How to get a Yahoo Bing Advertising Network Coupon Code

It was just the other day I opened a new account with the Yahoo Bing Ad Network.

So I started searching for a valid Yahoo Bing Network coupon code so I could try them out without losing any money in the process.

(always look for a free coupon voucher before trying any new form of paid traffic)

Guess what I found…

They aren’t as easy to come by anymore like they use to be.

But don’t fret, I did some researching and I came up with the most current ways of getting a working Yahoo Bing Network Coupon.

FREE Yahoo Bing Network Coupons

I believe this is the only legit way to get a FREE $50 Bing Yahoo network coupon currently.

Go to bing webmaster and get one of your sites verified.

That’s it. Easy, Breezy!

Now go turn that $50 into $100+ profit.

Buy a Yahoo Bing Ad Network Coupon

The other way to get a legit coupon voucher is to pay for it.

The best 3 places to buy  a Yahoo Bing coupon are:

  1. fiverr
  2. warrior forum
  3. digital point forums

The prices will vary from $5 – $12 and it’s worth it.

You’ll probably end up with couple hundred worth of coupons for this amount of money, and you’ll have to open several accounts to use all of them. I believe you can only use $50 at a time, and that’s for new accounts only!!

Just make sure the person you get it from is legit and delivers before making a transaction. All you need to do is go to one of these sites and do a simple search for your coupon. Or, just Google Yahoo Bing ad Network and ad the name of the site.

Or you can go after the $275 worth of Yahoo Bing coupons by following this method.

I just grabbed the $50 voucher by getting one of my sites verified in the Bing webmaster tools. That’s all I wanted and needed.

But best of luck with whatever amount of coupons you decide to go for.

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