The Future of Internet Marketing and Blogging – Adapt or Die!

One of the first things that I quickly learned when I got into internet marketing was how the internet evolves on a daily basis. So, just like any other intelligent internet marketer I learned that in order to survive online, or in any type of business for that matter, then you better learn to adapt or die!

With the recent Google Panda updates and now with the latest Google Penguin update, SEO’s, bloggers, and internet marketers must start taking drastic changes to stay in the game.

The old ways just aren’t going to cut it anymore, and you better start making changes right now!

What You Need to Change Right Now


Start building your brand and not relying on SEO and organic traffic so heavily. I love free traffic from the search engines, but it’s not reliable or nearly as easy to manipulate anymore. Branding your online business is, and really always has been, the right way to build an online business that can’t be affected by Google or really any other variables that the internet can throw at you.

Example: I love Twix candy bars. Even if there wasn’t another commercial or ad for the Twix candy bar I would still buy them and would even tell others about how much I like them, and share them with friends/family. I know what to expect when I seek a Twix bar, and that is why I always go back to it and share it with others I’m close to. Same goes for a good online brand, it will work essentially the same way.

I’ve always known branding was important for being successful online, but was basically to lazy to put much effort into it, now it’s my main focus point.

Some of you may be having trouble on starting your brand and don’t know what angle or name you should use. I was just like you, but this is what helped me to finally come up with something.

Think about what makes you different and unique than anyone else online. What makes you – you?

The more unique, original, creative you are with it, the better. Your goal is to be memorable and distinguish yourself from everyone else online.

Email Lists

Just as important as building your brand, building your list has never been more important than now and in the future for succeeding online and making good money on the internet. Just like a good brand, the search engines can’t affect your list. And once you build it, then you control it.

Example: let’s say you only get 100 UV’s a day to your site and 10 of them signup for your email list. That’s 3650 people on your list each year. If you send out just 1 email for the entire year that includes one affiliate offer that pays you $20 per sale and only 4% make a purchase that would be 146 sales which equals to an instant $2920. Now what if you sent out 1 email per month?

There are a ton of different email marketing software’s available, so do you’re own research and try out there trial offers like for Aweber before settling for one.

Change Your SEO Strategies

I have a nice handful of sites and blogs that I’m currently working on, and I’ll admit, every single one was nicely on-page SEO’d. Keywords in my titles, descriptions, and my images and etc.

That’s NOT going to work anymore…

Keyword stuffing and being totally obvious to Google what keywords you’re trying to rank for is only going to do more harm than good.

Just ask any top SEO expert and they’ll tell you the same thing.

That method of putting your keywords all over your sites will raise a red flag to the search engines. Google’s algorithms are starting to pickup on sites that are trying to rank for certain keywords manually rather than naturally.

If you have a site that has the same 5 keywords scattered repeatedly throughout your site and Google finds backlinks with the same keywords pointing back to your site, they are going to put 2 and 2 together, and eventually b$%&@ slap your site.

And that my friends is what the Google Penguin update and future updates are all about in case you didn’t catch on to this already.

So instead, I’m focusing on my brand name and adding a few relevant keywords in my main title tags, too.

And not making it obvious for what keywords I want to rank for, but doing things more subtle and gradual. Which sucks, because this will obviously take longer and will take more effort.

Value and Content

Delivering value to your audience with content that they are searching for, that interests, and benefits them has always been the key to success with any online venture, but it’s now time to step it up even more because of the increase in competition, and this is what the search engines and social media sites ultimately want.

One thing I have noticed is linking to relevant, valuable and helpful content throughout your posts are actually boosting them up the serps. Now your content better be on par and be epic, but linking out I’ve found is help boosting these pages or sites up to the front of the serps.

So this has me wanting to do some experimenting which I’ll be sharing in my future blog just for link building case studies.

This is the present and future of successful internet marketing and blogging, so whether you like it or not you’ve got to adapt or beg for your old job back at McD’s. But actually thinking about it, these new type of changes could thin out the herd a bit online since it will be harder to make money online and thus less people will attempt it or pursue it. Dunno, only time will tell.

But seriously, all of these changes are making all of us internet marketers step up our game which is probably a good thing. It’s actually kind of crazy to think about all the things people have been able to get away with online over the past years, isn’t it?

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  1. Mathew
    Thanks for posting these helpful tips. They struck me as simple but true. Work on the things that you can control is your message essentially. I often wonder about putting a lot of effort into SEO, and is it worth the time. The competition is tough, and Google et al are usually one step ahead. Like you say they can’t control your brand/identity/email list etc.

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