The Top 5 Best Web Hosts for 2015 – Reviewed

Web hosting is the beginning for every website to be built upon, so it is very important that you are using the best web host for your particular needs. Or else, you could be headed for disaster later down the road.

I’ve experienced this firsthand when I began internet marketing back in 2007, and quickly learned the web hosting you decide to use will definitely play a factor on your websites success.

Things like website security, downtime, price, functionality, website speed, customer support and tools available for you as a webmaster can differ per each web hosting company.

There’s really no other way to learn the value and  quality of a web host until you’ve actually experienced and researched each one. Your only other choice would be to listen to what others say online and read reviews.

But I can tell you right now, most of everything you hear and read online will definitely be biased.

How to tell fact from opinion

If you want to know the truth about web hosting, then check to see what other internet marketers that you trust and look-up to are using and recommend. Spend sometime on actual Web Hosting forums and see what they like, and actually do some experimenting by trying a few out, and make sure to talk to their support team to see if you like their responses and customer service.

Why do you Need More than 1 Web Host?

Every experienced Internet Marketer knows that having more than one web host at the same time is very important because we usually have way more than just one website. It is very wise to keep your blogs, authority sites, niche sites and landing pages on completely separate hosting. Why? To keep your sites from easily getting hacked, hi jacked, hiding footprints from the search engines and mostly to make it hard as possible for competitors to easily follow and see what websites you own and what you’re up to. Of course only get what you can afford and buildup when you can.

The 5 Best Web Hosting Companies that I recommend coming from my experiences and research are listed below in no particular order.

– All of these hosting companies below make it very easy for just about anyone to create a website in very little time with 1 click installations of WordPress and other website builders. Plus have videos and content available that will guide you every step of the way. Just ask their customer support for help or for access to these type of tutorials once you’ve purchased your hosting from them.

Stable Host – this is absolutely the best web host for beginners and internet marketers who don’t get a lot of traffic. There is no other web host that is less expensive than Stable host for the value that you’re getting. I’ve only experienced some down times and a few slow server issues a couple times in the last 2 years that I have used them. Which is still very good for shared hosting standards.

They have a good support team that offers contact through phone or through their ticket system by email. Honestly, I’ve used their ticket system a few times, and even though it’s through email, their response times were incredible. They always responded within the same day and usually within a few hours time no matter what I needed.

Stable host comes with all the goodies with their hosting plans including easy 1 click installs, tools and just about everything else that any other webhosting offers.

Stable Host Promo Code – just enter: easy40 at checkout and you’ll receive 40% off your first purchase.

Host Gator – is for the beginner to advanced just depending on what your needs and experiences are. Their prices are very fair especially for their shared hosting plans which is great for newbies and internet marketers. For small to medium amounts of traffic, then Host Gator is a good choice.

HostGator’s customer service many say, including myself, is not as good as it once was years ago. But they are far from the worse and include instant chat, phone and ticket system. I have to also throw in there, their support team and mgmt would always correct any issues that I either had with their support or hosting issues as soon as possible. Including giving me discounts on on my future payments.

Just about everything comes with their host gators hosting plans including 1 click install, adwords coupons, templates, tools for webmasters and just about anything else that you would ever need.

HostGator Coupon code – just enter: hgdiscount at checkout which will allow you to get first month of hosting for 1 penny. Or, hgdiscounts25 which will take off 25% off of your first purchase.

Blue Host – is considered a step above Hostgator in value and customer support. Blue Host is considered the very best hosting for the money, especially for WordPress, and have set the bar for shared hosting standards. Just about every Industry leader in Blogging and Internet Marketing recommend and use BlueHost themselves.

Their prices are very fair and are great for the beginner to their advanced hosting plans. With great uptimes and fast loading times, they are dependable and provide great value for the price. Plus, you get a FREE domain when making a new hosting plan purchase through Blue host.

Customer support is great and includes instant chat, ticket system or by phone. Everything a webmaster would need comes with each hosting plan including 1 click installs, variety of tools and tutorials for setting up your websites.

media templeMedia Temple – the reason why I love MediaTemple hosting is their shared hosting grid system. The reason is because they are built on a grid of servers. So when your site is getting low traffic you only use what is needed. But when your site gets hit with a spike of traffic, then it can spread across a multitude of servers to keep your site up and running lightening fast without crashing. It’s pretty cool.

I use media temple for my sites that I have landing pages added to them specifically for paid and search engine traffic, so the traffic spikes from just a few to thousands in a short amount of time. I’ve never seen a downtime or crash from any of my sites that were hosted by Media Temple’s Grid system.

It’s a bit more expensive than the other shared hosting plans mentioned, but I just explained above why they are different than the others, and it’s definitely worth the price increase if this is the type of hosting that you need.

I wouldn’t recommend this hosting for complete newbies, but if you have a little experience with web hosting, then you’ll have no problems at all using Media Temple as your web host.

This hosting is for the intermediate beginner to the advanced who wants high quality hosting that can handle traffic spikes at any given time. Their customer support is top knotch and very intelligent. You can use their ticket system or chat. Media Temple specialize in advanced hosting for those of you who are looking for more than just shared hosting.

Fastest WordPress HostingWP Engine – Nowadays, just about everyone in the internet marketing industry uses WordPress, so why not use hosting that is specifically just for that platform. WP Engine is probably the best hosting out there for the price if you’re serious about your wordpress site. Of course, the hosting plans are more expensive than the others I’ve listed in the list above, but well worth the value and quality that you’ll be getting from this Premium Web host.

WP Engine has incredible up-times and lightening fast loading times.

The highest quality and intelligent customer support team is available whenever you need them through ticket system.

You’ll get everything a webmaster would need who uses WordPress, and the best secure hosting available with WP Engine that money can buy. If you’re looking to create an authoritative site or a serious brand name with your WordPress site, then there’s nothing better than WP Engine.

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime for Shared Hosting is ludicrous!

I want to enlighten you for a moment. Every shared web hosting provider always have a 99.9% up time guarantee. That’s virtually impossible because there’s really no way of telling what will happen.

Shared hosting means you’re sharing a server with, usually many other websites. I don’t mean just yours, other people are sharing that server with you and you’re websites. So there’s really no telling if all of sudden someone’s website is going to get hit with a Huge spike of traffic, then that server could crash or slow way down. This would affect your sites. The guarantee is made because if this happens, then yes, they will probably either reimburse you for the server problems in some way and that’s why they can make that 99% guarantee to you.

But most of the time you’ll probably not even know or even notice any minor server issues unless you’re like me, but your visitors and search engines will. I’m a blood hound at keeping track of my sites server issues and downtimes. I keep very high standards when it comes to my web hosting and I make sure my web hosts follow through on what they claim.

There’s only 3 web hosts above that I’ve never experienced or heard anyone ever complain about server issues or down-times, and that would be Blue Host, Media Temple and WP Engine. They have the highest standards of constantly analyzing their servers to make sure everything is running smoothly at all times and that no one is hogging too much space.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I want to be upfront and honest with you. The links on this post are affiliate links. What does this mean? By clicking on the links and if you do make a purchase from one of the web hosts that I recommend above will give me a small commission. I use this money to pay for my fees to keep my sites up and running, and to continue my research and experimenting for informative and helpful content that I share with you. By making a purchase through one of my links is basically the same if you went through a link coming straight from the web hosting companies themselves. In fact, my links will give you the best price available out there, and many times will even give you the best discounted price available online for each hosting company. I truly appreciate if you do decide to click on my links to make your final purchase. – All my promo codes and affiliate links come directly from the web hosting companies themselves.

Make sure you do your own research and base your final decisions from your own experience. Don’t just take my word, but go out there find the truth for yourself. However, I do believe once you do this, then you’ll see why I recommend these 5 web hosting companies for all of your web hosting needs.

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