Use This Mobile-Friendly Test Tool for Your Website, Today

The mobile-friendly test tool from Google is very useful and easy to use. It only takes seconds to read and analyze your site.

This is probably one of the most useful emails that I have received from Google adsense in awhile.

I learned that my site isn’t Mobile friendly at all, and learned about some other issues I was having with my site too. Which was kinda a downer.

I actually just had received an email from Google adsense and it was basically covering how they are moving to mobile search now. Big surprise there, but then gave some really useful links to some of their tools that can help you test your site for mobile compatibility and get it ready.

The Mobile Friendly test tool will show you what your site looks like on a smart phone and give you resources on what you need to do if you’re site isn’t mobile friendly.

Basically, if you’re using WordPress, then your site probably isn’t mobile ready. I just figured my blog was since my WP theme, Headway, supposedly said my site was. Or I think it did.

Not only does the mobile friendly test tool analyze your site for mobile readiness, it will also show you if you have other issues going on with your site. Like I learned I had some robot.txt issues too. Bummer. I’ve been blocking Google from indexing some things on my site and didn’t even know it until today.

Google Webmaster tools also has some tools that will help you about getting your site ready for mobile search as well. I of course use webmaster tools too, but I never seen the robot.txt problems before until I used the mobile friendly test tool.

In case anyone didn’t get this email or already know about this mobile tool, now you know. And for us who are a little behind and aren’t creating sites that are Mobile friendly, then we probably better evolve or we’ll get left behind and lose sales and traffic since that is where the present and future is.

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