3 Things You Should Know About BuySellAds

I just had to share my recent experience with Buy Sell Ads (BSA).

I’m really trying to expand my horizons right now and making a push towards new avenues of traffic that I never quite ever mastered.

I’ve done my share of media buying and buying ad space in the past, but most of my efforts when into organic traffic and seo since this was very successful for me back in the day. Today, SEO is great, but just don’t go holding your breath for the results. lol

This BuySellAds review is on buying ad space from their network, not for selling ad space with them.

Buy Sell Ads is a network of sites where you can buy or sell ad space on a website. Mostly for banner ads.

Here’s more on BSA….


Of course I did my homework on the different sites available for buying or selling ad space.

And there’s plenty of them, but at the moment, only one seems to be shining.

You guessed it!!

It’s BuySellAds.

So don’t even waste your time with the other sites. I’ve tried a few of the others in the past and had poor results as in customer service and amount of time it took for them to place my ads.

3 things you should know about Buy Sell Ads

Customer Service – The very first day that I had signed up with BSA, I had a brain fart.

I entered in the wrong email for my account. I sent customer service an email about it and they responded back (real person) within 24 hours. So polite, professional, and cool. Yet not pushy (surprising). You can tell they take their customer service seriously.

Network size and quality

Buy Sell Ads has a great selection of sites to buy ad space on. They cover just about any niche and the quality is great! Some of the top authoritative sites are even available.

It was very easy to find sites that I was interested in and the pricing and impressions is all right there before you buy.

After Purchase

I purchased ad spots on a small handful of sites and my ads were all accepted and running within 24 hours.

Buy Sell Ads has a policy that your ad will be either rejected or approved and placed within 24 hours. This is one of my favorite things about BSA. I’m pretty impatient when it comes to these type of things.

If you’re looking to buy ad space, BuySellAds is the place to go. Whether you’re selling or buying, they handle just about everything for you and they are good at there jobs. That must be the reason why everyone all over the internet give praises to Buy Sell Ads.

BTW, if you’re looking to buy tweets from people in different niches this is the place to do that, too.

Do you have experience with Buy Sell Ads? If so please share whether it was negative or positive.


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