1 Trick to Increase Your Sales & Traffic Overnight – Guaranteed

If you’re a struggling internet marketer like myself, then I know you’ll want to hear about this one trick that a friend of mine just shared with me recently that has helped him to increase his sales and traffic by at least 400%.

Actually, he checked out a few of my sites and told me that I was missing this one vital thing with all of them. At first, I was a little offended and got a little heated since I kind of got a big ego, and because I’ve been making some nice money from those sites. But then he showed me some of his sales stats for the last couple months and I quickly shut up.

If you’re still reading this, then what I’m about to tell you in this post is proof that it works, 100%.

I’m not the type of person who believes in over-hyping my headlines, titles or sales pitches.

So I apologize about my headline because what I’m going to be talking to you about, isn’t really a trick, but more of vital necessity you must master to succeed online.

And that is – how to create headlines that POP and grab your visitors attention.

This video and blog post explain it very well.

– There is one other thing that goes along with writing effective headlines which I’ll talk about at the end of this post, so make sure you read that too, before you go.

Writing Effective Headlines

There’s nothing worse than overly hyped products or headlines, right? I totally agree, but playing it safe and not taking any risks or using your creativity, won’t get you anywhere online either.

You really need to spend sometime into creating your headlines if you want to explode your traffic and sales through the roof!

It’s a fact – Most people who visit your blog or site skim through the headlines to see if anything catches their eye. If the title doesn’t create any curiosity, then they probably won’t even take anytime at all to read your content. Doesn’t matter how good it is if they never see it.

Take a look at a lot of the front page articles on the largest websites or social media. It’s the headline that makes it go viral, not the long boring content that everyone always puts down in the comments.

So, let’s say you’re missing out on about 80% of any potential sales or traffic. Because most of your traffic isn’t even getting to your content, let alone seeing your affiliate links or sales page. And without a KILLER title, you aren’t going to get any viral traffic either. No one shares articles that have boring or unappealing headlines.

That’s a lot of traffic you could be getting for doing nothing but writing better headlines, and a lot of money you’re letting escape out the door. Instead of worrying about SEO and traffic all the time, just spend a little more time into creating more effective headlines. Makes sense, right?

Look, think about your most popular blog posts or sales pages. What kind of headlines do you have on them?

Like for this blog, my most popular posts have the titles –

How to Create a WordPress Blog with HostGator – Easily!

13 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed – Even if You’re Unknown

Top 9 Ways of Getting Powerful Backlinks

11 Ways to Get Unlimited Amount of FREE Traffic to Your Sites

All of these posts above have gotten a lot of viral traffic. Now I just need to start working on creating more headlines and articles like them. But it’s a work in progress. It’s one of my weaknesses. I for some reason always write boring titles and play it safe, even though I know it’s hurting me. OK, some of my content might need a little bit of work, too. 😛

Now what do the 4 posts have in common that are above?

They all have eye catching headlines, and the posts themselves answer specific questions and solve a specific problem.

Which leads to the second part of creating a great headline.

And that is, you need to ask yourself this question every time before your start writing-

What’s in it for ME?

The average person online is selfish. They want to either solve a problem or get an answer when they get online. All they care about is “what’s in it for me”, not all the other mumbo jumbo. If you start writing your headlines and content with that in mind, you’ll start getting more sales and visitors as soon as you start implementing this.

Make sure you lead with the benefits and answers, rather than any of the other boring information that you could put elsewhere. They need to know right away why they need what you’ve got, and what it’s going to do for them.

That’s it, just those 2 simple but crucial things to start implementing and working on everyday before you start writing anything online. I know I’m going to start working on making my headlines POP, but without over-hyping, and delivering content that will instantly intrigue my particular targeted demographics. Start putting more effort into both of these things starting today, and I’m sure you’ll soon be getting more traffic and sales very soon.

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