Sleeping Patterns – How Many Hours of Sleep for the Most Productivity?

I vaguely remember a line from Francis, in House of Cards, where he talks about a human weakness of the necessity of having to sleep everyday to recharge our bodies and minds. As if he wished he was a robot just so he could go after his selfish ambitions without ever stopping.

For those who have that Hunger and Limitless Ambition, probably have wished that at least once in our lives.

But realistically, we all have to sleep, and we all are different, so finding that sweet spot of just the right amount of sleep each day so we can be the most productive and focused is definitely key to being the best human beings as possible. And to be the best Internet Marketers on a daily basis.

I actually have a full time job in the hospitality industry, currently (i’ll explain more about that on another day) which takes about 45 – 50 hrs of my time weekly, and I put in another 25-35 hrs online with my internet marketing ventures weekly. That time is spent on learning, researching and working on my 2 main projects.

I am just one of those people who always has to be learning or working and keeping my mind busy, or I just don’t feel right or content that I’m doing enough. Blame it on my ADD and probably a whole list of other things, but I’ve learned that is just who I am.

On top of staying busy all the time, living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been a big deal to me ever since I was a child. So I spend time daily on eating as healthy as I can and implementing simple workouts throughout the day, currently.

And this is where the sleep comes in.

Because of my long and busy days that require 100% of me, I actually started to take notice and experiment with the best sleeping patterns for myself to be the most productive and focused throughout the day.

Sometimes because of my active mind, I go through periods of insomnia, and sometimes I actually sleep like a baby for more than 8 hrs in one day. I’m sure it’s to catch up on my sleep.

It’s actually quite surprising, but when I go through periods of insomnia, where I may get a few hours of sleep in a 2 or 3 day period, I find that my mind is actually very sharp and laser focused. My body will usually be dead tired. However, I know this has to do with certain chemical imbalances in the brain. Either too much of one thing and not enough of another.

When I get too much sleep, maybe 10 plus hours of sleep in one day (doesn’t happen often) I’m sure it’s from sleep deprivation from my other days of very little sleep, my mind and body will be completely exhausted. It may take me hours to shake myself out of it. My brain will won’t be sharp, ambitious and the same goes for my body. Rather than feeling rejuvenated, I’ll actually feel the opposite and sluggish all day.

I rarely ever sleep for a total of 7-8 hours of sleep in a day, which I know is actually the perfect amount of hours that doctors and so forth recommend on a daily basis. So basically, I’ll just skip this one. In the perfect world, this is the amount of sleep I would aim for everyday, but then again we are all different and this amount just doesn’t seem to work for me at this time of my life. Maybe it’s the right amount for you.

That Sweet Spot

I most often sleep about 5 hours per day. For myself I find that is the perfect amount of sleep to be the most productive and focused throughout my day.

It’s just enough where I’m a little tired and that actually keeps me on the edge so somehow it keeps my mind sharp and driven all day long. Those days are going to be the days that I get a lot done mentally and physically and have a good outlook on life.

I have found that many driven successful entrepreneurs get right around 5 hours of sleep per day too. Rarely, will you ever hear one of them say that they get a full 8 hours of sleep everyday. So it’s obviously a sweet spot for many driven (crazy) people including myself (I really shouldn’t be on this list yet), Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins and Gordan Ramsay. Oh yeah, I forgot, Chef Ramsay just might be a robot since it seems like he never sleeps with his endless energy, passion and high standards when it comes to running his ever growing empire.

But forget about all of that.

The main point of this post is that there is such a thing as finding just the right amount of sleep for each individual and it’s very important to find it so you can be the most productive and focused each day to accomplish whatever it is you want out of life.

If you want to be the best internet marketer, then you need to put health into the equation, and there’s really nothing more important than getting the right amount of sleep to make it through your day.

How to Improve on Your Sleep

Hydration actually plays a much bigger role on your overall health and solid sleep than many of us think it did. It really is a good idea to drink near 8 cups of water per day and that does not include other liquids.

The amount of necessary minerals and your diet play a large role on how you’ll sleep. Make sure to be getting enough of a wide range mineral count into your system so either hitting the mark with a wide source of fruits and veges daily, or take one of them multi vitamins that we just all love to cram down our throats on a daily basis.

Alcohol is actually a stimulant not a depressant. Which means it really does not help you sleep well at all. Your sleep will actually be a very light sleep and once awoken, you’ll feel even more groggy and tired. So keep the partying to a minimum.

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