Challenge: It’s All or Nothing!

I’ve been at this internet marketing thing for awhile now, and I’ve made more than just a few dollars online. But I’m far from reaching my goals, and I’ll never be content until I reach them.

But one of the things we internet marketers tend to do, especially when we aren’t moving forward fast enough, is to compare ourselves with other competitors or other internet marketers.

And when we see them moving forward faster and seeing more success than we are, then we start questioning ourselves and reassessing our progress.

But there is one thing that separates us from them (extremely successful internet marketers), and no it’s not skills or talents, (anyone can make it in the internet marketing game if they truly want it that bad).

Here’s the TRUTH!

You’ll never make it in the internet marketing world without giving 100% and practically being obsessed with it until you make your break-through.

I’m not talking about working for 20 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re starting off part time or full time, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re giving it you’re all for the hours you can spend on your internet business.

Be honest with yourself…..

Are you actually giving everything you got, 100% to your internet marketing?

I use to think I was as long as I was putting in the hours.

But to be honest, many of them hours are wasted on brainstorming, learning, research, forums, more brainstorming and not nearly enough of actually doing and executing.

A lot of the time is just not being used productively or efficiently.

So I was jogging the other day…

And it hit me.

I’ll do anything when it comes to my workouts and always give 100% to the point of failure. I love those kind of workouts.

If I only gave this type of focus, effort, and execution to my internet business, I’d already been a millionaire a couple years ago.

Check it…..

I don’t sit there for days planning and brainstorming on what I should do for my workouts.

I just choose something and I give it 100% and see if it’s effective or not. Then I keep adding things to help build or strengthen whatever part of the body.

And that’s how I should be building my internet business, almost exactly the same way.

So if you workout, then you can relate. But if you don’t, then just choose whatever you’re passionate about, just as much as I am with working out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love internet marketing and being an entrepreneur, I’m just not tackling it like I do with my health and fitness regime.

Here’s the Challenge…

I dare you to take this challenge with me and I swear, you and me will both be rich if we do.

Pick whatever is in your life that you just love, passionate and practically obsessed with, like I am with working out.

Now use that same passion, drive, hunger, 100% effort, determination and focus into your internet business.

If your supposed 100% effort that you thought you were giving to your internet business was just like mine, then MAKE TODAY THE DAY WE START GIVING ALL OR NOTHING to our internet businesses.

If you’re not giving it all, then you might as well give up now because you’ll never make it in the IM world and you’re just wasting time and money.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re online goals are. Whether you just want a second income or become a full fledged Super Affiliate, then you still need to give it all that you got to reach your goal.

[Ever watch Shark Tank?]

That’s the type of hunger and 100% effort I’m talking about. Ever hear the advice Mark Cuban gives to new business owners? He basically tells them that they better be hungry and fighting everyday with blood, sweat and tears to get their business moving forward and seeing success. He doesn’t even like joining or helping a business unless he see’s these type of qualities in the owner of the biz.

Do whatever you need to do.

If you need to make a better schedule and a better plan to be more efficient and productive, then do it.

Then make sure you are actually doing and executing daily, not just planning and researching. Just make sure you are always moving forward and expanding. Failures are a part of the learning and growing process so that’s perfectly ok to fail. At least you’re trying and doing, and eventually you will find success and perfection.

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