How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Fast and Cheap

This is going to be an on-going post that will reveal exactly what methods and sources I will be using to get targeted traffic to my blog on a small budget and spending as little amount of time and energy to reach this goal. I will then let you know which ones produce positive results.

After a long hiatus I am finally ready to give my full attention and focus to my blogging. I’ve pretty much lost all my readers and my traffic on this particular blog has gone down very close to 0 daily visitors.

Now since I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge about getting traffic to a blog, I am curious if I will be able to accomplish this task spending little time and even less money since I don’t have much of either at the moment.

Just a little about what went down.

I got started internet marketing several years ago and quickly started making money by SEO and many other ways, but Search engine optimization was one of my favorites and it just seemed I had a knack for it. Plus Google wasn’t ready for savvy SEO’s like myself back in the day so we could rank just about anything with very little resistance to our methods.

I was so surprised and ecstatic when just about anything I started writing on this blog (money pages) were ranking with ease and with little or no backlinks. In a short amount of time I had a few money pages ranking well and consistently and I started to make some decent money online from them.

I quit my day job and for a handful of years I was making consistent paydays just from my affiliate checks mostly from my lil SEO schemes I had going for me.

A year or so ago Google finally started putting out so many different Panda and Penguin Updates that even this blog was basically taken out of the search engines even though I’ve NOT done anything black hat to it in the past and I’ve never had any type of link warning in my Google webmaster tools for this blog.

I basically stopped writing on this blog completely and haven’t done anything with it for an entire year.

However this is pretty much my baby, my very first site or blog that I ever created using my own domain and hosting, and I want to continue what I had started many years ago and see it through. Which was to create a blog that served as my journal to my online journeys and that could help me and any others who wanted to make money online and to grow.

Now since things are just a little different online then they were several years ago when I first began this blog I will be trying some different approaches yet using many of the same resources.

Let’s get this kick started:

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Spending the Least Amount of Time and Money

The best way of doing this would be virally. If you get just a few of the right eyeballs looking at your blog, then that could create the snowball effect. The other thing would be to take advantage of platforms that are already out there and have the type of traffic you’re looking for.

There’s 2 approaches that I’ve seen work in the past to get attention; the negative or positive approach. Either way gets attention and can lead people into looking for, but I am definitely going after the positive helpful route.

Content – Everything begins with the content cause without it you’d have nothing for people to come to. Even though I already have pages of some average content here I will be adding some content that will hopefully be what my traffic is looking for.

Branding – without diversifying yourself from the rest, then no one will remember you or take interest in your blog. I’m talking about the whole blog experience, and look, and avatar. I am currently in this process and have chosen what I’m going with.

Blog Comments – it’s old school but it still works pretty well. Google and find blogs that are in your niche and leave intelligent comments that are genuine. I will also look at the comments on these blogs and visit those sites too and maybe leave comments. Plus I’ll be using my bookmarks and lists of all the internet marketing blogs that I regular visited. This will allow people who don’t know me to click on my comments to checkout my blog plus it will let people who remember me that I must be writing on my blog again. Fiverr and seo clerks does have some people that could help accomplish this task. Quality is probably the way to go for blog commenting to have any type of positive results.

Forums – I may dabble in this a bit. Mostly on Warrior forum and a few other internet marketing forums that I’m already a member of


Method 1 – I got this idea about creating some landing pages and even specific type of posts that would intrigue and grab the attention of the targeted traffic that I’m looking for from some platforms. e.g. let’s say you wanted seo traffic. So you create a killer lander on your blog, let’s say “the best 5 seo tactics that work in 2015”. Now you promote this lander on cheap media buys, social media, ppc, and other similar type of platforms that may or may not cost anything. And taking advantage of platforms like Hubpages and etc.

FYI: I’m pretty much doing this as if I were a newbie. I don’t have large social media accounts or subscriber base that I will be using for this particular blog traffic.

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