of practice and add a nice lander on your actual sniper review site itself.

I learned by watching so many great marketers who specialize in niche and review sites get destroyed and hi-jacked by so many other competitors from sharing their actual case studies and by sharing the actual links to the niche and review sites.

So I never ever share my most coveted sites.

However, this sniper review site is so simple and ugly that I’m not too afraid that anyone will copy them or even believe that it pulled in over $27,000 for me and growing still after years.

Oh, and the site that I’m about to reveal to you is no longer relevant anymore and almost every affiliate program that I was promoting on it no longer exist.

My Super Simple Sniper Review Site is:

If you would like another example, then checkout one of my other hideous and simple Google Sniper review sites:

Go ahead, and do a whois on them and you’ll see that I’ve owned those 2 sites for years. Why would I still keep them if they weren’t still making me money? follows the Gsniper process to a T, except for the fact that it’s even simpler, and I didn’t even use all of the steps provided for you in this course.

THAT’S ALL I really can say about GoogleSniper, or else it just wouldn’t be fair to the people who havn’t bought it for themselves for me to spill the beans of it’s entire contents.

The Basic Outline of my Simple Sniper Review Site

Everything I am vaguely describing to you below is completely laid out for you in detail in the Gsniper course. So I’m not going over the actual things that go into what makes these type of niche review sites so successful and quick and easy to create.

1. – It all starts out with finding a product and niche that you want to start promoting for. I love promoting affiliate programs since they do all the work and you just need to promote and collect the money. It works for Clickbank products and just about any other affiliate program.

For my site,, I created the site at the height of the Twitter explosion and capitalized on it. This is when new Twitter software was being released on the daily. So I chose to promote about 5 of the top selling Twitter software at that time.

I’d like to make a note and say that Twitter pretty much shut down all Twitter software progressively over the years, and only a few social media type software still exists and is allowed to run on Twitter.

2. – Of course you need hosting and domain, and then I like installing wordpress. I highly suggest InMotion Hosting and it has super simple 1-click-install of WordPress or they’ll even pre-install it for you. Plus you get a free domain.

3. – Now you need to add some content relevant to your sites niche and affiliate products that you’re trying to promote. I like going the more personal insightful approach to the content. I find it to convert much better than anything else. As you can see on the example site that I wrote several reviews and made sure all of the content was search engine friendly. Make sure you know the exact keywords that you’re trying to rank for ahead of time.

4. – Climb the search engine ranks with on-page optimization and backlinks. If you play your cards right, you could be on the front page within the first week or month. The different type and sources of your backlinks should help bring in targeted traffic, as well as the laser targeted traffic from the serps.

Tip – I’ll share with you one of the key reasons why was so successful even though it was basically unfinished and so unprofessional looking. If you checkout that site, you’ll see most people probably wouldn’t take much time reading content, so it had a high bounce rate. But the cta was through the roof because I found putting – NOT BANNERS ON THE SIDEBAR, but adding testimonial quotes on the sidebar as contextual links from my affiliate products that I was promoting. (I took them down awhile ago) I would rip them directly from the sales pages and then creatively added them on top of each other on the sidebar. I only wrote enough to draw interest and if they clicked on it to read more, then it would lead them to the actual website that I was promoting thru my affiliate links.

Tools for creating Successful Sniper Review Sites Quickly:

  • Gsniper lays out everything you need to do step-by-step in it’s complete course, and shows you the correct way of creating laser focused niche review sites that rank fast.
  • hosting, domain and I prefer to install WordPress since it makes everything super simple and quick. Plus rank well.
  • Long tail pro is what I use for my keyword research, or I use the old google free keyword tool.
  • Magic Submitter type links is my main source of backlinks for my review sites. It’s a great way to add a large diversity of links which help hide your seo footprint from BIG G.

We’re talking a few hundred dollars investment to make over $27,000 from just one of my Most Basic and Simple niche review sites. I’ve made several of these type of sites and blogs over the years, so you can easily see the potential of what you can make with a small investment at the beginning.

Only get what you can afford. If you’re just starting off and maybe on a tight budget, then at least get the Google Sniper course and then work your way up after you get some sales rolling in.

A few Commissions from

I only actually have, but a few images of old commissions from tweet adder that I used in other websites in the past. I wasn’t able to find anything else.

However, most of these affiliate programs NO Longer exist and have been shut down or disappeared once the Twitter explosion died down several years ago. So I don’t have actual images of stats or commissions for most of the the affiliate programs that I used on that site. But I believe these estimates are pretty accurate.

Tweet Whistle – $2000 – $3000

Tweet Attacks – $3000 – $3500

HummingBird – $1500 – $2000

Social Oomph – $600 – this is the only Twitter software that is still running strong today, but as you can see was the least promoted product on my site. These sales are recurring and I still make a very small commission mthly still today.

Tweet Adder – $20,000 – $25,000 – I quickly learned that this Twitter software was the easiest to convert clicks to sales so I eventually just started pushing this affiliate product more than any other.

Some old images that I had found that I took of from some of my commissions from tweetadder:



tweet adder sales


I continued to makes commissions on a weekly basis from Tweet adder until I received an email on 5/20/2015 that stated that Tweetadder was shutting down because Twitter had changed it’s policies on this type of twitter software and was no longer allowed unless it discontinued some of it’s features. My sales, however did slow down a bit after this image I believe, or else I would’ve made much more than $20k from them.

To me; niche sites, sniper review sites and blogs are the easiest money makers by internet marketing. If you follow a good and successful process and put a little research, money and effort into them, then the sky’s the limit. Once you get some experience they can work great for search engine traffic and from some forms of paid traffic.

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