The Future of SEO Will Drastically Change or Die Completely

At the current time, SEO is alive and well. For those of you who truly know search engine optimization of course already know this.

Don’t put off any of your seo projects because now is the time to make that money online whether you wear a white, grey or black hat.

Lately I have seen the search engines behaving just as if it were before all the algo updates a handful of years ago.

Of course there are some restrictions and not everything ranks as easily as it use to be, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was right after Google put their foot down and started adding their first algorithm updates.

If you know SEO, then it’s pretty easy to rank just about anything you want right now for really any type of keywords. Blog networks and guest blogging are just about as powerful as ever, and so are the other type of links like social bookmarks.

I’ve even noticed, though there was a period Google was allowing the old Branded authority sites to rule the search engines, now it’s a much more fair playing ground. Wiki and Google affiliated/sponsored sites don’t rule every highly searched keyword making it impossible for the little guy to even have a chance.

I guess we got to give people like Glen Allsop a nod for all of his transparency and calling people and Google out with his in-depth research and analytics proving that Google was manipulating the search engines in favor of certain type of sites and not even following their own rules.

Main Point Here – whether you’re new, interested or an expert in Seo, then don’t procrastinate and make as much money as possibly can now – before this opportunity is taken from you sooner than later.

Death of SEO or Complete transformation into a whole new Beast

Now with the Google Page Rank basically completely out of the picture, introduction of the era of Google putting out algorithm updates named after cute zoo animals, and living in times where even kids with a bit of computer savvy can manipulate the search engine to make money online, and all the other search engine competitors trying to evolve, it’s safe to say something BIG is in the works at Google’s search engine laboratory.

Even though many people and SEO’s believe that Google is slow with evolving to catch up with the current times of updating their search engine to keep up with all the shady things that go on with seo and on the internet, I believe they are wrong.

Don’t forget who Google is and the power of money and geniuses they have at their disposal.

Unless they don’t see it to be a smart move, for whatever reasons, to make their search engine one of their highest priorities, then they will either totally transform how Google search works or maybe just let it die and start with something totally new.

But the chance of Google search staying the way it is right now, favorable for SEO’s, the odds are not in your favor.

Yeah, you may have a little time before anything major happens, or you may not, so you better go and make all the money online with search engine optimization while you can.

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