Top Internet Marketing Blogs & Sites List

Blogs are one of the best free resources to help you grow into a stronger internet marketer. Spending a little time in the blogospere on a regular basis is an essential part of being a successful blogger or internet marketer.

Who has time to learn everything just from our own failures and experiences? Fast forward the learning curve by getting insight from people who have done and been there firsthand sharing their own success and failures online.

The top 10 internet marketing blogs that I listed below includes some of the most authoritative and successful bloggers in the industry. Not only do they provide quality content on a consistent basis, but also include insightful posts that can’t be found anywhere else.

But Let Me B Frank, the first list of blogs are pioneers of blogging and internet marketing and the very first blogs that I and everyone else online started to read when we were newbs. But in all HONESTY, I don’t even visit them anymore. Most of them have grown too large and mostly rely on guest posts and hired 3rd party writers. So, basically the quality and insightful personal posts are obsolete. Unless you dig deep into their archives.

Go litter further down the list below for more personable blogs that are current and filled with valuable information that I visit regularly. – This blog is filled with tips, tutorials and insight from the pioneer of  blogging. Darren Rowse, (problogger) one of the most successful bloggers out there is very helpful and genuine. You’ll find posts on everything from beginning a blog to having the most successful blog online just by digging through Problogger’s archives, which is also where you’ll find his best content. Most of his posts are very elaborate and personally written from Darren Rowse himself. Until just recently, guest bloggers write a majority of his posts. – Unless you’re already a gifted technical genius at copywriting, then this is one blog that continually produces content that can improve your writing. I learned once I got into internet marketing that being able to write great copy is practically everything. But it doesn’t come easily for everyone and takes quite a bit of skill. You’ll find some of the most brilliant writers sharing insider information and tips to help improve your copy writing on a daily basis at Copyblogger. – Now Jeremy Schoemaker isn’t the most technical writer out there and comes off as a party animal. But he is one of the most savviest internet marketers and one of the Big Guns in the industry. He’s got a ton of connections and knows if anything big is about to happen before anyone else. Keep up with the latest in the online world by checking out Shoemoney’s blog. – He makes money online by teaching others how to make money online. He’s relentless with his marketing tactics and is a very smart internet marketer. You can learn quite a bit from his many helpful posts on different ways to make money online found on his blog and just by observing what he does. – Daniel Scocco writes a new helpful post on blogging or internet marketing on a daily basis. He knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to share it on his blog. Most of the posts will be short and too the point. – The blog looks simple and plain, but the content is ingenious. Seth is a master at writing and marketing. You’ll find some real gems throughout his blog and he continuously writes about topics in a whole new angle. – This is a young blogger who took the internet by storm. His blog seemed to appear outta nowhere and quickly became a very popular internet marketing blog filled with tips and tutorials from a highly skilled youngster. – He’s well known for his social media skills. Anything about social media and networking can pretty much be found on his blog. His posts are insightful and written on a daily basis to help you take your social networking to the next level. – Glen Allsopp is one of the savviest young internet marketers out there and known for his viral marketing skills. His blog is filled with his personal experiences and his latest business ideas. You won’t be able to find more insightful and detailed posts anywhere else on the internet. – He’s probably the best well known Google employee. If you want to know what’s going on with Google and get insightful information about the king of the search engines, then this is the blog to read.

Newly added — I’ll keep building this list. Let me know of any others that should be added, but they better be goood. – Yaro Starak is a really cool, laid back and down to earth guy. Who’s passionate about helping anyone succeed with blogging and internet marketing. He’s got a heap load of gems on his blog that will definitely help you out. The pod casts aren’t to shabby either. – Corbett Barr knows how to kick you in the butt and get you motivated. If you need some inspiration or a whole heck of lot more traffic, then this blog is for you. – Pat Flynn is as transparent as they come. He has become one of the most successful bloggers in quite a short amount of time. But the cool thing is, he shows you what he’s doing, and how he makes his money. – Michael Dunlop is just straight up a natural born entrepreneur and one of the most successful young online marketers. His blog is filled with original and inspiring posts, including a ton of interviews from top business people around the world. – Ramit Sethi, who studied at Stanford, New York Times best selling author, top financial blogger (do I really need to continue) is one smart and cool cat. He talks all about money and finding your passion (as in work) on his site. – he knows his stuff about social media and the psychology of what makes people tick online. I really like his energy and excitement in his content and in his videos. – This chick knows her sh*%. She’s a true online hustler and writes some incredibly informative information. She is quite inspiring on how much she has accomplished and how many successful projects and sites she runs and created. It’s still boggles my mind how much she does while hiring minimal help. If I could only be like her one day. 🙂

SEO Blogs – A top SEO blog in the Philippines. – Better than Fiverr? – latest and greatest seo backlinking strategies – this is a pretty darn awesome site that covers just about every topic – specifically anything SEO and info for skilled webmasters.

traffic – forum full of different methods and techniques to get traffic. Including seo and other traffic generation tips. – traffic tips that work from the past, current and future. – This girl has beauty, brains and a cool personality. But best of all, she knows her stuff when it comes to traffic generation and marketing online. Grab some tips from Ana, and enjoy watching your traffic skyrocket.

Other – submit a guest post, meet other bloggers and get some new traffic coming to your site – great site for affiliates. All resources and knowledge all in one site. – Cool site I recently found that can tell you what kind of wordpress theme any site or blog is using. – test the speed of your site against other websites, it’s pretty fun to race against your competitors sites and see who’s faster. – nice site that allows you to pull up the archives of just about any website that ever existed. So, let’s say one of your favorite blogs erases his site or just let’s it disappear. Use this site to pull up it’s original pages and posts. – i.e., once was a leading blogger who just about everyone online followed and admired for internet marketing and social media advice, but he totally erased his site (supposedly got burnt out) but you can find many of his original posts if you look for it on the Way Back Machine. Cool, huh?

Internet Marketing Forums – Hands Down – the best internet marketing forum online currently. You can become a member of the warrior forum for free, today!

Top Sites for Finding New JV Launches & Affiliate Products – this forum is great for finding and listing the latest and hottest special offers. Great way to get the jump on new hot offers before everyone else does. – get the jump on the newest Clickbank products before your competitors – get the newest WSO’s to promote – get the scoop on the latest and newest product launches and jv invites – one of the top sites for hot new launches and a great community for affiliates to join – You should checkout their affiliate programs section, especially for new CB products being launched.

Solo ads – one of the most popular sites for good quality solo ads. Find great lists to send a solo ad to in your niche, or you can sell solo ads to your own lists. This is where the Big Dogs get instant targeted traffic to their offers and make a ton of money selling solo ads too. – another decent solo ad directory. Very easy to find good solo ads for just about any niche.

Top Blog Directories – blog directory that lists the top blogs in the industry for particular niches and topics. Great for finding blogs in your niche for guest posts and etc.

Super Affiliates – find the top super affiliate blogs and stay up with the latest affiliate news. – has a great blog on paid traffic and cpa networks. One of the first super affiliate blogs I’ve ever come across. – he drops knowledge bombs and has generated millions within a few years from CPA and other affiliate networks. – Want to be a Super Affiliate? This site is filled with information from some of the top internet marketers and online hustlers. – really good super affiliate forum and blog with all the latest events and news – one of the top super affiliate sites. You have to join their forum which costs a few bucks per month. – super affiliate blogger who shares tips and strategies to make more money online. Mostly talks about cpa’s and paid traffic sources. – a ton of great advice to make money in the adult and dating industry. Includes case study’s, lp’s and images. – it costs a few bucks per month to become a member, but the information and resources are priceless.

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Of course there are many other great internet marketing blogs out there, and you can go here if you want to checkout an extensive list at for the top internet marketing blogs list.

These were just some of my favorite internet marketing blogs that I visit on the regular. So, what blogs do you read on a daily basis and why?

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newly added: – don’t know how in the world I forgot to add Tim Ferriss

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It always amazes me how most people miss the simple concepts you described. I was talking to one of the webmasters at and they told me that for small businesses starting on the Web, Internet Marketing is a must for raising customer awareness and ultimately driving sales, and a balanced approach to Internet marketing which is comprised of two concepts; a Long Term Strategy (SEO) and a Short Term Strategy (SEM) is required for a business to succeed. Anyways, I look forward to your other blog posts.

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