The Success & Productivity of 3 Bloggers Will Blow Your Mind

Lately I’ve really been observing, and I guess you could say (reverse engineering) some of the top internet marketing bloggers in the industry. These super successful bloggers not only have the most popular blogs in the internet marketing niche, but also have an incredible amount of successful websites and other projects going for them too, running simultaneously.

How in the World do they do it all?

Is there some magic pill they aren’t letting us small timers in on? Or are they just freaks of nature and have unlimited amounts of energy, drive, creativity and intelligence that are far superior to what we were born with?

Maybe. 😛

Don’t get me wrong, I respect and lookup to a ton of different A-list bloggers and entrepreneurs out there. And there’s many blogs that I visit regularly. But most of them really don’t do much for me anymore since I’ve got quite a bit of knowledge and experience in Internet and affiliate marketing now.

And I’m sure you already know, most of the Top Internet marketing blogs from back in the day are all outsourced now and aren’t nearly as good as they were back then, for the current experienced and hungry internet marketer.

But blogs like Viperchill, smartpassiveincome, and 2createawebsite are still some of my favorite because they are inspiring, motivating, personal and actually do teach me new things on a regular basis.

What Makes them Different?

Glen, Pat and Lisa, the owners of the 3 blogs I mentioned above, all have these things in common.

  • They have incredibly successful IM blogs that they actually run and write on themselves without outsourcing content
  • Their posts are really personal, engaging and helpful to any internet marketer – they put their heart and soul into their posts and they are very helpful by sharing their knowledge (of course they have their own personal motives for this – bigger bank accounts & followers, but they don’t have to share all the knowledge that they do for free, they could keep it to themselves if they wanted or find ways to charge for it)
  • They all own and run several other websites in different niches and dominate those niches very nicely
  • Who knows how many other countless projects they have going on
  • Make a ton of money online which increases bigger and bigger each passing year

I really have no idea how they do it all, I’m sure they do some outsourcing and etc., but not with their personal blogs.

I want to replicate an internet business just like theirs one day. But if you’re an experienced internet marketer, then I’m sure you know how difficult it can be to write rich, current, personal and well researched content on a daily basis. Let alone be writing for and running 10+ other successful projects running simultaneously. Plus the amount of energy and time it would take.

I have enough troubles just writing a blog post a few times per week. Even top authors get writers block and take long breaks inbetween books that they write. It’s safe to say that no one can keep up with a daily grind of producing quality personal content for a consistent basis without going insane and just plain quitting.

But I did come up with this below. Which I’m pretty sure is similar to how my favorite 3 bloggers do it too.

Here’s my Game Plan

  • Have a personal blog – it will be for your personal experiences, tips and current projects and etc. it can be like the headquarters for your brand name or your personal name. If you notice those 3 bloggers don’t post daily. They only post when they have something they actually want to share and include well researched, tested, and personal content. Don’t outsource the content or turn it into essentially a link farm for guest posts. For me, that can ruin it. Put your heart and soul into your posts and make them a step above what anyone else is producing, but you can post just once a week or monthly. You probably won’t want to publish much more often than that. Work on your other projects and sites and live life, this will give you cool and new things to publish on your main blog.
  • Have multiple sites in different niches – look at it like this. You’ll be the creative and visionary of the sites, don’t waste your energy on creating much content or anything else for them. Outsource all of that, but guide them into creating what you want. Outsource your SEO to others, but doing some yourself can keep you personally in the loop to see what’s actually working or not.
  • Other Projects and Services – same as above, put your hands a little into the process and work, but be the brains of the operation and outsource most of the work to create and run what you want. And once your sites or projects are running the way you want and seeing success, then find someone to oversee them for you.
  • Stay ahead of the Pack – all three bloggers are successful because they stay ahead of everyone else. We, average internet marketers are always playing catch up. I mean, they are our teachers. So always be thinking, observing, interacting, connecting, experimenting and learning to have the resources, knowledge and ideas that the average internet marketer don’t have or do.

Pretty simple, right?

Just kidding. But this at least gives the average internet marketer who is hungry, and has some kind of brains upstairs a chance to be a successful internet marker with a personal blog and with multiple other online ventures.

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