Just 1 Thing Needed for Success in Anything You Want

This isn’t just another cliche and motivational speech about YOU are holding your own self back and only YOU can make yourself get off that lazy bum to reach your goals. (yawn)

Reality is that we are all human and sometimes even the ambitious let the voices in the back of our minds tell us maybe we just aren’t smart enough, talented enough or born with the right genes to pursue our passions and goals to become super successful at it.

I want to make it in the internet marketing game, but have you seen the competition in the tech and marketing world?

There seems to be new tech savvy geniuses popping out of the wood works all over the world on a daily basis. And they only seem to be getting started younger and younger and know how to capitalize on this tech world laid out before them. And they greedy.

Level the Playing Field a bit!

How in the world can a regular Joe Dirt (me) even have chance of getting a piece of the pie, let alone become the most successful in the online world? Other than a few spurts of ambition that I can draw upon once in awhile that easily get’s shut down from failures and by getting overwhelmed by competitors etc. I really don’t seem to have a fair chance at all in this industry.

At my age, my education, my rocky past, my demons and vices I should really just be counting my lucky stars just to be able to make a few dollars online, right?

I may fall or even get kicked down deep into the mud once in awhile, but I always get back up and dust myself off.

However, I’ve got a little something upstairs and know when to say when and move on to something I might be more qualified or born for.

And then luckily I learned this…

The One Thing that Separates the Uber Successful from the Rest

It doesn’t matter what your dreams or goals are this applies to just about anything that you want to be #1 or successful at.

After years of scouring, deconstructing, researching and observing the most successful people in the world I have learned there is only one difference between successful people and quite frankly the rest of the pack.

Successful people to me, my mentors and role models are not only the most successful in their particular fields, but also want to change and grow on a daily basis, no matter their age.

These people would include the likes of: Tony Robbins, Gordan Ramsay, Tyler Perry, Shark Tank cast, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, etc. They all have one thing in common. Even the man, Tony Robbins preaches it all the time, there is only one thing that separates the most successful people from the average and that is HUNGER. To be Frank, INSATIABLE HUNGER.

Checkout some of his interviews on HULU with Larry King or McKenna or even some of his vids on youtube.

Tony Robbins has said intelligence and I add (talent) are great to have, but there are a ton of people who do nothing with it. It’s the ones who are HUNGRY and will do anything it takes to achieve their goals on a consistent basis. They never stop learning, improving or moving forward no matter how many failures or obstacles get in their way.

Tony has said with all the super successful people he has mentored and talked with in his life, it’s insatiable Hunger that brought them their success.

Ever watched Shark Tank?

What’s the #1 thing that draws any of the sharks to make a deal? It’s the entrepreneurs that are HUNGRY and willing to do anything every moment of their life to make their business succeed. Those will be the ones that get a deal from one or more of the Sharks.

And what’s really Awesome is that, according to Tony Robbins, we all already possess hunger in each one of us. Some of us hide it, some of us need to find and unleash it, and others just simply need to re-awaken it.

We All Possess Hunger, so Now What?

It’s pretty stellar to know that no matter who you are, what genes you were born with, what talents and intelligence you have – You already possess the one thing that can make you be #1 in just about anything that you want to do.

But now that you know about the importance of Hunger and how it relates to reaching your goals – YOU still need to find your Hunger and release the Giant within. Or for some, re-awaken the hunger within themselves that they let get buried along the way.

I believe I have found my hunger, and maybe even seen some glimpses of it shine once in awhile, but I am still in the process of releasing the power within.

I will speak candidly and say I have not done everything to reach my online goals and my many other things on my list. I’ve actually been downright lazy at times and maybe even feeling a bit sorry for myself too. A lot of times I really just thought I didn’t have the smarts, creativeness and drive to make it. But now since I know the playing field is level, and I am in the process of Awaking the Giant within I see a much brighter tomorrow.

I think it’s different for everyone to find or reignite and figure out what drives and motivates them. Some people may just need to do some searching alone about what they really wanted or passionate about in life, get inspired or even awaken the giant within by reading some Tony Robbins books or vids. He’s got more than just one book about unleashing the Giant within. Just one of his videos will make you want to get up and take action immediately!

Tony Robbins is renowned for this very thing. He lives for helping people find and unleash the Giant (hunger) within and help those who just need to re-awaken their insatiable hunger again.

– This post was not intended to promote Tony Robbins in anyway or lead you into buying his stuff. He is just the one who allowed me to see something that I already knew and made sense to me, but just never saw it in the way he perceives it.

I hope you’re ready for this path cause it’s going to get a bit hairy at times and you gotta be a little crazy at times, but it’s worth the journey if this is really what you want.

Insatiable hunger will make you more passionate and energized than ever. Have you ever seen Tony Robbins speak, even about what he had for lunch? I think you get the picture.

Once you find and unleash the Giant within (hunger) then there’s no looking back. It’s going to be about giving everything you got including blood, sweat and tears on a daily basis to better yourself and others around you.

If this is what you want, then join me and begin this journey today.

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