Premium Viral Magnet Plugin – Increase Traffic & Subscribers (Limited Time Discount)

Premium Viral Magnet WordPress Plugin Review

So I wanted to do a quick review on the up and coming Premium Viral Magnet wordpress plugin, and let you know about the Limited Time Discount. The product isn’t officially launched yet, but this is something you’re not going to want to miss at this price for sure.

If you’re an internet marketer or blogger, then you already know how viral traffic with social media is one of the top methods of getting targeted traffic quickly. So why not incorporate social media into your landing pages and your optin forms too? This plugin makes that process very quick and simple.

What Exactly is the Premium Viral Magnet?

It’s simply a wordpress plugin that creates customized squeeze and landing pages that includes an optin form. Wait a minute, aren’t there already a ton of these out there? Yeah, that’s the same thing I was thinking to myself too. But this one’s different. Instead of your visitors having to subscribe to your optin forms with their email, they can just push a social media button instead. That’s it, and they’re subscribed.

But here’s where it becomes viral. As soon as they subscribe by pushing the button it will show up on their Facebook wall too. Then if any of their friends subscribe it will spread to even more people, and so forth.

Premium Viral Magnet Video

Now you can see how the snowball effect could take place just by using the premium viral magnet in a short amount of time. Hold on, that’s just the beginning of the viral traffic. The Premium viral magnet makes it very easy for the subscriber to share with their friends on just about any social media platform, not just on FB. Plus you can add an incentives page.

Premium Viral Magnet Features

1. Highly Customizable Squeeze page – Landing page or optin form, whatever you want to call it, the Premium viral magnet makes it very easy to customize it the way you want. Add your logo, videos, content or change up the optin forms style with just a few clicks.

Change styles with just a click

2. Here’s one of the big differences. Instead of having to enter in their email to signup or subscribe, you can add a Facebook lead magnet button instead. All they will need to do is click the button, and they’ll automatically be subscribed. Plus this will show up on their Facebook wall which all their friends will see and this could start the snowball effect.

3. Premium Viral Magnet will create a viral page for you automatically if you want it too. This will be a page where you can offer incentives and a bonus for your subscribers to help spread the word. Basically you setup a bonus page, if the subscriber gets so many people to subscribe or visit a certain page of yours, they’ll get your bonus. This could work pretty well if you offer something valuable to your subscribers. You can setup this page the way you want it, and all of the rest is taken care of by your premium viral magnet plugin. It should be a really simple to setup process.

Premium Viral Magnet WordPress Plugin – Discount

I’ve seen similar plugins go for around $40 – $100, and they’re very effective cause just about everyone uses them nowadays. But this is the first one I’ve seen where you can have a Facebook button integrated into it for getting subscribers. So what’s the cost of this hot little WP plugin? A cool $77 a pop. Not to bad, but get it even much cheaper than that for a limited time.

If you click here and signup on the waiting list, you’ll be able to get the 40% Discount off premium viral magnet on launch day. Instead of paying $77, you’ll only pay $47. This sale will only be good for 1 week only, Sunday, March 18 – Sunday, March 25, 2012.

The official launch day of Premium Viral Magnet is on Sunday March 18, 2012 at 10 pm EST. Make sure you go and signup on the waiting list so you don’t miss out on the discounted price.

My final thoughts on the Premium Viral Magnet WP Plugin

I do know things can spread like wildfire on Facebook, and we all know how popular FB is currently, so this product could help bring in a ton of viral traffic and subscribers quickly. But, I think you’ll need to provide a lot of value to your subscribers, especially if you want them to be part of your incentive plan. Or else, it’s not going to bring in much traffic at all virally. I’m sure Premium Viral Magnet will be a quality product since it’s coming from the makers of Profits theme, a really great WordPress tool. I hoped you got a little insight from my premium viral magnet review, and I’m looking forward to trying this wordpress plugin after launch day. But make sure you get on the discount while you can.

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