1 Project at a Time – The Simple Business Model that Works

You know what I learned today? Well, it’s actually not something brand new to me, but something that I’ve forgotten along the way of my online ventures.

I’ve been making the BIGGEST rookie Entrepreneur mistake for a good while now. (I should feel really stupid)

Let me explain;

I’ve been currently working on more than 20 websites, an ebook, and who knows how many other countless projects that I don’t even remember anymore for the past year or so. (Going after that money, duh.)

So, here’s the big question…

How much more revenue has this been bringing in from my norm?


All it has been doing for me lately is giving me more headache and stress to make them profitable and to finish them up.

But I thought multiple streams of income is the way to go, and what about the other cliche – “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

That’s not how the successful or smart online entrepreneur should be thinking until you are super successful or #1 in your field or niche online.

– I just recently read this awesome post that got me back to being laser focused on my online adventures.


Go read that post now if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, thank me later. Trust me, that super affiliate really does drop knowledge bombs.

Basically what I got out of that post….

Stick to ONE Project at a time until it is successful and #1. Nothing else should be on your mind!

Keep it stupid simple. The hedge hog wants to protect itself from the fox. Simplest way is to roll up in a ball with spikes sticking out. There’s nothing else he, the hedgehog is thinking about or worrying about.

Rely on your strengths instead of a weakness. Don’t make this too challenging for yourself, this isn’t the time to test yourself until you have reached super success with one of your online projects or websites and dominated that field and you have plenty of money flying around.

You could be working and spending all your energy on a project that you’re not knowledgeable or strong at and create something mediocre, or you could have used that same amount of time and energy on something that you strong at and created something HUGE and life changing.

Once you have created and have something online that is dominating and successful, then that’s the time you put people in place to manage and maintain it for you while you move on to something else.

You don’t move on until after this though. — NO Exceptions!

And this is the successful business model that I will follow to become that Super Affiliate from now on.

* Don’t run around aimlessly online trying to make money through multiple methods, stick to your strengths and put everything into one project until you see it through.

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