The 7 Worst SEO Mistakes I Made to my Blog in 2012

I did quite a bit of seo experimentation with my blog in 2012.

I have to admit, most of it went pretty badly, but I still needed to lay some seo myths to rest.

So, if you don’t want your blog to tank in 2013, then don’t make one of these seo mistakes that I experimented with, on my blog.

It seems that everyone out there nowadays have there own opinions about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to seo. Plus the fact that there are so many different variables that affect seo results, that there’s no better way of separating fact from fiction other than by coming from your own firsthand experience.

Here are my 7 Worst SEO mistakes I did to my blog in 2012

Before I tried any of these seo techniques to my blog in 2012, I was content with the seo traffic I was getting just from Google. This particular blog had several pages on the first page of the serps, and my homepage was in the top 2 pages for all the major “make money online” keywords.

That was until I tried these seo techniques below, which pretty much removed me from all search engine traffic within a month or two.

Redirect 404 errors – this is one of the things that I didn’t even know affected seo results, but they actually do. Most blogs already have a default page for their 404 errors. This is for anyone who goes to a link or url for your blog that doesn’t exist because it’s either incorrect or you removed a page.

Now I heard that you don’t even need a 404 error page and that you can 301 redirect your 404 errors for more link juice back to the homepage instead. So I did, and did some more researching.

I learned that Google search spiders actually use the redirects to the 404 error page as a guide to know that particular url is not there in your blog, and it confuses them when you redirect 404 errors somewhere other than the default 404 error page. Which Google does not like, and can penalize your site.

Keep your default 404 error page, and don’t even mess with it. It’s there for a reason. Unless you’re an seo master, do not try to 404 error redirect to your homepage for more link juice. It doesn’t work quite like that.

Blog networks – who else made a crap load of money just from using the power of the blog networks in 2012?

I made a few bucks, but didn’t quit while I was ahead.

Still a bit odd that it took Google that long to catch on to the whole blog network thing. Maybe they’re having to much fun on their in-door playgrounds and personal massages. 😛

Yeah, I might have used a few blog networks in 2012, and they were insanely powerful.

I could link up one of my money pages to a blog network and that page would be on the first page of Google within 1 week. It didn’t matter what keyword, leveraging the power from the blog network I could get on page one for just about any keyword, no matter the competition.

But of course when Google launched the Penguin and Panda updates, that was the end of our fun. That is at least until the seo master minds went back to the drawing board and found ways to get around this, which I don’t take any part of anymore.

Power of Link Placement – Did you know that your blog is not equally distributed with Page Rank (link juice)?

I tried many different layouts of my blog to see if it did have an affect on the power of my overall link juice, and it did. This is pretty much common sense to seo’s but I still needed to test it myself.

I placed several links near the top of my sidebars and had some right below my blog header and found that is where the most powerful link juice is placed. I found that the top of your blog is where the most powerful page rank juice is located and the further down your blog it loses it’s potency. So your footer is the least powerful area for pagerank juice.

If you want to send some link juice to a certain page of your blog, then place it at the top of your blog’s homepage, not the bottom.

So in theory, your navigation links should be spreading the most link juice to your pages if it’s located at the top area of your blog. Go look at your pages in your navi, and I bet they all have pagerank even if you don’t backlink to them.

Make Money keywords easily raise a red flag – Most of the keywords my blog was ranking for use to be “make money online” keywords. I had it made since that’s the most coveted keywords to rank for in the internet marketing niche. But lately, I’ve noticed Google keeps an eye out for sites that are going after those specific keywords. And if they see anything fishy, they will put the smack down on your blog without thinking twice. Just a warning.

Keyword Diversity – Yes, I was one of the suckers that would go after keywords using only one specific anchor text. Meaning if I was trying to rank for the keyword, “make money on the internet” then I would only use that exact keyword phrase for my backlinks and nothing else.

I have now learned that this raises a red flag really quickly, and Google will hunt your site down and remove you from the search engines for that specific keyword(s).

If you want to rank in the search engines for a specific keyword or phrase, then use link diversity. Only use your main keyword no more than 10%-%20 of the time for you anchor text for you backlinks.

Tags – you know this just seemed like a good idea in theory. Every seo out there all talk about duplicated content here and there and that Google penalizes duplicate content. So, some seo’s say to either have categories or tags, not both.

Plus, getting rid of your tags surely should add more Page Rank to the rest of my blog, right?

This was a terrible mistake on my part. The seo’s who say to remove tags don’t know Jack about what they’re talking about. I lost so much search traffic that my tags were bringing in before, that I got sick to my stomach watching my blog lose all of that search engine traffic almost instantly.

And not only that, in my webmaster tools I had so many errors because of missing url’s that I believe my blog may have even been penalized by removing my tags all at once, too. But you really don’t need to have tags and categories, so most people just choose to have categories.

Blog daily – you know how most blogging experts all say to blog daily? Well, I guess that’s why they’re experts because it really does make a difference. I use to blog daily or at least on a schedule of every other day and Google loved my blog. I could tell by the amount of times the Google spiders would visit my blog and by how fast my new posts would showup in the serps. It was almost instantaneous. I would write a new post and Kapow! I’d be getting search engine traffic from it within a few hours. It was awesome!!

Then I dropped my posting rate to maybe a post or 2 per month, etc.. Guess what happened? Google visited my blog less and less frequently and my posts take much longer to index and showup.

It’s not that you need to post everyday, though the more the better, it’s more that you need to be consistent about your posting intervals which eventually Google will know when you normally publish new content. Which will help getting your new posts into the search engines faster.

Extra SEO Tips

Buying fake social media likes, tweets, pluses, etc… don’t work in the long run, and Google will detect it eventually and drop your site like a stone in the water.

Opening up your posts on your homepage of your blog will allow Google to crawl it and index it faster. Instead of just showing partial posts and a link to read the full article.

I believe that was all of the seo mistakes that I made in 2012, and they really hurt my blog’s income since most of my money traffic comes from the search engines. Luckily, I only tried these seo tactics on this blog, and not on my niche sites.

In 2013, I am currently working on my pure clean white hat seo for this blog and hopefully this year will be a record setting year for search engine traffic from Google for this blog.

If you care to share any seo mistakes you made to your blog in 2012, then please leave a comment.

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