Should You Spend Your Time Creating Authoritative or Niche Sites?

I like to categorize the websites online into 2 different types just to simplify things. You have Authoritative sites, and then you have the Niche sites. I want to cover some things with you that I’ve picked up along the way to help you succeed when creating each type of site and explain why you should create both types.

However, from my experience (many failures) and from my extensive research, I have learned there are some key things that you must follow in order to be successful with each type of site that I want to share with you.

But first, remember this.

You could spend your time and effort on creating a handful of niche sites that do alright and bring in a few hundred or so per month. Or, you could spend that time and effort working on just one authoritative site that brings in thousands per month. Option #3. You could create both type of sites.

Authoritative Websites

These are the kings of the internet pretty much. Search engines and people recognize authoritative sites as a source of valuable, trustworthy, well researched, quality, and even entertaining content that may be timeless. These sites are great for creating credibility and establishing your brand. Though it takes a bit more time and effort to get the ball rolling for an authoritative site, once there, you’re site has a much better chance of enduring the hands of time, growing, and better protected from competitors.

1. Time – an authoritative website can take months to years before you’re considered an authoritative site or ever see any significant amounts of traffic or success.

2. Research – Make sure you plan and thoroughly think ahead of what you want to create and how you’ll execute it. So know you’re demographics, do your keyword and market research, and think about how you want to get your traffic. You could just be wasting your time if you don’t do this correctly.

3. Content – Proper and quality writing skills will usually be a must, so sharpen up them skills if they don’t come naturally to you. In other words, write epic posts consistently. Or have epic images if you want to rely more on your images rather than your content.

4. Money – Don’t hold your breath cause authoritative websites don’t start monetizing usually until later down the road once they start getting the momentum rolling and have plenty of loyal readers and traffic. But don’t fret because once you’re at this point, you’ll be able to command mind boggling amounts of money just from your one website from advertisers and other methods like affiliate programs. It’s also a good place to launch your own products and ebooks. You can own just one authoritative site and make more money than having several niche sites.

5. Hosting – This will be the foundation of your authoritative website so make sure you start off with the right foot. It really does make a HUGE difference. Get premium web hosting from a reliable and trustworthy company. Do some research and asking around on actual webmaster and hosting forums – NOT from internet marketing forums for good hosting. NOT from hyped up hosting either, there’s a difference. You’re authoritative site will eventually get insane amounts of traffic on a regular basis so it’s ok to start off with a smaller hosting package and upgrade later on once needed. Just make sure it’s from a good and dependable hosting company.

6. Passion – Since an authoritative website can take years before you see significant amounts of traffic or success, you better be passionate about your site and content. So make sure you choose a topic that you are very passionate about and even have some background and knowledge about already. Or else you’ll be like the other 98% of people who try creating a site, and end up quitting within the first 3 months or so.

7. Backlinks – the beauty of authoritative sites is that the majority of your links will come organically and naturally the way Google actually wants it to be. Since your content will be higher quality than a small niche site, people will build your links for you pretty much cause they will link to your content to share to others and use as a reference or source.

Niche Websites

This type of site is usually smaller sites that are built around specific keywords, or smaller and very specific niches. It includes sniper sites, and even landing pages that are built for specific purposes like optins, and etc. These type of sites are usually manipulated in the search engines and answer a specific need for the targeted guest that visit them. They also can depend on paid traffic sources too. Niche sites are really good for testing the grounds, especially if you’re new to the whole concept or want to see what’s working before you spend a ton of time on authoritative sites. Niche sites are usually not consistent with the amount of money they bring in, and much easier for competitors to hi-jack and even eliminate from the search engines.

1. Time – You should definitely see results much faster than with an authoritative site. If you’re using paid traffic, then you could even see instant results. And for your niche sites that are relying on seo, then you should be able to rank much faster.

2. Research – This is a key part of the success of your niche websites. Make sure you do your keyword, demographics and market research before creating this type of site. For you niche sites depending on mostly search engine traffic, make sure you are targeting long tail keywords that have little competition that will allow you to rank quickly.

3. Content – You don’t need to be producing epic posts, but it needs to still be valuable content that answers a specific question or need of your targeted demographics.

4. Money – The main reason for niche websites is for the fast money. Make unlimited amounts depending on your goals, keywords and efforts. Some people have numerous small specific niche sites, or others rely on just a few that bring them plenty of money.

5. Hosting – Get separate hosting from what your authoritative sites are on. Hackers, spammers, hi-jackers will try to see all the info about you and research your site extensively, so protect your whois info and throw them off by using different hosting and having different ip addresses. You really don’t need the best hosting, but definitely from a reliable and established company. Niche sites are easier to mimic so keep that in mind and do as much possible to hide your tracks.

6. Passion – You really don’t need passion about the topic of your niche site, but you should definitely have knowledge and even some personal views on your topic so you have something to add that is different than what’s already out there.

7. Backlinks – you won’t really be getting much organic backlinks so you’ll need to get them manually. Like start off with blog comments in the same niches, directories, forums, outsource them and automated seo tools can work if you know what you’re doing.

For your authoritative website, choose something that you’re very interested in and almost obsessed with and passionate about. Work on it slowly, but surely, on a regular basis. Overtime you will reap the rewards of your authoritative website even if it takes awhile before you get traffic and authority.

And you create the niche websites for the quick money and for building your subscriber base to make even more money from. Plus, I like using these type of sites for testing the waters like the demographics and the search engines. Rather than investing a lot of time and money into websites or niches that aren’t really worth it long term, a small niche site will help you learn a lot in a short amount of time.

If you’re an internet marketer or online hustler and entrepreneur, I definitely suggest creating both authoritative and niche websites.

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