Want Your Own Business? Internet Marketing is the Best Way to Start

Don’t take this the wrong way, but to be blunt – You would almost have to be CRAZY for not wanting to start an internet marketing business today!

Even though there’s only a 1 or 2 percent chance of actually creating a full fledged legit online business that flourishes for years, the chances of making at least a second income online are in your favor.

If you’re reading this, then you’re already in the top percentile since you are obviously seeking ways to make money online and or starting your own business.

I mean, how many people talk about and dream about having their own business, or making a second income online, but never even take it any further than just dream and talk about it, right?

You are seeking information and actually taking steps to move forward with it, so you already have the potential of making some nice money online.

In this post I want to share with you why I chose internet marketing as the best business to get into, and why it’s the best for any other entrepreneur out there.

Why Internet Marketing is the Business to start

1. Inexpensive – If you play it smart, do a bit of research and have a decent game plan, then it takes almost NO MONEY to start an online business. I know this personally since I began with little money – I’ll be truthful with you, I did waste some money at the very start, but that’s because I had really NO idea on how to make money online or even what the heck I was doing when I first started my online ventures years ago.

But today, there is so much great information out there (this blog is one of them) that is free and will help you avoid many of the mistakes that I made when I first started.

Any type of brick and mortar business, or any other business for that matter that exists today, can cost 100’s of thousands to start. Which means you have to get loans and investors just to begin. Then it takes years upon years to ever make a profit and pay back your loans. That’s if you are one of the lucky ones who actually ever do make a profit. More businesses fail daily than succeed.

The overhead costs, labor, daily expenses, startup capital and etc. are incredible for just about any business today.

How do I know this?

I’m not the smartest tool in the shed or have much of an education, but I have had the opportunity to work for a ton of different types of businesses and I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart basically since I was born. I just love business and the entrepreneur vibe ever since I can remember so I would study these businesses when I was working for them and ask relentless amount of questions.

I’ve also done a ton of research and have tried my hands at a few different types of businesses (probably more like freelance businesses) myself. And I would quickly give up and pursue something else once I learned the amount it takes to start, run, and the profit margins of the business.

  • Brick and mortars cost 100’s of thousands just to start, plus some you need to be approved
  • realtor costs money for license, office, learning curve, agent for another company you pay them money too, and etc..
  • same as independent insurance agents
  • day trader – you need much start up capital to invest and you’ve got be almost born with the instincts to know what stocks will profit and a ton of luck
  • Services of some kind you need money for licenses, equipment, transportation and etc.
  • I’ll add more later…. I’ve literally pursued just about every business out there

2. Work from Anywhere – There really is no other business out there that allows you to work from literally anywhere in world, even on the toilet. I mean c’mon, seriously! That’s pretty insane to think about, right? All you need is an internet connection. You don’t even need an office if you don’t want one.

3. Profit Almost Instantly – You literally don’t need much of a budget to pursue an internet marketing business. Don’t spend money on any training programs or anything like that when you’re first starting out. There is so much free information out there that you could start out for free, practically.

There’s a few costs like for internet, hosting and for some promotion, but that’s really it. Skip a few meals going McD’s and you’re all set. Just spend the time and effort at the beginning doing your own free research, writing, testing and creation (though time is money) but it’s probably the least expensive way to begin internet marketing.

Spend money later on once you start understanding the concept of internet marketing and have a game plan and make some profit online first. But literally you could start profiting in your first week of internet marketing by using free resources and minimal/free promotional methods.

Did you know the average business doesn’t even profit until years later down the road? Many will never make a profit since they must pay for all the loans and expenses just to keep the business running, but the ones that do may spend half their life just running their business.

Profit margins SUCK for just about any business out there, especially brick and mortars. I mean literally a convenience store see’s a few pennies from each item they sell or even from each tank of gas they sell.

So on average a business see’s maybe a fraction of a percent-5% profit (if their lucky) for each sale. That’s not including all the expenses they must pay for daily to keep running.

Internet marketing — as an affiliate marketer I don’t even waste my time or promote any products or services unless they pay me at least 50% or more. Many of them even payout near 100% profit to the marketer.

Better yet. Create your own products and make almost 100% profit if you know what you’re doing. Such as a free ebook that almost costs nothing but some of your time to create and make thousands from it.

4. Your customer base is BIGGER than any other business out there with internet marketing and you’re open 24/7 – 365 days a year. You’re demographics can be the entire world and you’re doors never close.

You can be sleeping, on a vacation or etc. and still be making money from your websites and promotions without ever seeing the actual customers, without ever talking to them or caring what time of day it is. A website stays open always and everyone in the world can enter it’s doors.

5. A website is like real-estate without the costs and expenses. It’s the best investment property that you can own. It only takes but a few dollars to create and own one, and the value can increase daily with minimal effort and time on it.

If any website you create doesn’t profit or increase in value, then what have you lost? A few dollars and some of your time.

Don’t Wait Any Longer – Start Today!

Affiliate and Internet Marketing won’t always be as easy and cheap as it is today to get into. The government is on to us and of course they are creating laws to get their chunk of the pie and restricting what is legal and allowed.

Plus with all the new competition that gets added daily new rules and regulations are being creating and set in place as we speak. You best get in on this Cash Cow while you still can.

I suggest you do some research online for some free internet and affiliate marketing information (this blog is a good resource) or ask me some questions and I’ll help you the best that I can.

Then it’s all about setting a goal – creating a plan – and executing.

But I’d start off by creating your own website with HostGator. That’s what I did, and this blog is worth $1000’s today and has made me $1000’s each year since then. Click on that link and I’ll show you exact steps to creating your very own website for only a 1 dollar. You could literally have your own blog today! I walk you through through the simple process, don’t worry.

Now quit thinking about having your own internet business and just do it before it’s to late or I wish you all the luck in the world if you decide to go another route.

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