My Arrogance and Stubbornness Kept me from the Wheel of Success

I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, just like I have over and over again, the actual ingredients of attaining sustainable success online by internet marketing is to do something that you’re passionate about.

I know when I first got into internet marketing, I was a hungry confident shark just going after the fast money. I relied mostly on sniper and niche sites to bring in the fast cash. But of course this lead to me getting bored and after time, most of these sites would go-up in smoke and the traffic would vanish it seemed overnight.

I always wanted a great authoritative site, but knew it took a lot of time and effort – and I believed I could become a millionaire just with small niche and sniper review sites, plus a few other quick money methods.

Until the day that it hit me, which was just recently, I saw how amateurish I was being and finally it sunk in what all the successful online entrepreneurs preach all the time on the ways of finding sustainable success online that is shown below.

  1. Start a site about something that your passionate about
  2. Make videos pertaining to your topic that entertain and provide valuable tips and advice
  3. Use every social media outlet that you can connecting back to your site
  4. Listen and ask questions to your audience using social media
  5. Adapt, change and grow to accommodate your audience

I have finally started this process, and I call it the success wheel. This is the ideal way for an authoritative site to be built upon and be able to keep growing in momentum over time. The website is in the middle of the circle and everything else all leads to the site to help give it exposure and continuous traffic that should eventually sustain itself organically and virally.

You can make money online pretty easily, which I’ve learned over the years of internet marketing.

But to actually feel good about what you’re doing and being able to make money from it is life changing and fulfilling.

–I’m in the process of creating a website that is literally something that I’m very passionate about, but it also makes me very vulnerable and transparent. Scary? Yes. It’s totally worth it.

Not only do I have a million ideas for the content because it’s something I’m passionate about, and have personal insightful information about the entire subject makes working on it actually something that I enjoy doing. I actually treat it like my baby and a brick and mortar business that I want to see thrive.

I literally go sleepless nights thinking about ideas for it and push myself constantly to improve the site, content, and to keep it ever-growing.

I never did this before when I was just going after the money. Building sites, blogs and landers that are specifically just to bring In sales isn’t a sustainable way of doing things online.

Like the saying goes:

“don’t chase the money, do it for the passion and the money will come.”

Anyways, it’s all over the internet about doing something online that your passionate about and interacting with your audience and take their advice. But how many of us actually do it?

If you want a life changing and sustainable online business, then you better listen to experts and then do it.

I created a site based on something that I believe I was born to do and obviously incredibly passionate about. I’ll share the site domain later on. I’ve got my reasons why I’m not sharing it right now.

I’m gonna create as many videos that I can that are on the same topic as the site, but of course are all subtly pushing that traffic to the website. And I’m working on growing the subscriber base on the youtube channel.

I believe Facebook will greatly help the sites organic growth and exposure, so I created a fan page for the site and this is where I also will try growing the likes and followers.

I will also interact with everyone as much as I can and take their feedback to heart.

The thing I’ve learned in business is that many people, myself included, get stubborn and arrogant at times about their website or business. They forget that you’re doing the whole thing for the people and to reach as many that you can. If you don’t listen to your audience, you will never hit the potential growth and success that your business could have reached.

I’ll update soon on the progress of the site and also share with you the website url too.

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