Get Your Mind Right – Do it for Yourself First & Live YOUR Life

I’ve always been one of those people who believe in helping and doing more for others than you would do for yourself.

I was blessed by having empathy, which I later learned is a characteristic that any good marketer or entrepreneur really needs to have in order to connect with people so you know exactly what their thinking and want.

And then there’s my childhood, which I’m not going into all of that right now other than mentioning I was adopted from Asia and have seen and experienced child suffering, so I’m sure that has a bit to do why I see life the way I do too.

Do More for Others than You Would do for Yourself – The Book of Eli, Denzel Washington

So most of my life, whenever I needed motivation for something, I always used someone else as my motivation to continue on when times got tough. Whether it be good grades, sports, or even getting a good job or making more money.

I never used to ever think that I deserved it for myself, but rather I needed to do and do my best for someone else. I’m sure you’ve been there before.

Don’t Let this be Your Motivation Anymore

I need to get better grades for mom and dad.

I need to do well in sports for my family or friends.

I need to get a better job for my kids and spouse.

I need to go on that vacation for my family.

What about doing it for yourself because you deserve it?

Starting Right Now – This Should be Your Motivation

Do anything in life for yourself FIRST.

You deserve better grades.

You deserve to be a better athlete.

You deserve a better job, and you deserve to make more money.

You deserve to take that vacation.

YOU and Me deserve to live the life that we’ve always wanted. Whether you believe in God or not, but we were not born to be unhappy, suffer, or to live for someone else. We were all born to thrive in life and to live a great happy content life.

Eventually, we all learn the life lesson that people will eventually let us down one time or another.

Because of this, I’ve learned that this would then fluctuate my ambition and motivation to achieving a goal. When things were going good, then I would be more hungry and ambitious as ever. When things were going bad, then the complete 180, and I wouldn’t even care if I ever hit that goal anymore.

Do it for Yourself Cause You Deserve It

Once I got older, I’ve learned through extensive research and from people who are much smarter than myself that YOU and I should be your very first thing to be looking out for.

If you don’t love, like, respect, believe in yourself first, then why would anyone else?

You should be the main (reason – motivation) why you do anything in life. You want to do _________ for yourself. You need to push yourself daily because you want to reach ______ goal because you deserve it or want it.

This is isn’t about being selfish or greedy or etc.

Think about this.

If you were happy and living the life and doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do for yourself not for anyone else – how much more would you be able to give and share and have fun with your loved ones and friends. Your energy, passion, and lust for life would totally change. When you’re doing everything in your life and your motivation is for someone else first, then everything will take more energy from you and stress you out. Plus if they love you and care about you, then they would want you to be happy and do the things that you want to do for yourself and not for them.

The whole reason why I wrote this post is because I’m drastically trying to better myself and change my life completely around currently.

I’m dead tired every single day. I literally pour everything I have into this new part of my life daily. It includes everything from jobs, health and fitness, mentally, physically, relationships, addictions, issues – literally everything in my entire life.

So I’m exhausted at the end of everyday.

My motivation to keep me going through all of it the last few mths is always my family, especially for my daughter. I always tell myself do it for her, she deserves it and I’m back on the grind without even thinking about it.

Until my research, experience and my epiphany?? I guess that’s when I was like – NO – Get your lazy butt going (never been lazy, u get what I’m sayin) because you deserve it, and you didn’t go through all the things in life and all the struggle to live a life that you’re not happy living on a daily basis.

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