Block Sneaky Spam Comments and Link Checking Tools from Your Sites

I just recently had an oh sh$*, I’m a moron moment.

There’s a couple features that WordPress and my hosting have that I’ve actually never used or realized the potential of before, until now.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with those pesky little spam comments before. And if you’re using WordPress, then of course the Askimet Plugin is a must have, unless you prefer something different.

However, spammers are getting much slicker and relentless than ever before, (seriously, get a life) and they know how to bypass the old spam blocking plugins, whether for a spammy link back to a site or just to be annoying.

Block them Spammers

All you need to do to stop spammers who repeatedly keep trying to annoy you, or to get a really powerful nofollow blog comment link is use the comment blacklist. Just go to settings, discussion, then scroll down and you’ll see it in your wp dashboard.

Any words or i.p.’s added to this list will be marked as spam, and therefore not even showup, except in the spam bucket.

Block them Link Checking Tools and other i.P. addresses

There’s 2 reasons why you would do this.

1. Keep them competitors from seeing your backlinks and your sites.

2. Keep them haters from snitching you out to the authorities. (google police) for such things as private blog networks. Props to my boy, Glen Allsop for giving me the idea.

I guess this depends on your hosting, but for my web hosts, they all use cpanel. Just go into your cpanel or equivalent, scroll down and look for your ip manager deny or lock link/image. Then just add the ip addresses or domains that you want to block from your site(s).

Super affiliate Dr. ngo had once said that he blocks specific i.p. addresses from seeing his landing pages and sites from stealing his campaigns or directly competing with him. Smart.

So you can either use this feature to block competitors from seeing your sites and you can block them from seeing your exact linking strategies.

I’ve known and seen these features all along, but didn’t quite know they were that simple or powerful.

Hey, if you have any other methods or ways of blocking repetitive spam comments or blocking link checking tools, then add a comment.

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