Google Plus One +1 Button is in Full Effect

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the Google Plus One Button. It’s been around for awhile, and there’s actually a few sites adding it to their list of other social media buttons.

But today is the very first time I’ve seen the Google +1 showing up next to the websites in the search results. Which must mean it’s finally in full effect and maybe we internet marketers should be taking it a little bit more seriously.

Google Plus One Video

Many people, including myself, first heard about the +1 button from Google awhile ago and really didn’t think it would catch on. Isn’t it just another Facebook Like button? Yeah, that’s really going to catch on, so we thought.

Why Should You Care About the Google Plus +1 Button?

I think Google really has something here. Think about it, Google is the King of the search engines and will be for a very long time. They are doing what Facebook is trying to do, currently. FB wants to turn into the next biggest search engine, but having social media affect the way we do our searches.

Example: Let’s say you’re searching for diners on Facebook, then the results will appear with your friends recommendations about the diners they like.

The Google Plus one button is a way for you to recommend a site and let others know it’s worth checking out. Your contacts and others will be able to see the Google +1 results and recommendations when they go to a web page, a website, and even when they do a Google search. But you will need to be logged into your Google profile to +1 a site that you see in the search results.

It’s really a great way to help filter the quality sites from the crappy sites. But scary for those of us marketers who are creating the crappy sites. Hmmmm… Even I might have a few of those laying around.

I don’t think good search rankings will be good enough anymore, you’ll need a site that’s actually beneficial that people want to recommend.

Anytime someone uses the Google Plus one button on your site, others will be able to see the results, which will also help your site to standout from the one’s that aren’t getting recommended. And rumors have it, that the more +1’s a site gets, may also have an SEO effect on it and help bump it’s rankings in the Google search results.

Google Plus One Button Code

It’s really easy to install on any website or blog, and the best location for it is of course near your other social media buttons. Though, I’ve seen many people add it to the bottom and even the top of their web pages too.

Just go here to get the Google Plus one code and complete directions on how to install it.

The Google Plus one is still fairly new and I think will really affect the way people do online searches with Google. The earlier you get in on this, the better. I’ll be installing this new button on all of my sites right away.

What do you think about the Google Plus one button?

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