Simplest Way to Get Unlimited FREE Traffic from the Forums

There’s only 3 simple steps that you need to follow.

Then you’ll be able to get FREE traffic from the forums anytime you want.

So simple, yet so effective, and works for any niche.

This is (Newbie Friendly), so just skip what you already know.

Cool, let’s get started.

Step 1

Choose 4 things that you’re really interested in, and jot them down. Now just choose one of them, the one that you like the most and know the most about.

Step 2

Now go to Google and type in Your Niche + forums in the search bar.

My niche is dance and then I added + forums.

A huge list of all the forums and social sites that have to do with dance will pop up.

Now find 5 forums with daily activity and allow a signature at the end of your posts.

Now choose only 2 forums out of your 5 and become a member and start commenting on the two forums that you chose.

DO NOT add a signature in your posts yet.

You don’t want to come off as a spammer or just looking to make some quick money.

Spend 1 hour daily on your 2 forums commenting, asking questions and sharing some of your insight on the niche.

Do NOT add a sig yet!

Do this for at least 2 weeks.

Step 3

Now it’s time to add your signature – link to your website.

The best way to be successful with your sig is to look at the ballers on the forum. The one’s who have tons of posts, best ratings and been a member for a long time. Look at their signatures and mimic their style and format.

Basically look at what they are doing with their sig and that will give you a good idea on what converts best and what’s working for this particular forum.

It could take a little practice and time before you become highly successful at this method of traffic, but you’ll get there soon enough if you keep at it.

Some like to use forums to increase their list which is probably the best so in their signature they have a link to their squeeze page or optin. Then again, you could just link them to your site filled with affiliate links and a optin form. 😉

That’s it!!!

Wickedly simple, right?

Now just keep commenting and helping in the forums and you’ll soon have this little system down and be able to get unlimited free traffic from the forums anytime you want.

Here’s where you can go to download the free ebook that made this process super simple for all of us to follow.

It’s not like I haven’t used this method before or anything like that. It’s just when I read the ebook, he made it super simple to follow and reminded me that free traffic from the forums is a gold mine to the internet marketers that put effort into it and hone their skills at it.

This is definitely one of the best ways on the internet to get free targeted traffic anytime you want, and for networking purposes.

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