Forget the rest – StableHost – is the best

Who would I be if I didn’t endorse and suggest the actual web hosting that I use for my site?

A smart affiliate marketer, that’s who.

How many internet marketers and bloggers do you see that promote Blue host and Hostgator? I’m talking about the Big Dogs.

Ok, then do a whois on their site, the main site that they are promoting either one of those web hosts.

I bet most of the time they aren’t going to be running on either one of those hosting companies. Yeah, they might have used them before or maybe they even use them for other websites.

But if you don’t know by now, most affiliates and marketers online, promote Blue host and hostgator because they pay really well for each sale they bring in. Not because they are the best value out there for the money.

I even promote HG and BH. And I’ve made a lot of sales in the past, but I’m actually trying to be the real me now since I’m different than other marketers and because I actually get tired of being fake or something that I’m not when I’m blogging or writing online.

Stable Host is Currently my Favorite Hosting

I use other hosting and I’ve written many times why a good marketer needs to be using multiple web hosts. But on this site and for hosting some of my other sites, I use Stable Host.

Why Stable Host?

It’s not like I didn’t research and ask around and experiment before I finally settled on StableHost. Before I try or buy anything online I aggressively research it out and ask around from reliable sources. I’m not the type of person who is easily influenced or goes with the latest trend.

StableHost runs off of Lite Speed servers rather than the typical Apache servers the other popular web hosting companies do. Lite speed servers can be much faster and seem to have about the same type of reliability as the Apache servers do.

Stable Host is reliable. And they seem to be getting even better over time. I’ve been using StableHost for more than a couple years now and I noticed a few hiccups or server issues once in a Blue moon. But within the past year, they have been solid. I’ve not noticed one time that I’ve had server issues.

StableHost has been around for years and though they are growing slowly but surely, that’s actually a good thing. Hostgator use to be one of my favorite web hosting companies, and they still are, but once they started growing too Big, then they started having a lot of problems like with customer support and server issues. Just Google it, you’ll see. For now, SH seems to care more about their current customers, rather than growing and bring in more.

Stable Host is the best value for your money. I wouldn’t still be using SH if it wasn’t. At first I started using Stablehost just as another hosting for some niche sites. Now, I use them as my main hosting.

Stable Host is less expensive than HostGator or BlueHost.

Enter Coupon Code: easy40 if you do decide to give Stablehost a try, today.

If you’re new to internet marketing, looking for an inexpensive web host for your niche sites or have been looking to transfer a main site to new hosting, then SH is your best choice.

Stable Host is super easy to use and uses cpanel just like with any other good web host. They have 1 click installs on scripts like WordPress. Easily host multiple sites with the same web host and quickly get your sites up.

Stable Hosts customer service is good. Though they mostly rely on a ticket system, don’t let this scare you. I’ve used their tech support before and they answer professionally and intelligently in the fastest time I’ve ever seen a ticket system work before. They usually don’t take hours or days to reply. They reply back or take care of the problem in an hour or 2, or faster.

I literally rant and rave about stable host as much as I can since they have been so good to me. Just look at all the posts I’ve written that talk highly about Stablehost.

Create a Website in Minutes with Stable Host Video

I will be making a complete tutorial and show you exact steps to take from beginning to end since I’m about to get another stablehosting account for some of my other niche sites. But honestly it’s pretty basic and the same steps as with any other popular host so you could literally just follow one of those videos too. Or just ask Stablehost customer support and tell them you are creating a website for the first time and need some help.

– The links on this post may be affiliate links. This means that I may make a small amount if you do decide to make a purchase on the main site that they lead to.

As always, make sure you do your own research and experimenting before making any final purchases online. Haven’t you heard? There are crazies out there nowadays.

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