Cool Sites to Checkout When You Need a Break

It’s good to take a break once in awhile. Just to get your mind off of work for a few, and have a bit of fun online. Here are some cool sites that I’ve found that help me to relax, recharge and get my mind away from it all before I get back to my online hustle. 😎 – some of the funniest viral videos online mixed in with original content from up-and-coming and established comedians. The users then get to vote on which videos are funny or should die. – if you like free online games like Angry Birds, then checkout this site they got a few goodies in there. – another great site for free online games. A step above many of the other online game sites. – I gotta admit, I was hooked on games like Peggle once my niece showed me this site. They have some cool games, but I believe they all cost a few bucks to download full versions. Yeah, I’m still a bit of a kid inside. πŸ˜› – I think their domain name says it all. Take a break and watch some of the funniest or craziest videos on the net. – Hey, it seems to be the in thing for many of today’s elite entrepreneurs and business owners. Take a deep breath……hold……hold……..and release. Aren’t you so much relaxed now? Go checkout this site to get real meditation tips and resources to help you relax and clear your mind from all the craziness. – who hasn’t visited this site before? It’s fun to see what’s going on in your city and state. You can find just about anything here like their personals, bartering, classifieds, local services or volunteer for an upcoming event in your area. Good karma can go a long way. πŸ™‚ It’s a good site to promote your own services and get some more business too. – Read the latest posts on your favorite Internet Marketing Gurus from a witty and ingenious blogger. This site is unique and will give you a few laughs. The Salty Droid says, “being serious all the time can lead to insanity. bleep.bleep.bloop.” – Since I am a bit of a health and fitness nut, I was quite impressed when I found this site! Why go to the gym or buy expensive workout videos from them infomercials? Get with the new and choose a workout routine online, and follow along with your personal trainer. I can feel the burn! – Learn how to do just about anything. I’ve heard this site is the future for How-to-guides. With some of the most incredible videos and tutorials, you can learn do something new right now. Go check them out. – though this site might not work as a good excuse when your significant other asks, “why you broke?”, but it’s a pretty great site to find cool things that you probably don’t need, but would be insanely awesome to own. – ever wanted to look inside some of top Fortune 500 companies and see what it would be like to work for them? Find it here, and read what real people gotta say about each company before you pursue a new career. Though, I gotta add there’s nothing better than working online for yourself. πŸ™‚ Still, I like checking out other options. – cool little site with white, pink and brown noise to help you sleep, concentrate and relieve yourself from the world. It’s totally free, but they also have some downloads that cost a few bucks – well worth it if you’re into this type of thing. I use it once in awhile for background noise while working. I like listening to the rain and the storm downloads. – all the hottest radio stations and music from just about every major city. This site is great if you’re into different types of music, and it’s very easy to use. The music is separated into categories, and then it lists all the radio stations from around the country that only play that specific kind of music. They remind me a bit of Syrius Music, but it’s FREE! If you move a lot, like me, then it’s a cool site to find those favorite radio stations from your past. – Got Netflix? Here’s a sister site for Netflix that makes finding cool movies to watch much easier. – Going to a foreign country? Then grab a tour guide and make your trip much more enjoyable and efficient. – traveling alone somewhere and want some company that will keep things exciting and fun? This site was made just for you. – the best and easiest way to order food online and have it arrived to you just the way you want it. – find a recycling center in your area for just about anything. Hey, we all got to do our part. – incorporate your business and many other things you may need to get done to make your business legal and protected. – sharpen up them typing skills every once in awhile and increase your speed and accuracy. Nice little site with free typing tests and games.

added: – it’s the future and present people, get use to it. Everything you want to know about cannabis. – see the world thru someones elses eyes – thru their phones.

popcorn time


indeed – find people to hire for any job – cool site to read or post things you want to share with the world but want to stay anonymous

Inspirational sites:

malala-yousafzai.comΒ or her other bbc blog – everything survival, prevention, military

Now since your mind has had a break, it’s time to get back to work. lol

I hope you found a cool site that you didn’t know about already, and if you have any to add to this list, then please let me know and I’ll add it. This post will be one of those continuous lists where I keep adding more sites whenever I find something worth adding or think of them later on.

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