A Proven SEO Backlinking Strategy that Still Works in 2013

SEO has always been one of my favorite ways to get laser targeted traffic from the search engines, even in 2013.

Although I am moving my online business to depend more heavily on paid traffic, seo is one of the best ways to make passive money online.

I don’t really listen to all the seo hype or care what the so called SEO gurus say about backlinking techniques that work or don’t. I like using my own little brain and hands on experience to get the facts. Plus, I still get commissions on a daily basis from some of my niche sites that purely depend on seo and have been for over 3 years.

Here are some commissions from one of my niche sites that have endured the hands of time. Traffic purely from seo.

Keep in mind, this particular site I promote several different affiliate programs, so this is just the stats for one of them.

…..and they continued to today, still going strong just like it was 3 years ago.

Google has made quite a bit of algorithm changes in the past couple years that have made some SEO’s give up, and dropped many sites rankings overnight.

Myself included.

I had several sites including this blog drop their search engine rankings almost instantaneously last year.

But, some of my niche sites weren’t affected at all.

So I accessed what seo strategies were working and what wasn’t. I then combined my working strategies with what the current seo masters (couple of my pals) are using and came up with this…

The Backlinking Strategy that Works in 2013

1. Link Diversity – Get as many backlinks that you can from different sources. Don’t just rely on one source or one service, get them from all over. I use a variety of seo services and freelancers, and then I use to “water down” those links with back-links from places like Fiverr and SEO Clerks. But I quickly replaced those type of links with backlinks from link emperor, which seem to be a much better resource.

The type of back links I’m talking about are from social media sites, wikis, blogs, forums, blog comments, article directories, web 2.0’s and etc.

The reason you want link diversity is because the more sources pointing back to your site, will help give it more authority and the right social signals that will help your site climb the ranks faster. Also, this helps to “dilute” your main keywords from Google so they won’t tank your site for certain keywords.

2. Multiple Anchor texts – this is one of the things that raise a red flag with Google. So smart seo’s now know not to let Google know what keywords you’re going after. You have to make it look natural, not like you’re going for a specific keyword. Only use your main keywords no more than 10 – 20% of the time. And use actual keywords that people would normally use to tell someone to checkout a link. Make some of your anchor text generic like; click here, blog post, read more and etc. Yes, because of this, it now does take longer to hit #1 for your keywords, but you will eventually move up the ranks and this will keep your site out of Google’s radar.

3. Consistency – I’ve learned that a consistent flow of backlinks is much more effective then a few backlinks here and there once in awhile. This is where seo services and software comes in really handy.

4. Always Deliver – one of the things that Google’s new algorithms want is great content that provides value. Essentially, you need to deliver exactly what your visitors are looking for. You don’t need to be a great elaborate writer or anything, just make sure your content provides value to your visitors. This will keep Google and your visitors happy, and thus your site should do better in the serps.

5. Onpage Optimization – this is still very important, but a few things have changed. Seopressor is one of the best plugins to make sure you are getting the right ratio for your keywords. Also, some seo gurus say not to put your keywords in your titles or content headings, but I disagree. I still use my main keywords in my headlines and for my headings, and I’ve had no problems. In fact, it seems to still boost my site in the serps much faster if I do this. I believe it’s when you’re only going after a certain keyword, meaning anchor text, and then you have those keywords in your title and heading tags, that’s where you get into trouble.

6. Good Content – notice I didn’t say Great content. This is content for your backlinks, not your money sites or Tier #1 sites. Back in the day, article spinners were incredibly effective for SEO’s. The content didn’t matter much, it was more about the backlinks and anchor text. Now, you need to have content that is a bit higher quality. It needs to at least make some sense, spelled correctly and original. Jonathan Leger’s products, The best spinner and article builder are still the industries best spun content out there. I know firsthand, since I still use these on a daily basis for my backlinking strategy.

7. Links to Inner Pages – I’ve learned it’s not just about the homepage you need to focus on, you need to make sure you are sending backlinks to your inner pages too. This will help your overall pagerank for the entire site and help boost you up the serps much faster than just pointing backlinks to the homepage. And don’t forget to interlink your pages.

8. Images and Videos – Google and your visitors love images and videos. But something that I learned about the images or videos is when you save them to your computer make sure you use keywords rather than just generic words. It’s also important to add your keywords in your title of the image, the words you see when you hover over an image. Both of these things will help Google know what the image is about and help them to showup in the image serps. Remember, images and videos have their own search engine, but also can be found in the regular search engine results too.

9. Nofollow or Dofollow – obviously dofollow links are probably more important and much more potent for link juice, it really doesn’t matter though, they both help your site. So you really need to focus on getting backlinks from as many sources and not worry whether they are dofollow or nofollow.

10. Relevancy – getting backlinks from sites and content that is relevant to your money site will be the most effective.

This is for those who want quicker results or need to take out some authority sites.

More Advanced SEO strategies that work

11. Multiple Tiers – This makes things quite a bit faster and can help you take out more authoritative sites. With your main site, keep getting backlinks to it just like before, but now you need to create an outer layer or tier #1.

I like choosing a handful of my top keywords (money words) and create a different authoritative type of site focusing on each keyword separately by using Web 2.0’s, Ezines, blog platforms like Blogger and WordPress, and private blogs. Create a small handful of pages all pertaining to the keyword you chosen for that particular Tier #1 site. Then you link back to your money site with only one or few links using that specific anchor text for that site.

Do this for each main keyword. You should have at least 5 – 15 Tier #1 sites that are linking back to your money site.

Now you need to use all the generic links that you are using on your money site and point them to your Tier #1 sites. These are called Tier #2 links. They are the outer layer and usually are links from social media, wikis, blog comments and etc.

Once your Tier #1 sites start getting indexed and getting the Tier#2 links for awhile, they will start gaining more authority and start moving in the serps for their individual keywords. Once this happens, then your money site will start jumping the ranks in the serps quite quickly.

Of course you can take this to another level and add a Tier #3 and Tier #4 and so on. You can also interlink your Tier #1 sites with each other.

12. Youtube Videos – the backlinks are probably more potent than most people think. Yeah, they maybe nofollow, but they still help your site to rank for your keywords. Just write a good description and add a link to your money site. Youtube videos seem to rank really well too, and can add a boost of traffic.

13. Most Powerful Backlinks – contextual backlinks from relevant content are still the most powerful. However, I learned ways back that the harder a backlink is to require, the more powerful and authoritative it will be. So, directories that are manually approved or cost money, will weigh a lot more than a directory that allows any sites. Same goes for blogs. A backlink from Probloggers blog will be more powerful than a blog that allows any type of guest posts.

14. Guest Posts – these are quite powerful but not always the easiest to acquire for certain type of sites. You can accomplish this by searching blogs in your niche for guest post opportunities, have your va handle this for you, or use sites like bloggerlinkup. Then make sure you get these posts social bookmarked and send some backlinks to them too.

15. Private Blog Networks – you can pretty much dominate any niche you want to in a short amount of time, but you must have your blog network established and having an average PR of at least 2 before you can accomplish this. Just make sure you spread your blogs on unique class IP’s, hence why they have seo hosting. But instead of starting with brand new domains with no pagerank, you can buy domains with good PR on them already from places like Godaddy auctions.

16. Make Them Notice You – this is a pretty cool seo technique that really has nothing to do with backlinks, but they don’t hurt. If you start going viral all over the net and people are searching for your site, content or etc, then Google will have no other choice but to show your site in the search engines. They don’t want people to use other sources to find what they’re looking for, and Google is a search engine that is suppose to deliver exactly what people are searching for. I haven’t had much success with this technique yet, but I know some seo gurus who do this all the time for insane amounts of practically instant traffic from Google.

This is the seo strategy that i follow, and have been ever since Google started hammering out all the algo changes. It’s not guaranteed to work for every site or for everyone. So you’re taking your own risks with whatever seo strategies you implement.

If you use all 16 seo strategies above, then you’ll be pretty much unstoppable in the search engines. But of course, seo evolves on a daily basis, so you always gotta be ready to adapt to the changes if you’re a true seo jedi.

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