How to Quickly Get FREE Passive Backlinks to Your Blog

The other day I was thinking about all the time, money and energy I have spent in the past to get quality backlinks to my sites and individual blog posts. SEO can become a huge Headache sometimes, especially if you don’t have too much extra time or any money to spend on it. But without backlinks, you’re site won’t ever reach it’s full potential. Or get much free traffic from the search engines, ever.


You write content for your blog, then you have to work on SEO and work on building back links for it. That’s a very tedious job for anyone to do by their self, day in and day out. And you’ll probably wind up giving up after a few months. If you think about it, that’s not a very efficient method at all.

Of course, when your first starting out, and have a very limited audience, you will need to put in some work to get the ball rolling, and to organically get backlinks to your new blog posts just like what Daniel had said when he had answered my question awhile back in this article.

It finally hit me though, that getting free passive backlinks continuously to your blog and posts, would just make more sense than having to go back yourself and working on them manually. That way, others would be continuously doing your back linking for you, and you can move on to something else.

Here’s the best methods that I could find and personally have done some experimenting with myself to get passive free backlinks to your blog.

Create Killer Content – I’ll admit, sometimes just to keep up with a consistent schedule of publishing a post every few days, I’ve written some very simple posts just to get something out there. But guess what, those posts probably scared more people away from my blog rather than helped the cause.

If you spend the time to actually create content that is very valuable to your readers, then not only will you get traffic by word of mouth, but you will also start getting backlinks from other bloggers pointing to your great content. Keep this up and you’ll soon have started the snowball effect, and you won’t really have to even worry about getting backlinks anymore.

Which is better? Writing a simple blog post and then spending hours on getting backlinks and traffic to it constantly. Also remember, you’ll continuously be getting only new readers to your blog not any loyal readers since you have low quality content. Or, taking a little more time to write stellar content and creating a loyal fan base that will eventually do the promoting of your posts for you. It’s your choice.

Link baits – These are usually very long and thorough posts that will be used as a continuous source for others to refer to. Such as lists and tutorial type of posts. I have a few of these on my site and they for sure brought in the most organic traffic and backlinks. The effort I put into these type of posts is definitely worth it. And I still to this day, get links pointed to them from other bloggers and even from many mentions on forums.

Social Media Buttons – This is probably the most passive way of getting backlinks and traffic to your blog. All you need to do, if you’re using WordPress, is to find a good social media plugin. And there’s a ton of good ones out there. Not only will you get backlinks from the social media sites, but also a lot of traffic.

Make sure there is a way for people to easily bookmark your site on the most popular social media sites, and you have one on every single of your blog posts. Like my blog, I have them to the left of every post. To many times I see newbies without these on their blog, and they probably are losing a lot of traffic and backlinks because of this. Remember, people are lazy, make it easy for them by being able to push a simple button to share your blog post.

Act Like an Expert – If you become known as one of the experts or authority figures in your niche, then people will more than likely link to your site as a reliable source for information on that particular topic. For instance, anyone who wants to start a blog or wants information about blogging, people link to and lead others to, Problogger.

Not everyone will be able to be as well known as Problogger. But like even myself, this blog still gets links back from people that are new to blogging and internet marketing since I do know what I’m doing. And to some of them, I probably am seen as an somewhat of an expert. Even though I am far from being one.

Know what in the world you’re talking about on your niche. Do your research and experimenting before you even try to act like an expert in any niche, or this could have the reverse effect.

Give something away for free – Go grab yourself some free Master resell or Private Label Rights products and give it away for free. Make sure you also brand those products with your blog and even can throw in some affiliate links. Or just use your imagination. There’s a ton of FREE things you could give away.

You could create something of your own, a simple landing page, software, or even a really good ebook. You could even hold some type of contest. Giving something of value away for FREE will get a lot of attention and will have other bloggers linking to you. Many top experts use this method all the time.

Blog about the latest trends and hot topics – If you’re one of the first to blog about something new, or currently trending, then other bloggers will use your post as a source. Some will even link back to you. Chances are, if you’re one of the first to blog about something, then you’ll show up in the search engines much easier than waiting until 1000’s of other bloggers write about it too.

I once wrote an article about the Social Network Movie, and even though all the top sites on the internet also wrote about it, my post was in the top 5 listings on the first page of Google’s results for a good while. Just because I was the one of the first to write about it. This helped bring me new visitors, but also some new back links.

It might take a little more work and effort at first to implement the methods above. But after that, then the backlinks and traffic should be continuously coming to your site and blog posts on their own. Think how many free passive backlinks you could get if you did everything mentioned above on a consistent basis. You would become a force to be reckoned with in the Internet marketing world.

I believe it all begins and is built around great content that is so valuable, it will make people want to link to you and share your information. This is something I am going to be working on going forward. I know my writing skills are still pretty weak, but they are slowly getting better and better. You should see some of my first posts, an English teacher would freak out.

Got any other good methods that weren’t listed?

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2 Responses to How to Quickly Get FREE Passive Backlinks to Your Blog

  1. I have one word….. Promotion. You can write all the content you want, but not getting the audience you need won’t help. But I still agree that killer content will go father than any other way.

    I totally agree with you on posting on hot topics. People love to read about what’s new, and that sure will make them want to subscribe to your blog. I just wrote a blog post about a popular video on youtube, talking about how he loves Jesus but hates religion.

    I got the idea from that, and wrote a poem on why I love blogging. You should check that out! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Samuel.

    And you’re right, promotion is very important to be a successful blogger. But great content will make it much easier for you.

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