17 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs that Make Bank

Why do so many top internet marketers and super affiliates promote web hosting affiliate programs? – Because it’s one of the most lucrative niches for any affiliate marketer out there to get into.

I’m going to cover the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs out there in this post that are hot right now.

Plus, I even include the top recurring web hosting affiliate programs and show you how to increase your earnings even further, and let you know what marketing schemes are working currently for pulling in them sales.

Without further ado, here are the most popular web hosting affiliate programs that you should consider promoting.

Not in any particular order.

High Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

  1. BlueHost.com – they payout $65 per sale.
  2. HostGator.com  $50 – $125
  3. iPage.com  $105 – $150
  4. Justhost.com   $60
  5. Godaddy.com  $27.50 – $105
  6. Web.com  $90
  7. FatCow.com  $25 – $150
  8. Networksolutions.com  $100 – $150
  9. 1&1.com  $30 – $100
  10. MediaTemple.net  $80 – $230
  11. WPengine.com  $150 – $1000+
  12. greengeeks.com  $50 – 100
  13. seohost.com  $13 – 365
  14. DreamHost $97 and $5 for sub-referral sales

Not only are these some of the highest paying hosting affiliate programs out there, but they convert well for many reasons. They are well known, offer a ton of value to potential customers and they have competitive prices for their hosting. These companies were all chosen for a reason to be on these lists.

You ready for even more money?

The Top Recurring Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

  1. lexiconn.com  10% – 25%
  2. hosting24.com  50%
  3. networkpanda.com  50cents
  4. burst.net  15% – 25%
  5. lfchosting.com  20%
  6. liquidweb.com  one time commission and 5% for dedicated

Who’s You’re Demographics?

Here’s where it gets good. Newbies to internet marketing of course will bring in the most conversions. Newbs can be some of the easiest conversions for affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche since they are usually easier to manipulate.

Other then just beginners to the internet marketing world, you can also get those webmasters who already have hosting and get them to switch to another host. Pays the same, but you just need to use you’re skills to convert them over to another host. It’s not really that hard, especially if you show them why they should switchover.

Want Even More Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

All you really need to do is Google web hosting keywords like; web hosting or buy web hosting, and then checkout what those web hosting review sites are promoting. They know what they are doing, trust me, and know what web hosting companies offer the most money to their affiliates and what hosting sites bring in the most conversions. They’ve already done the research for you pretty much so why not search them out.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Make it Easy for Affiliates

Most good hosting companies actually help us affiliate marketers increase conversions by offering things like; free transfers, free migrating, a ton of free tools and etc.

And don’t forget about personalized Coupon Codes, so you can just promote your coupon codes. When a potential customer enters it in at checkout, the sales will automatically be tracked back to you, the affiliate, without even having to click an affiliate link. And they offer other coupons through your affiliate links, too. These coupon codes will usually give the customer the best price available. Even better than what the actual web hosting site offers.

Who Promotes Web Hosting affiliate Programs?

Many of the top internet and affiliate marketers all promote web hosting affiliate programs. Even the Top Dogs in the industry like; Shoemoney, JohnChow and Pat from Smartpassiveincome.com.

In fact, Pat is very transparent of the fact, and even shows you that it’s his highest earning affiliate niche. He brings in some incredible numbers per month from one particular web hosting affiliate program. Let’s just say he brings in deep 6 figures yearly just by promoting web hosting.

Here’s a tip before choosing web hosting affiliate programs

Some of you may not know this, but most good and high paying hosting affiliate programs offer multiple ways to promote them.

They usually offer an in-house affiliate program on their own websites. But they also offer a way to promote them through 3rd party affiliate networks with Commission Junction, Shareasale and etc.

So make sure you do a bit of research and see what is the highest paying source for promoting each web hosting affiliate program because they will differ in payouts for each sale.

Increase Your Hosting Affiliate Payouts

Most of the popular and high paying web hosting affiliate programs offer incentives for higher payouts. Different types of hosting accounts will pay more than others. Shared hosting will usually offer the smallest amount per sale. While Dedicated servers will payout even more per sale.

Also, the amount of sales you bring in monthly can make a HUGE difference in the amount you make as an affiliate marketer for web hosting.

Just checkout Hostgator’s payouts below.

Here’s WP Engine’s Very High Payout Levels for affiliates below.

The more sales per month equals more money to you per sale. That’s some nice commissions, right?

The Best Ways to Promote Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

I’ve found tutorials are by far the best and easiest way to get conversions. Youtube videos of you actually going through the whole process of getting hosting, domain and setting up your site, converts wickedly awesome.

I even purchase hosting from multiple companies just so I can make videos of the process and make affiliate sales from each web hosting company. Plus, it’s always good to have hosting from multiple companies and not just rely on one anyways.

Using you’re actual testimonials and sharing your experience of a particular hosting company through content, converts really well too. As you will see, many blogs and websites will share which hosting company they are with and include affiliate links pointing back to the hosting site.

Banners convert pretty poorly, unless you take advantage of their customized coupon codes and create custom web hosting banners with your unique coupon codes on them. Then all the reader has to do is enter the coupon code at the time of purchase without even clicking a link, and you still get credited for the sale.

Review sites and posts convert really well, too. Plus you can use these sites with paid traffic methods and SEO.

Many affiliate marketers also create services (free wp install) or offer themes or templates if they purchase hosting through them. This works OK, if you know what you’re doing and have some credibility to your name.

The Negative with Promoting Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Sorry to rain on your parade, but there is a bad side.

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you get credited your hosting sales and get paid. Some web hosting affiliate programs will require a thresh hold or a number of sales before payout and etc.

Another killer of your web hosting sales is that there is a long waiting period. The customers that you refer to hosting sites will need to keep their hosting plan for usually at least a couple months before they get locked in as official sales for payout. This will obviously lower your actual conversions since many newbies that start a site and get hosting, quit or don’t pay after only one month. Then you lose those sales.

All right, now you’re ready to make some nice commissions from one of the highest paying internet marketing niches for affiliates. Do a bit of research and experimenting if you are new to promoting web hosting. Be creative and find what works best for you to increase conversions and make more affiliate sales since not every approach is successful for every affiliate marketer out there.

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