Here’s my Focus – I finally have a few things figured out

I’ve been at this Internet venture for several years now, never really ever giving it 100% of myself. I believe I’m ready to do that now.

I like learning new things regularly, and because of my issues, once I know I can be good at something, then I’m off to the next thing. However, the older I get, I’ve learned by doing this, I will never be Super BadAss at anything. Just good and knowledgeable in a lot of things.

Basically, I started tinkering with internet marketing with literally No tech skills or any knowledge of making a penny online. It’s been a long and strenuous journey to get to the point of knowledge and experience that I am at now.

True story of my ignorance

I literally didn’t know anything about internet marketing or techie anything. Before I found internet marketing, I joined a cookie cutter membership site. I figured, hey, they give me a site and all I gotta do is drive traffic to it. In the instructions they told me I needed to copy and paste the code for the website or something. I had NO idea what copy and paste even meant. And never even thought about just googling it either. I sent a message to the support team about what they meant by copy and paste. Guess what? they never responded and I never even got the cookie cutter site up cause I couldn’t copy and paste it.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Back to how I got started with internet marketing. Within a month or so, I started making money with review sites and I didn’t even use my own sites. I was using at the time. In very little time I was making pretty good money from my review sites. Mostly from CB products (I was part of the run-ur-car-on-water age). After that I created this blog and some more review sites that were actually very basic and hideous, but pulled in the sales. I got some experience with paid traffic and some media buying/ad space and dabbled in just about any other way to make money online.

Once I knew that I could make money online anytime that I wanted, then like many others, I basically got bored and just tinkered with my sites and blogs every now and then.

Never would I call myself successful online. I never reached my online goals, not even close. Just made a few dollars.

I got bored and couldn’t muster up the drive to attack the internet like a raging lion tackling down a gazelle. So I started doing other jobs in industries that I never worked in before, while still spending a bit of time online with latest trends and with my sites.

My Epiphany

One thing that I’ve learned in life is to be successful, you must have incredible drive and energy for whatever you want to achieve.

And where does that come from?

It differs for everyone and something you must find and discover if you truly want to be successful.

I finally found mine.

It’s the whole reason that I actually wanted to be ultra successful online for in the first place. But just had my priorities out of wack.

I use to think that just my own selfish ambitions for the love of money and being able to make sales online from any computer from anyone in the world was enough to fuel me to the finish line.

It wasn’t.

Nor pretending I had a a true passion for anything related to internet marketing didn’t seem to work either.

Now it’s crystal clear to me of why I will be super successful online for. I definitely found what my motivation will be fueled from. Something that is pure and real, much more so than just the love of being able to make money in my boxers anytime that I want.

Here’s my new game plan and focus

When you first start with blogging and internet marketing. You may not really have any clue about the different type of sites and blogs – and what they are used for. Like I had no clue and just went after it.

But it really does make a difference and matters in the short and long run.

This is what I’m working on now and soon will outsource the content for the sites that it’s a no-brainer not to.

Personal Blogs – blogs that have your name in the domain should be literally that. This is my personal blog and now I know to write about personal things about me and about what I’m up to and have learned or experienced. I was going to turn this blog into one big ol smorgasbord with money pages, internet marketing tips and my own personal views. Nothing else should be added to a personal blog but things about yourself. The posts should literally only cover things that are important enough for you to share coming from your own perspective.

Authoritative Blogs – I will be slowly working on a few of these. These are more important now than ever. With Google and the search engines constantly evolving and wanting more quality type of sites and information, this is what everyone should be adding to their arsenal. Each authoritative site that I create will only be about one specific niche. Never will I go off topic. These type of sites usually take much longer to rank and gain traffic quickly, but once the momentum starts, then they can become juggernauts of the internet. They easily later down the road, if done correctly can takeover the search engines and social media traffic.

Sniper Review Sites – Love these. I know how to create these for whatever demographic that I’m going after. And the thing is that I always keep them simple and straight to the point. These are very easy for me to rank. I have found the perfect ingredients and I don’t listen to all the fluff in the seo grapevines. I know what works and what doesn’t, coming mostly from my own experience. These are small and simple sites designed to promote one product. They scream a call to action and can bring in the sales quickly.

Traffic and Hosting

I will be using different type of hosting for each type of site. I will get traffic from seo, social media, paid traffic. And by creating landers on the some of the sites to entice people from whatever source I’m using to click on the page and then the links won’t be to buy something, the links will lead them to an authoritative site. This way, then they will have their choice of much more info and can choose a money page that I will setup for each site for them to eventually make a purchase from. I use this trick for the cheap penny PTC and traffic exchange sites. This type of traffic does convert, even though everyone says they don’t.

I only use paid seo for certain type of sites, never for my authoritative or personal blogs.

I’ll also be creating pages on some of my sites to get seo traffic from the search engines targeting long tail keywords so I’ll get traffic from them right away. The best tool to accomplish this task is Long tail pro.

I don’t use vps or my own hosting for all my sites. What I do is just have a few sites on hosting that can handle even 1000’s of visitors at any given time. Then, if I want to steer that traffic to one of my other sites, I create a specific type of page that will have a link going to one of my other sites that may only use shared hosting. But, the traffic is very highly targeted and only people who are highly interested will end up clicking the link to finally end up on the site that has shared hosting. This way, this specific site won’t ever get high amounts of volume that could crash the server.

Well, this is what I’m up to and will be focused on until I start making enough money where I can start diving into other adventures online and offline.

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