Ten Ways to Write Magnetic Content that can go Viral, Instantly

It’s no secret, you and me both know that it takes incredible content to have a successful blog in the present and future.

With Google algorithms changing on the fly to increase the level of quality content online, and if you want to get a piece of the viral traffic from social media, then you know that your content better be great, too.

No, forget that, epic!

So, if you’re like me, then even though my writing skills aren’t incredible yet, I never stop trying to improve them, and never stop gaining more knowledge on what it takes to become an epic writer and blogger – someday.

Cause if you can master writing insanely great content whenever you want too, then you can take your internet marketing and blogging career up to the next level. Make that 3 or 4 levels.

Which means, being able to grow your loyal fan base consistently, getting viral traffic whenever you want, and of course insane amounts of money in your bank account that grows passively. (But who’s really interested in that last part) 😀

But, instead of reading the same old “how to write great content” posts, which were pretty much all the same, I wanted to dig deeper and look at what really separates the Super Bloggers from the bloggers who just can’t seem to make that big BREAKTHROUGH (people like myself).

In this article I want to share with you what I’ve found that each and every successful blogger incorporates at least one of, into their writing, and how you can use this to get your blog on the map, and get your share of the viral traffic that will catapult your blog to the next level.

How to write great content for your blog

– 1. Write Epic Sh** – Try to over-deliver in your content. Actually show your visitors that you are trying to impress the pants off of them with your content. Epic content makes people think, learn, laugh, cry, cuss or want to better themselves. You’re visitors will be different in someway after they finish reading it.

This could include pillar articles, extensive lists, and extremely well researched articles on any particular topic. Or the opposite, and write content that’s more personal that could include your experiences, beliefs, opinions, and don’t forget to add a great story to your articles. Just try to write content that would even impress yourself after you’re done writing it, and know that you gave 100% to make that article the best that you could.

– 2. Have fun – Did you know the people who are more likely to succeed at something and not give up are the ones who are having fun and are happy? People are attracted to fun and positivity just like a magnet. They can sense this in your writing. If you’re having fun in what you do or what you write about, this will come through in your content, and thus spread to your visitors.

Fun and happy are infectious to anyone else who comes in contact with it. People will want to stick around and come back for more. So maybe, if you’re not having fun writing about whatever you’re blog topic currently is and you’re not seeing any success, then maybe you should change gears and start a blog that you’ll actually have fun with.

– 3. stay relevant – choose one niche, one topic, never stray from it. Find your particular audience for your topic and always deliver same thing that they want all the time. If your site is about making money from home, then only write about making money from home.

Don’t add that post about your Uncle Ned’s last experiment that went terribly wrong, share that story somewhere else. Not only does writing on one topic have major SEO benefits, but also you’ll keep your visitors happy. They are coming to your blog for one reason, and that’s to read about the topic of your blog.

Before you start writing anything, ask yourself is this relevant to my blog’s topic, is this what people are coming to my site to read about?

– 4. deliver what people want – The one thing that every successful person in any industry including bloggers, Hollywood stars or even you’re neighborhood plumber have in common is that they all deliver exactly what people are looking for. People either have a void, have a problem or have a question when they come to your site. Are you delivering what they came there for?

Answer a question, supply a need, provide a solution, it’s really that simple.

Why are sites like Google, About.com and wikipedia all so popular? All 3 instantly solve a problem and answer a question. About.com has a tagline that says it all. “Need. Know. Accomplish.”

Same goes for the A-list artists and movie stars. Haven’t you ever wondered what their secret is to having millions of fans for years and years? Simply put, they deliver exactly what the people want.

If you’re an internet or affiliate marketer, then if you start showing your visitors the benefits, a solution and answer their questions as soon as they hit your site, then I promise you’ll increase your conversions like never before.

– 5. likeability – If people like you, then you’ll appear to be a better writer in their eyes, and then it really won’t matter what you write about. The more likeable you are, the more people will be willing to do anything for you like make more purchases, share your content and be loyal to you.

So how do you become more likeable? I believe it’s a mixture of your personality, charm, charisma and being self aware of how you treat and are looked upon by others, then trying to change for the better. So if you don’t have it, then you better get some. Because even if you lack in other skills, having a likeable personality will take you far as a writer, and in life.

Dane Cook, one of my favorites, once said that a lot of his success as a comedian is do to the fact that he’s likeable not because he’s necessarily the funniest. Once a person likes him, then that gives him the freedom to do any type of joke or comedy act and the fans will still think he’s just the funniest person ever, and still be loyal.

Couldn’t track down that source so I put it into my own words. But how do you think he’s been able to sellout the largest stadiums when no other stand up comedian could? Hmmmm isn’t it because he’s so polite.

– 6. find your unique tone – persona or style as a writer and blogger. Differentiate yourself from all the other bloggers. Each successful blog online is unique in it’s own way. It’s just like people. There’s billions of us, yet we’re all different.

We need to stand out from the other bloggers. You can start by just being yourself and incorporate that into your writing. But I don’t believe the whole – just be yourself is the right way all the time, unless you’re boring and have no creativity.

One of the cool things about blogging and writing is being able to be anyone we want to be, and having the freedom to write in any style we choose to. Never heard of top stars creating alter egos for the stage. They aren’t being themselves, but becoming and delivering what people want, and doing whatever it takes to get them to where they want to go.

So depending on what type of writer you want to be, or the blog that you have, then choose your unique style and persona, then own it. People will start associating you to that style and personality and be expecting the same thing every time they read your writing.

If you have a personal blog, then it would probably be wise to be yourself. If you have a blog on cute little kittens, then you probably want to have a cute and cuddly personality.

A problem some of us writers have is we hold back who we really are, or what we really want to say, and just try to please everyone.

But, “when you try to please everyone, then you end up pleasing no one”.

Be the writer you want to be, make your blog the way you really want to make it, and forget the rest.

– 7. keep your audience in mind – Don’t be robotic and don’t act like you’re writing an article to your computer. Engage with your readers, be more personable and connect with them at some level.

Act as if you’re the speaker in front of an audience, and you are talking to them. Or act as if you’re talking to one person like they are right in front of you. Since at least 80% of all your visitors skim your content make sure you break everything into sections and have titles for them to easily find and read what they want. Make sure you’re paragraphs are broken up after a few sentences.

Be consistent with your writing like a set schedule so your readers will know when to expect a new article.

Know your exact demographics, and think of what they would want to read when they come to your site, and what would help them. If you’re readers are all men, then don’t be writing about the last chick flick that you watched and actually enjoyed.

– 8. back it up – This isn’t the beginning to a rap song. I’m talking about the bloggers who just seem to know it all and be spittin out theories and solutions left and right, but they have nothing that can back any of it up with.

If you aren’t super successful at what you’re talking about or have anything to back it up, then no one is going to listen to you. People want actual proof of what you’re writing about. So back everything up with a reference, source, your own experience like a case study or show your personal results.

– 9. be the leader – It’s human nature that people are attracted to leaders, aren’t you? So why are people going to follow what you say on your blog if you’re not acting like a leader in your niche, or have full confidence in what your write about?

You need to become the innovator, and try to come up with new things, or be the first to write about something. Don’t always wait until you see it first, then write your own version of it on your blog. That’s only going to take you so far.

– 10. Be memorable – If no one remembers your blog, you, or your writing, then you’ll never make it as a blogger. This may take creativeness, taking chances, going out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

Do something crazy, different, be provocative, risqué, write content that is timeless, tell good stories, or whatever it takes to be noticed and remembered. If you’re writing, and you’re blog always just goes with the flow, never breaks any of the rules, and is just like the other 10 million blogs, then you just might become forgettable. You could take the negative route, or the positive.

For instance: I remember one of the first bloggers I read about was Shoemoney. It was his post on his incredibly HUGE adsense check that is seared into my brain probably for life. I still to this day visit his blog from time to time and not because his content is the greatest but I still remember his blog and interested in what he’s up to. John Chow I remember reading about him being the online bad boy. He wanted to go against Google and was actually kicked out of Google’s search engine, and he was proud of it. It’s something I’ll always remember.

No one is going to remember the thousands of fans that were at a super bowl game, but that single fan who had the guts (or lack of brain cells) to run on the field in a thong will be remembered by all.

It could just take one post that get’s people’s attention and becomes memorable, and puts your blog on the map forever. Or if you can write a continuous supply of memorable posts, then you’re good as gold.

bonus – to write extraordinary content, then start living an extraordinary life and actually go out and do things and experiment. Read more books which will give you more ideas and help improve your writing.

And lastly, spend some time and actually put some effort into improving your writing skills on a regular basis. Mine still might be lacking, but they are improving since my very first blog post.

Now since you’re going to start writing stellar content on the regular, don’t forget one other important factor.

Without Magnetic Headlines no one will read your Insanely Awesome Content

Now you need to grab attention and bring people into your incredibly written article, and this can’t be done without a headline that captures attention. Make sure you spend sometime on coming up with your headline because it can have a great effect on whether your article will get the attention it deserves. You don’t want it to be to hyped up, but then you don’t want to play it to safe or boring either.

I hope some of these tips on how to write killer content will help you to become the blogger that you want to be, and help take your blog to the next level. If you continue to practice and strive to be a better writer, then you can only get better with more experience. And don’t forget, sharing is caring.

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