Major Changes to are Coming!

I originally started this blog when I first got into internet marketing to be like a journal, a place for me to write down my online experiences and things I learned along the way about making money online. But I had an epiphany the other day while I was on a long road trip to help a family member move.

This blog is getting boring and so unoriginal.

To succeed online with a blog, you need to be unique and offer something that is beneficial yet different than all the other similar blogs. I am a very unique person and truly like helping people live a more happy and productive life, constantly learning new things, and trying to improve myself for the better on a daily basis.

So I thought to myself, why not make my blog, that already has my own personal domain name into a blog that is filled with this type of content.

The internet is made up of, and mostly used for -information. I want to make this blog into a great vast source of information that contains helpful links leading to reliable sources.

This blog will start containing content that might make you think, learn, improve your life, laugh, stay hip and current, save and make money and everything else in-between. I’ll be excepting high quality and original Guest Posts that are either helpful (tips, tutorials, etc), entertaining, latest buzz or just sharing your own personal experiences.

-There are many good personal development and productivity blogs out there, but I believe I also have something beneficial to add.

I was born in Seoul Korea and later adopted to the states. I have gone from being one of the youngest DM’s for a top fortune 500 company to living on the streets. Have battled many demons in my life and yet always try to improve and grow from my experiences.

Living healthy and fit is now just a part of me, but wasn’t always. I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and for trying new things. But my passion has always been business and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I am no better than anyone else in this world and still have MUCH to learn and experience. But hopefully, some of the things I’ve learned and gone through will be interesting and helpful to you and visa versa.

To my loyal subscribers and readers, I thank you so much for supporting me and following me.

I think I was just a little apprehensive and quite frankly, maybe even a little scared about putting myself out there like this. I was afraid of how people would take take it if they got to know the real me. But being transparent and taking a chance is the only way to grow and genuinely connect with people.

This is our time. Life is to short to hold back. Live life with no regrets and put yourself out there and be transparent with who you are and what you’re true intentions are. I challenge you to take a risk or chance on something you believe in or have wanted to do or change. NO fear!

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3 Responses to Major Changes to are Coming!

  1. Mathew,

    I believe that your self help blog is awesome! You just need a little more excitement and a way you can interact more with audience. I’ll be checking out your other 2 domains and looking forward to the change of this site. Best of luck!

  2. Matthew, I think it’s a great idea. I can also appreciate your feelings of apprehension, yet am of the opinion that it is the person we’d like to get to know, not only the content. Here too, it’s about who you know rather than what you know. Plus: it takes courage to put yourself out there: chapeau for that!

    (I can relate to this extra, since I recently decided to take a similar route. Having a full time job it takes some time, but am slowly getting there. Starting in my own language, I’ll expand to an English blog ( in the near future.)

    Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping a keen eye on your blog, both out of interest and looking for inspiration.
    Way to go, Matthew!

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