Lose Search Rankings by Adding Content on Already Published Posts

Lately I’ve been noticing my rankings in the search engines dropping quite a bit. It’s not for all my blog posts, it’s just happening to the posts that I add content to after I already published them. I sometimes want to improve my posts by adding or removing things once I’ve published them, especially on my money pages. Never before have my blogs ever been penalized by Google by doing this, but ever since the latest (Major) Google Algorithm update, I’ve taken some big hits.

One of the first ways I learned to make some pretty easy money online was to be the first one to jump on board on any new affiliate offers. So a new product, service etc… is released, then just be one of the first to blog about it or even create a mini site about it. If you do this, then you”ll have a really good chance of being the first site that appears whenever someone types in the search engines for that particular new product or service.

Here’s what’s going on now. Any of my posts that I add content to or change up after the post is already published are disappearing in the Google serp’s altogether. So, any of my money posts that I made any changes to have all disappeared in the search engines. Yes, the pages were indexed and no, my blogs weren’t being sand-boxed. Also, I didn’t change the URL’s or the title tags, just some of the content.

This only happened to my posts that I was changing after they were already published, and I only noticed this ever since the latest Google Algorithm update.

-Moral of the story. If you write money posts on brand new affiliate offers, then you might want to reconsider making any changes to them once you’ve published them until after a few weeks have passed. And you’ve made some money and your rankings have fallen anyways, just to be on the safe side. Or maybe, this was just all coincidence and only happening to me. All I know I lost a lot of income because I changed up just about every money page on a couple of my blogs right before the last Google algorithm update, and I lost all traffic to those pages from the search engines. Ouch! You live and you learn.

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4 Responses to Lose Search Rankings by Adding Content on Already Published Posts

  1. That is horrible! I’ve thought myself of adding a bit more to a post, never thinking something like this could happen. I know it must “burn” losing your money posts – thanks for the warning! I will be sure not to go back and add on to any of my posts:)

    • @Tess, it could just be purely coincidence, but it’s just something I noticed with my blogs. I know it’s perfectly OK to add more content to a page or post, but you just might lose some rankings in the search engines for a little while. A little experimenting is the best way to find out.

  2. This is interesting. I once tried to use a particular keyword in the title after it was published and it really didn’t help my ranking. I tried this because the post I originally wrote was a long time ago, when I didn’t know a lot about using the right keywords. After I made the change, it took a long time for Google to just show the modified title and even then, I doubt it helped a lot. I have never noticed any penalty for doing this though, especially adding content. I know Google doesn’t like a complete modification of a well ranking post (as it can lead to people misusing it)

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