How to Buy New Domain Names for the Cheapest Price

One of the perks of being an internet marketer is the ability to find things online for the cheapest price.

Such as domain names.

Most people probably have heard of some of the most popular places to get a domain name like Godaddy, Hostgator and Register.

But are they really the best place to purchase a new domain?

I have purchased domains from just about every company out there, and here’s some info that you should look at before you make a new domain name purchase.

How to get the cheapest domain name online

I just recently was helping some people in an IM forum on how I get domain names for less than a $1 and was quite shocked that many of them didn’t know about these hidden domain sales going on daily. It’s real simple to find them, and this is how I do it.

First off, I like to Google things like; “cheap domains” or “50 cent domains” and other similar variations to see any good domain name coupons and current sales going on.

If you Googled that term, then you will come up with many domains probably starting out at $.99 cents or less for their first year.

I get cheap domains from Godaddy and all the time this way.

But here’s the catch…

Once your first year is over at the price of their discounted domain rate, then the price goes back up to their regular domain prices.

Here’s the prices once the introductory rates are over for these specific companies below:

  • HostGator – regular domain prices are $15 per year
  • Godaddy – regular renewal rate is $15 per year
  • – their renewal rate is $38 per year

As you can see, the prices skyrocket once you’re past the introductory rate the first year. Then you’ll need to either pay the higher prices or transfer to other registrars, which could cost a bit of money.

Name Cheap is the Best Place to Buy Cheap Domain Names

A fairly new site to me, name cheap, I’ve found to be the best place to buy new domain names.

And here’s why.

You can get a domain starting at $3.99 per year.

And they have a regular flat rate fee of only $10.69 per year for dot coms, then you pay that same amount per year thereafter. Look for yourself. That’s the lowest price out there that I’ve heard of.

Plus, you get whoisGuard for FREE for the first year. And here are their regular prices once the year is over. For those of you who don’t know what Whois guard is, it protects your domain from people seeing your personal information for your site. This is highly recommended if you don’t want spam and competitors finding your sites and info.

I found no other places who give free whois protection, and if they offer it, they charge a good amount yearly for it.

NameCheap, though pretty new to me, has great customer service. I use their 24/7 support quite a bit and they have always been professional and quick to helping me.

And they are indeed one of the authorities for domain names. Their site is in the top 1000 sites around the world according to Alexa, and they’ve been around for many years.

I believe they’re less known because their affiliate program only pays out 15% per sale, so most affiliates promote Hostgator and Godaddy. Not Name Cheap. I’m not doing this for the measly commissions from Namecheap, I am letting you know the truth about where the best place to get domains at.

You and me just might not be as familiar with them as Godaddy or HostGator, but they are my favorite new place to buy all of my domains for now on.

You’re not going to win in the long run

Buying domains for 99 cents or on introductory prices will not help you in the long run. All of my domains that I have with, I will now need to transfer all of them over to namecheap as soon as their year is over and I’ll have to pay for those tranfers more than likely. Also, I have to pay for whois guard for some of my sites that are on Godaddy and Register, which racks in even more money per year for those domains that I purchased in the past.

If I had only known about Name Cheap back then, I wouldn’t have to deal with these minor hiccups later down the road.

Do the research yourself and don’t just listen to what the majority is saying, because most of them just go by what they’ve heard, not from their own experience.

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