Top 10 Graphic Design Tools Online

One way that I save a bit of money and have some fun is by creating my own web graphics whenever it’s possible. Graphic designers can get quite spendy, though well worth it for certain projects. But I create so many different graphics daily that I need my own tools that I have access to at any moment for unlimited revisions.

I even sometimes make a few bucks by creating graphics for some of my friends and other business owners.

Even though my tech and graphic skills are very limited, some of the tools online are pretty amazing and make things very easy for people like me, non-techie designers.

I have scoured the internet for the best online software and tools for creating any type of graphics such as banners, logos, headers and images for the past few years.

Some of them are 100% FREE, while others may cost a few bucks, but well worth it.

Without further ado,

Here’s my Top Ten Online Graphic Design Software and Tools

(In no particular order)

Paint – I believe just about everyone has Paint on their computer already, and it’s totally free to use. I love this tool for doing certain editing to some of my images. Paint is quite useful for capturing screen images and editing them. They don’t have to many fancy options and features, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Xheader – What would I do without this header graphics software. Not only do I use it to create headers in minutes, I found it’s very easy to edit and create just about anything with it, including logos, headers, images, etc.

Google Plus – What? Yeah, just recently learned how cool their image editor is. I sometimes load images into my Google plus account and edit my images really quickly. Thanks Google for that, quite a surprise.

The Logo Creator – the most professional graphic creator online for it’s price. They are currently the #1 selling logo creator out there. It’s so simple to use, and includes just about everything you need to create insanely awesome headers, logos, and images. You get over 200 logo templates and elements. Plus, everything is pretty much drag and drop.

Windows Photo Gallery – the features are pretty basic and it’ s very easy to use. But mostly all I use this for is simple editing on some of my images. Oh yeah, I already had this on my computer too, so you probably already have some version of it.

Gimp – is a totally free downloadable software. It has a ton of features and it’s even quite advanced. I have downloaded a copy before and played around with it, and even made a few logos. However, it’s too advanced for me and I really don’t use it very often. If you are a more advanced designer and need more power, then this just maybe the right software for you.

Cool Text – free service online where you can create cool buttons and logos that are out of this world. There’s a ton of features and editing capabilities included. And it’s very easy to use.

Banner Fans – a great online tool for creating professional looking banners and logos.

GRSites – a great site for creating your own textured backgrounds for headers and logos. Either upload your own or create one.

DropShadowz – ever wanted to add some really cool shadows to your images? Then checkout this site for easy customizable shadows.

Extras: – you can try it out for free for 7 days and upgrade if you like their services. This is a great site for editing and changing your images and banners to be original and eye popping.

I didn’t include Photoshop in my list even though it’s one of the best tools out there. It’s too expensive for the average user, and it’s quite complicated until you are experienced with it.

These are my favorite online graphic design tools which are great for the average marketer, designer or webmaster. The prices are low, or they are totally free to use. Now you have the tools and software for editing and creating just about anything you like. As long as it’s not too advanced. You just may need to hire a pro for that.

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