Ways to Make Money Online by Writing Reviews

A great way to make money online is by writing reviews.

It’s a win win situation. You’re helping others out by sharing your opinions and experiences, since just about everyone has read a review to help them make a final decision before, and best of all you can make money by doing this.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. I know people who make a little extra money each month by writing a few reviews, and then there’s the Super Affiliates who literally make millions just by writing reviews, and with their review sites.

There are a few different ways of getting paid to write reviews, and some are more advanced than others.

But I’m going to cover all of this with you, and help you out as much as I can. Since this is the very first way that I started to make money online, and still to this day, is one of my main income streams.

How to Write a Review

You can basically write a review on just about anything; products, services and etc.

A review is one of the most powerful forms of persuasion and utilizes the ultimate trust factor, word of mouth. Who hasn’t ever looked up or read a review on something before we purchased, or decided on something.

Reviews are one of the most looked up things on the internet before someone makes a final purchase online. And this is where you come in. Just about every major company needs people to write reviews on their products and services, so people can hear it from one of their own, and not just what the marketing and advertising spoon feeds people to think.

So basically, you would just share your opinion and view points on whatever you’re reviewing. The review could be, really any length to get the job done, but I would recommend making it at least 500 words.

Here’s an example review that I just wrote about Headway theme.

Tips for writing reviews

1. knowledge – the more you know about whatever you’re reviewing will give you more confidence and make you more believable, so make sure you do your research and experimenting. Also, be transparent in exactly what you’re writing about, and more knowledge will allow you to convey this.

2. firsthand experience – actually using or experimenting will make your review so much more valuable and insightful. Some people write reviews without ever trying or buying the product/service first, which I wouldn’t suggest ever. But some people actually have the skills to pull this off.

3. be opinionated – this is one of them rare times where people will like you more, for actually being opinionated, so take full use of it. Share your insight, and the more you can tell people about the product/service, then the better. So be detailed and think about what you would want to hear if you were reading the review.

4. the good and the bad – people love reading the good and the bad in any review that they are reading. If all you have are positive things to say in your review, then it will sound a bit biased and not truthful. Or if it really is that awesome, then share that and let people know that there was nothing you found that was negative.

5. keep the reader in mind – rarely do people ever read entire reviews or articles online, word for word. So make sure you breakup your review into sections so people can easily skim and read what they want too. This is why showcasing the words that will get your view and message across is of utter importance. More practice will help you master this.

6. benefits & value – the real reason why anyone reads a review is because they have a problem or a question, so make sure you show them the benefits and value of whatever you are reviewing. And show them this what it can do for them, or what it can’t, depending on what route you’re going.

Ways to Make Money Online by Writing Reviews

Just like I had mentioned before, there are quite a few different ways to make money by writing reviews, so just choose what would best for you. Or be adventurous, and try all of them.

1. the simple review – all you need to do is go to one of these sites below, and write reviews for them and make money. You’re probably aren’t going to get rich with this method unless you discover a way to just kill it. However, these are the best sites that I could find to make money from writing reviews for. Just copy and paste the sites in your address bar.

  • blogcritics.org
  • www.ciao.co.uk
  • www.epinions.com
  • sharedreviews.com
  • www.reviewstream.com
  • www.reviewcentre.com
  • www.dooyoo.co.uk
  • www.reviewme.com
  • ukritic.com

2. the not so simple review – Now there are a few ways for you to do this method of making money online by writing reviews. This is the way I make money by writing reviews, and this method can make you rich, or make you nice little side income.

This method involves making money from affiliate marketing. Basically, you’ll write a review on just about anything that has an affiliate program, and you’ll make money from people clicking on your affiliate links and making a purchase or taking an action.

Now the reason I said this is the more difficult way is because you’re now competing against people like me, (the savages and killers on the internet) affiliate and internet marketers, and we’ve got skills to make insane amounts of money by writing affiliate product/service reviews.

But don’t get scared off now, this isn’t rocket science or anything like that.

With a little experience and some effort, you’ll soon be making money with your affiliate reviews and be a bonafide internet marketer.

This method gives you more freedom and opportunity to learn a new skill, and the opportunity to make a whole heck of a lot of money.

Here are some affiliate programs and networks for you to choose from.

The different ways to write reviews for affiliate products and reviews

  • Your own website – Now this is probably the most complicated for a beginner to make money online by writing reviews, but it seriously isn’t that complicated at all, and this has the biggest payoff in the end. If you create a website, then you can make a whole site around a topic, and then can add your affiliate links and banners on your site. Creating a site isn’t hard at all, and I even guide you through that process if you follow that link above.

Here’s some examples of the type of review sites that you could create.

Example 1: a review site on make money products from an affiliate network like “Clickbank”. Each article would be on a different CB make money products with an affiliate link in the content leading to the actual product.

Example 2: choose a niche or topic like cameras, then do reviews on as many as you can and use “Amazon’s associates program” to make money by referring people to the actual camera in your article review.

Example 3: create a blog like this one, mathewday.com and have regular posts, but add review posts in it every now and then with some affiliate links. Rather than having a total site only containing reviews for one specific niche.

Example 4: I’m sure you’ve heard of www.angieslist.com, it’s on the T.V. ads all the time. This site was totally created around the concept of reviews, but it’s more like a service rather than selling anything directly to you. It’s a different style of creating a site for reviews.

The 4 examples above can make you a ton of money and literally could help you escape your 9-5 job if you really wanted too. Plus, you own everything, you’re content and the website. This is one of the best investments that you could make, especially since it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to start.

  • Using free blogs and web 2.0 sites – it’s not the best practice to rely on using these type of sites for many reasons like; you won’t own your work because you’re writing it on someone’s site, you have no control and they could take down your articles anytime they want, and they may not allow you to write reviews with affiliate links in them. As long as you keep that in mind, you still can get by and make a little money by writing affiliate reviews using these type of sites.

Here’s some places to create reviews on free sites. Just copy and paste into address bar.

  • hubpages.com/_htm1/
  • www.squidoo.com
  • www.blogger.com
  • www.tumblr.com
  • www.weebly.com

Just choose an affiliate offer that pays out a good amount of money like at least 50% and write a review about it. Make sure you use the tips above if you want to increase your conversions. You might want to checkout this article on how to create a money page to get more tips for making money with reviews.

It will take some experience and effort before you start making money online by writing reviews, no matter which method you use, but it should definitely payoff later on. Writing reviews is a great way to make some extra money from home, or even for breaking into the internet marketing scene. Really the best way that I learned to create successful reviews was to experience on my own, and to checkout other peoples reviews online. Just don’t give up, and you’ll soon be able to make money online writing reviews whenever you choose too.

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