Reliable Web Hosting at Dirt Cheap Prices, Today! (Insane Deal)

The most incredible web hosting deal is going on now! NO Hype. I promise.

DON’T Miss this deal on the cheapest web hosting around.

If you don’t have web hosting right now, then this deal is for you.

If you do have web hosting, then this deal is for you, too. They have free transfers and locked in prices if you get in now.

Make sure you read the whole post and I’ll answer as many questions that I can. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Get 2 Huge 50% off discounts, today!

I have a (special link) that not only will give you the Black Friday Discount (50% off), but also another (58%) off the already low regular monthly hosting fee.

Make sure you use my links on this post they will give you the lowest price. If you go to their site directly, you won’t find these hosting deals.

The prices are so low in fact that I was very skeptical about making a purchase myself, but after doing some research and asking around, I knew it was a solid deal.

Who is the Web Hosting from?

The hosting company is called Host Deal.

They are a legit web hosting company on the rise. They’ve been in existence since 2002, so they aren’t a fly-by-nite company.

Host Deal web hosting features

  • 99% uptime so your site is always up and running
  • award winning hosting
  • so far excellent customer service
  • one click install – easily install WordPress or many other popular scripts with a few clicks
  • cpanel – makes everything very easy
  • offer free transfers
  • hosting just as good as the top hosting companies

Did I Make a Purchase?

Of course I did. I would be a fool to pass this up. Here’s my receipt.

I grabbed the business hosting plan that gives me unlimited domains and more.

I also use Host Gator for my hosting, and if you didn’t know already, they are the industry leaders for hosting. But I couldn’t pass up this offer with Host Deal, so now I have hosting from both companies.

Hostgator vs Host Deal Comparison

Hostgator fee for hosting I pay $60 every 6 months.

Host deal is only $5.98 for a whole year. (small business plan)

They both have good customer service.

And both have a cpanel with similar setup, so very easy to use and manage my sites.

So far I see no differences but the price, then again this is coming from a non-techie.

Why is there hosting so cheap?

I mentioned I did some research on this company, since I’m quite picky with my web hosting, and found out that Host Deal is an up and coming Hosting company.

They are expanding and currently on an aggressive marketing campaign. So they are using the promotions to get the word out about their hosting. Basically you’re at the right place at the right time.

Host Deal Insane Discounts

Just so you know, here’s the link to the actual site of hostdeal.comregular price $31.80 a year or $2.65 a month. This price alone already beats just about anyone’s prices out there.

My links on this post will take you to their original promo page for Host Deal that takes 58% off their regular hosting prices above. But, they currently have another promo going on today for Black Friday and they are taking another 50% off of that.

So, $31.80 a year hosting fee turns into $5.98 a year. There is no hosting deal, especially from a legit and dependable company that comes even close to those prices.

2 web hosting plans to choose from.

Click here for their small business hosting plan – $5.98 (1 year) 10 domains

Click here for their business hosting plan – $9.98 (1 year) unlimited domains – Best choice.

details: If you get on now during the Black friday sale, then you’ll only pay $5.98 for a year of hosting. (1 year)

Once the year is over, then the price only goes up to $11.95 (per year). Your price is locked at this price indefinitely if you get hosting today from my links. You’ll always keep the 58% discount fee and won’t ever have to pay the regular hosting price of $31.80.

My links will take you through Host Deals 3rd party who handles their transactions, JVZoo. Once you make the purchase, then you’ll get all the emails and information to login to your hosting cpanel. So don’t freak out when you see JVZoo or anything like that, you are getting the hosting from Host Deal.

Yes, my links are special affiliate links that will take you to the Host Deal Promos. That means if you purchase thru my links I will make a few bucks. No, you won’t get charged more or anything like that. In fact, my links will give you the cheapest price for their hosting. I appreciate those who purchase thru my links and I will help you out as much as I can. I figure that I help you out by telling you about this promo and you can help me out by making a purchase thru my links and letting everyone know about this great offer. I doubt to many people are promoting this offer because other hosting companies payout a lot more than a few bucks per referral. I normally refer people to Hostgator, but they can’t even begin to touch this deal.


What made me finally make a purchase?

Well, the 100’s of testimonials from some of industries best internet marketers surely helped.

Go ahead and checkout what people are saying about Host Deals insane promo and their hosting experiences.

If you need web hosting now or in the future, get it while it’s cheap. I’ve never seen a hosting deal like this one.

Don’t forget If you have any questions or need some help, let me know. I’ll try to do my best.

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