SiteBidz $1 Listings – Innovative New Auction Platform for Websites

If you haven’t heard of yet, then this could make your day. It doesn’t really matter if you want to buy or sell a money making website for the cheapest listing prices available ($1 listings), ANY Affiliates should get on board to at least make some nice FAT Commissions while it’s still fresh, right out of the oven.

Here’s the signup page. It’s fast, free and has killer commissions!

Site Bidz is a brand new innovative way to buy and sell websites that was just recently launched. And you already know getting on something that is new usually equals to more exposure, but better yet, MORE Money. So don’t wait before this thing explodes.

SiteBidz is a website auction platform that puts a new spin on the traditional way of doing things. Not only does it have an awesome new opportunity for affiliates to make some nice money, but Site Bidz was really created to help the seller find legit buyers faster and easier. Get more money for your site listings and find the type of sites that you want to buy.

$1 listings for limited time

Every Internet Marketer Should Keep SiteBidz on their radar

It really doesn’t matter what kind of internet marketer you are, a seasoned veteran or a newb, I’m sure you’ve thought about buying or selling a website or blog before.

Whether you want to just flip a website for some nice profit, find domains for expanding your blog networks, or whatever your agenda is website auction sites are great for finding what you want.

Though Site Bidz is still pretty new, and just recently launched, they do have some nice listings in different niches that will only grow each day, especially with all their promo’s and their innovative way of getting affiliates to bring in serious buyers. More on that later.

Their website auction site is very user friendly and is easy to find sites by keywords or etc. And listing a site is very straightforward and effortless.

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts.

SiteBidz Features

OK, you already know that they are a new website auction platform that has an innovative way of incorporating affiliates to bring in new buyers for your sites so let’s get into the details.

Listing a website is easy and painless. All you need to do is first create an account and you can start listing your sites. They have added options for you to add buyer incentives that will help your sites listings close deals faster and will help them to stand out from the other listings.

For a limited time, $1 for basic listings and 50% off featured listing fees. This is a promo, so these prices won’t last long at all.

They of course have the regular features like buy it now (bin) and reserve features to help you with your listings.

The final sales for buyers and sellers are recommended to go through to keep things fair and honest. This is to protect buyer and seller, more details can be found on their site if you want to check them out.

SiteBidz Video

Site Bidz Affiliate Program

There’s no other decent website auction platform out there that offers a killer affiliate program. But the good thing about their program is that it helps everyone out. The affiliate makes fat commissions, the seller get’s more serious views on their listings, and the buyers find sites that they are looking for. It’s a win win.

Back to the fat affiliate commission structure.

You get 75% commissions for the success fees that they collect every time your referrals buy or sells a website. You get 25% for referrals everytime they create or upgrade a site listing for life.

You can use banners or create widgets that showcases website listings. I know some of you have websites already that would do well with the widget while others probably would do better with a banner or text links.

Alternatives to

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sitesell and flippa since they are the industries top sites for buying and selling a website with probably the largest inventory of sites available for sale.

They are great sites, don’t get me wrong, but they are quite spendy, especially if you’re just promoting some sites that aren’t going to be bringing in $1000’s of dollars per sale. Take advantage of SB’s promo, 1 dollar listings before they go to their regular prices.

Plus the major players in the website auction platforms don’t offer an affiliate structure like Site Bidz does. I’m sure now many new auction platforms that are similar will start popping up, trying to compete, but I doubt they will last long since SB is founded by proven authoritative experts in the industry like from Senuke, the #1 seo tool on the planet that has withstood the hands of time.

I’ve even listed sites on digital point forums classifieds, which was free, but it’s not a good place to find serious buyers and they only seemed interested in finding sale prices that are plain ridiculous. Or they were just competitors that wanted more info on my sites just to copy them and get more info on me, so basically it was just a waste of time.

What do you really have to lose by listing a site on SiteBidz even if it doesn’t take off? Other than a few dollars if you get in while the $1 website listings are still going on, and don’t forget about the 50% off upgrades on premium features. I’m sure it will become the go-to auction site quickly, since a lot of time and expertise went in to creating this website auction platform. And don’t forget about their really cool affiliate structure that will, I’m sure make some affiliates rich, and bring in more serious buyers to sellers listings.

If you’re still reading this, and thinking to yourself that it sounds like a good idea and concept, and maybe one day you’ll check it out for yourself, remember this; the internet is crazy competitive right now and whoever gets on things first are the ones who get the exposure and make more money than those who procrastinate.

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