How to Create a Money Page + Killer Tips to Increase Conversions

Make Money from Home by Creating Money Pages

One of the best ways to make money from home is by getting into affiliate marketing and creating money pages to promote affiliate products. Why? I can spend one hour creating a highly converting money page sitting at home on my computer, and make passive income from it for years and years. That’s why I get so pumped about the opportunities the internet allows me to have for making money from home.

But obviously it can’t be that simple, or else everyone would be making money online from home, right?

Some experienced internet marketers and bloggers may have the skills to get a lot of traffic to their sites, but converting that traffic into clicking your affiliate links and making a purchase is whole different skill-set in itself. This is where a lot of marketers have problems and really have no clue on what their doing wrong.

NO Worries, I’ve pretty much mastered it, and I want to share with you how to make a money page, and how to make them convert at a very high ratio.

Even though at the moment I get very little traffic to most of my sites, I still make quite a lot of sales. I work on creating money pages that convert very well. As you can see the image to your left that I’m making close to 1 sale out of every 5 people who click through for that particular product, or about a 20% sales ratio. Which isn’t to shabby.

I’m accomplishing that by only getting highly targeted traffic and optimizing my money page to make the most conversions that I can get. Other marketers concentrate more on getting mass amounts of traffic instead, and convert maybe 1 sale out of hundred or more clicks on their affiliate links. Which method would you rather use?

What is a Money Page?

I call them money pages because essentially that’s what you create them for, to make money. But they are officially called landing pages, sales page or conversion page. It’s a page that you create using content and graphics to make the visitor take action, and eventually make a purchase. You can add links, banners or graphics to your money page, or whatever works to get the visitor to do what you want them to do.

What Kind of Money Pages are There?

There are several different types of money pages to make extra money from home with including; mini niche sites, sniper sites, landing page or even creating a blog post. Basically I either write a post in one of my regular blogs and it will be a money page – meaning I’ll do some type of review or recommendation on an affiliate product that I want to make money from. I’m sure you’ve seen this before on some of the blogs you visit.

Or, I’ll create a mini site which will be on it’s own domain and usually I’ll just create a small blog that only has a few pages on it. The entire site will only be about one topic, and of course have an affiliate offer that is relevant with the site’s niche.

Here are different styles of money pages:

  1. You could do a review on an affiliate offer, or even do multiple reviews on similar affiliate offers all on one page or mini site. This gives your visitors choices.
  2. Personal experience about something you’ve tried or gone through, so more like a story that leads to the affiliate offer as you’re solution.
  3. Just write a post about topic or latest trend, not even a sales pitch at all. Just a regular blog post and then add a relevant affiliate link in it at the right place. These convert well too. When your content feels and reads like you’re not trying to sale anything at all, then people let their guard down and will click on an affiliate link without even thinking about it. They may not make a purchase at the moment, but decide to on another day and you should get credited for it.
  4. Write a tutorial on something and add some helpful affiliate links in proper places. Works really well if you do it right.
  5. Write content that either is informational, helpful or answers a question, then add a relevant affiliate link in a proper place.
  6. Do case studies on an affiliate offer and then write what you think, and about your experience. Some people build very successful extensive sites/blogs just using this method.
  7. Write about a poor product and warn people not to buy it and the reasons why, then offer them an alternative that’s actually a quality affiliate offer

If you didn’t get this concept already, Don’t make your money page look like a money page. To your visitors it should look like the answer to their problem, which it is, but you’re also making passive income from it. It’s a win win. So don’t pick crappy affiliate offers either.

Why do Money Pages Work so Well?

It’s super targeted for one specific topic or niche. So basically if anyone decides to go to your money page, then they are already interested, and it’s your job to convert them into a buyer. But this means you need to get highly targeted traffic if you’re going to make money from home with this method.

Steps to Creating a Money Page

1. Choose a good affiliate offer that you can make money from. I like to look for a good affiliate offer first, rather than thinking of something I want to write about first. The reason being you need to make sure there is a good affiliate offer for you to promote, or there’s no reason to create a money page on that topic.

2. It’s time to use the Google Keyword tool and find out exactly how many people are searching about your affiliate offer. This will allow you to know what keywords you want to go after when creating your money page. Type in the name of the product once you’re at the site and make sure you check the “exact” box on the left sidebar too. Checkout how many visitors each keyword gets per month, and look at all the similar keywords below it.

You want at least a few thousand visitors on exact match for the keyword you choose. If you want to see other alternative keywords for your affiliate offer that people are searching, then type in your affiliate offer (exact name) into the google search engine and it will show you all the alternative keywords below that people are typing in. From most popular to least.

3. Now it’s time to choose a great domain name and if you don’t have hosting yet, you should get that now too. If you’re going to use your blog and just create a post for your money page, then that will work. It’s up to you if you want to create a mini niche site that will promote one affiliate offer, or just write a post on a blog that you already have.

If you are getting a domain to create a mini site, then choose something that has the affiliate product keyword that you chose to go after, in the domain name itself. This will allow you to rank much easier for it. I use and blogs for almost every money page, no matter what kind it is. Why? Search engines love blogs and wordpress, and you can easily make them look anyway you want. Not just in a blog format. I’m actually using Headway 3.0 for many of my simple money pages.

4. It’s time to research the heck out of the affiliate offer you chose, especially if you’re not familiar with it or the topic. Actually having hands on experience with the affiliate offer would definitely help you to presell it better, but isn’t required. However, the more you know about the affiliate offer and the topic it’s in, the better you’ll be able to convert your visitors.

I always know the ins and outs of every affiliate offer I choose to make a money page for. Even if it’s something I’ve personally used before. I will still read other people’s reviews, read about it in forums, ask the owner questions, tryout their support and more. This way I have a ton of confidence and knowledge when I’m writing my money page. This in itself, the content that I’ll create from this knowledge gives me crazy conversion rates.

5. Now you’re ready to write your content on the topic of your affiliate offer. Remember this is a presell so don’t be too forward and don’t make it too robotic. The more personal and informational you make your content, the better. Visitors are coming to your money page for an answer and a solution.

If you give them what they are looking for and help them in someway, then they’ll be like putty in your hands, and probably end up buying your affiliate offer. Make sure you read some of the tips below and keeping on-page seo in mind too when writing your content. Cause you’re going to want to rank in the search engines for those targeted buying words.

Make sure you add some pages if it’s a mini niche site. It won’t look to good if it’s a blog with only a couple posts on it. I write my money page posts on a blog around 800 or more words. And for a mini niche site I create at least 2 posts and add a couple pages. The pages won’t be to long, but will have some helpful information around my chosen topic.

Want to see an example of a successful money page in your niche?

Just google your affiliate offer (the exact words) and you should see plenty of examples of money pages for that particular affiliate offer if you chose a popular one. You can get a good idea on how to create yours and what style seems to be working.

Don’t worry about the competition. You’ll get on the front page in the first spot if you did your on-page seo and put in some effort building backilinks.

6. It’s time to add some graphics to make your money page look appealing, not flashy. And to get attention to certain things like your affiliate offer, you’ll need to use images or graphics that they’ll see instantly when landing on your page.

One vital thing you need to remember is at least 90% of your visitors aren’t going to read your content word for word. Most are going to skim and see if they like your content and see if you have a solution or answer for them. That’s why you should break up your content into sections so they can read what they want to quickly and easily.

7. It’s time to get traffic and do some testing on how well you’re money page is doing. Check for clicks on your affiliate links and images and see how many clicks it takes to make a sale. Track all of this and if you have very low ratio’s then change it around. Your traffic should be highly targeted so a high percentage of your visitors should be clicking on your affiliate offer and then converting to a sale.

I’ll tell you the truth. – There’s many good forms of getting traffic; like social media, viral marketing, forums, blog comments, article directories, list swapping and cross marketing with other marketers, but NOTHING can beat targeted traffic from Google and Bing search engines. It converts the best.

Think about when you buy something online, what method do you and your friends normally use when you make a final purchase?

Consider those things when you’re making a money page and when deciding on where you want to get your traffic.

When I create a money page, I’m going straight for the best money keyword for my affiliate offer on the front page of the search engines. I use social bookmarking and articles and etc… but they’re more for backlinks to my money page, not intended to convert that traffic to a sale.

Tips to Increase Your Conversions on Your Money Pages

  • Don’t make your money page to salesy. People on the internet are much more savvy than they use to be and can smell your intentions a mile away. They’ll leave instantly and never comeback.
  • Look at your competitors for examples and ideas. The best way is to Google your main keyword or exact words of your affiliate offer. The one’s on the first spots on the first page probably know what they’re doing.
  • Keep testing different formats, graphics, content, links and different positions or placements of your links and graphics
  • Sometimes simplicity is better than the professional polished look
  • take chances and risks and be creative or you’ll never discover new things that will work or be innovative
  • look for coupons and discounts, or contact support and ask for one for your affiliate offer
  • choose affiliate offers that have a free trial, I always capitalize on this and make it well visible
  • use graphics and videos
  • I rarely ever use the original banners, create some of your own and test them
  • don’t make your site look flashy
  • don’t have a ton of affiliate links all over your content, usually i put one near the top of content, middle and at the end
  • show the benefits of your affiliate offer
  • show testimonials for your affiliate offer either in the middle of content or on sidebar
  • instead of using the words- click here -for your affiliate link, I like choosing words that build interest or lead to more information on the affiliate offer like (watch video here) I would turn those words into a link, it will get a much better CTR
  • always deliver what your visitors are looking for and that will lead to very high conversions

Do some experimenting around with creating money pages for affiliate offers, and you’ll soon get the hang of it, and will be able to make money from home just about whenever you want too, passively.

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