6 Things That’s Killing My Internet Business

Lately I’ve been at a crossroads of whether to finally give up on my internet ventures all together or kick my butt back into high gear and do what I always had set out to accomplish online. Which is to become a highly successful internet entrepreneur with a passive online business, and then expand to other offline ventures.

But here’s the thing, you can’t ignore the cold hard fact that over 90% of anyone who gets into Internet Marketing will eventually give up or never see any success online. And right now, I’m a prime example of someone that’s going to become part of that statistic.


I haven’t ever really been super successful online, but I have made plenty of money on the internet. Hey, considering I’m a high school dropout and have very little tech, writing or design skills, -when I made my first dollar online, that was enough to give me the confidence that I could achieve anything online, and you can too!

But lately, I’ve been holding my own self back.

All of my sites are going downhill and honestly, it’s depressing. The past year or so I’ve been getting less traffic, even fewer sales, and no real growth at all. Even though the last couple of years of my life in general have probably been some of my roughest, (pity party anyone) you can never use excuses. If you really are committed to something and really want it, then nothing should stop you.

Moving Forward

Let’s face it, everyone might experience a slump sometimes, especially internet marketers. But are you really going to give up that easily and throw away an opportunity to become financially free and to work for yourself for the rest of your life?

Find a way to inspire yourself and raise your game. Do whatever it takes to get headed in the right direction, get yourself out of the funk, and take yourself to another level.

One thing that separates a successful business person from someone who isn’t, is the ability to acknowledge they are heading in the wrong direction and recognize what they need to change up.  I don’t know about you, but I only want to be moving forward not backwards in anything I do, just like in the movie Limitless.

So, I’ve been doing some thinking, actually for a good while now about what in the heck is holding my internet business back. Of course, other than my own self.

And here’s what I’ve come up with:

Organized – My little home office was a total mess. Papers are everywhere, and my desk and computer is cluttered with all kinds of junk. When I first got into internet marketing, I always figured I’ll cleanup and organize tomorrow. No problem. But everything has just kept building up all over. I have no idea where half my things are or even know what I have. I’ve lost so much time, money and energy by not knowing what I even have or by having to look for things. This was my very first step.

Goals – You really do need to set goals, short term and long term. Give yourself something to strive for and to achieve. This is one of the best ways to keep moving forward and for growth. Reaching a goal gives you a sense of accomplishment and builds your confidence. When was the last time you hit a goal? How did you feel?

Short term goals could be hitting $100 a day from online sales in 6 months. Long term could be becoming a multi millionaire from your internet business in 10 years.

I actually had set some goals when I first started internet marketing, but they were to vague and frankly, I forgot about them. So I now have written specific goals and have them in a place where I can see them everyday.

Network – I’ll be honest, I’ve been lacking in this department. It takes a lot of time and effort on a daily basis to build up a strong social network. I really thought I could do it myself, and stay under the radar. But I’ve learned only the SEO and Paid Traffic geniuses out there can be successful being a lone wolf. And I sure ain’t one of them. At least, not right now.

Social media is the biggest thing ever right now and always will be. Nothing can beat word of mouth from people you know, right? Connections will come in handy for so many different reasons. So build those networks, and always get them contacts cause you never know when you just might need them. Even if you only meet someone or talk to someone just one short time. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Everyone needs help, online connections, business partners and other like minded people to talk to. You’ll miss out on so many opportunities, information, traffic and so much more if you don’t start creating a large network.

Many successful internet entrepreneurs rely heavily and almost solely just by networking and social media. It’s really that powerful.

Schedule – If you don’t create a schedule, then it will greatly affect your productivity. It also helps keep you on track on moving forward to reaching your goals. Don’t just decide to work whenever you feel like it, or you’ll just end never working like I eventually did. Create a schedule: time of day you’re going to work, how many hours, and what you’ll work on at what times. Like do you’re writing in the morning, networking in the afternoon, other projects and emails at night. Whatever you think that might work, and you can always change it around.

Consistent – Here’s the BIG one, especially for us bloggers. Consistency is one of the hardest things to keep up, but you gotta do it. You’ve got to keep getting those posts out on a regular basis, and keep up with your networks and everything else that goes along with an internet business. Anyone can create a blog or website and do a little work to it for a week or even a few months, but that’s not really going to get you anywhere. The search engines, your business and your readers/customers love consistency. You’ll lose it all without it.

Accountable – Internet marketers can live the dot com lifestyle and do what they want when they want, right?

A BIG FAT, Wrong!! When you and me are making 6 figures off our sites, then we will have that luxury. Until then, you better be accountable to something or you’ll become as lazy as the biggest pot head on your block.

I worked hard as heck the first 6 months, and the past couple of years I really haven’t been doing much at all for my online business. Once my sites started making passive and residual income for me every month, I basically got lazy and thought it would last. Surprisingly, it did last for a good long while. But eventually the sales died off, and so was my little internet business.

Stay accountable to your schedule, goals and to your online business.

If you owned a Mcdonald’s, would you just not go in for months at a time or not care what was going on? Heck no, you would be on top of everything everyday and always be finding ways to help it flourish. Why wouldn’t you treat your internet business the same way?

You see, I already had the knowledge of all 6 things above, I just wasn’t implementing them. Better late then never, I guess. But only if I had done this at the very beginning of my online journey. You live and learn. Some of us (myself) just like taking the long way of doing things.

If you don’t want your internet business to start going downhill and eventually dying. Then first acknowledge it, and figure out what you need to do to change and get it headed back in the right direction, moving forward.

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