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The Amazon Associates Program (AAP) commission rates are one of the lowest in the industry and they only have 1 day cookie settings. But for some reason they are still the most popular and successful affiliate program on the web. So over a year ago, I started trying to make money with Amazon without having much success. I eventually gave up and thought they were a complete waste of my time.

Just recently, I was sharing my experience with Amazon to a fellow internet marketer and was told to checkout the niche profit course and at least read the free ebook. I think I stayed up at least half the night just absorbing as much information as I could and afterwards, I saw the Amazon affiliate program in a totally different light.

I want to share with you some of the things I learned from the “Niche Profit Course” that can instantly increase your Amazon income and a little about the creator himself.

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If you want to have any type of success with the Amazon Associates Program, then you need to have a winning system you follow. Without knowing the right methods and techniques to use, you’ll just end up making a few sales every month and probably give up. That’s what I and so many others experience with the AAP. The best way to learn something is to be guided from someone who’s been in your shoes, but successfully put the pieces together. I don’t trust most of the experts online, so how do you find such a person?

The creator of the niche profit course is Chris Guthrie, just an average guy. Well, his fame is starting to rapidly rise ever since he became the go-to-guy for creating successful Amazon niche sites. Just a year or so ago, he went from jobless to ending the 2010 year making well over $150,000 online and sold one of his Amazon sites for over $100,000. He created that site just about a year before, so I’ll be honest, this guy inspired the heck out of me.

How I know Chris?

It’s kind of ironic, cause I actually consider Chris Guthrie to be one of my competitors, at least he use to be. But now he’s not even in my league, he’s so surpassed me. We both kind of got started internet marketing around the same time and were competing for the same keywords and niches. So I use to keep an eye on him, but lost touch cause he didn’t seem to be doing much for about a year. At least I didn’t think he was.

Then people start telling me to checkout his product the “niche profit course” and I read up on all this success he’s having with Amazon Associates. I honestly don’t really get jealous but I do have a competitive side. It’s what helps fuel my ambition and strive to achieve more. Here I thought I was doing alright for the year, I went full time online and made just enough money. But then I read up on Chris and he’s making 6 figures and making a killing with the Amazon Affiliate Program. Time to get my rear in gear.

Transparency is good for us!

If you want straightforward tips to making money with Amazon, then you’ll find that in the niche profit course. Chris really hides nothing. He is so transparent, honest and straight to the point and includes just about every detail. He doesn’t talk about how great he or his sites are. Chris is very down to earth and is just a regular guy who’s addicted to video games.  He has just recently became pretty well known on the internet and is building quite a strong brand name. He would not jeopardize his reputation just by leading people astray just to make an extra buck.

Everything below is covered in the Niche Profit Course with Step by step video tutorials:

  • complete start to finish guide
  • how to find a good niche for Amazon products
  • dominating your niche
  • having the proper Amazon niche site setup – his $2000 custom Amazon WP theme is included
  • writing content that converts
  • how to maximize your income earning potential from your Amazon niche sites
  • the best ways to promote Amazon products, widgets, banners, content links, etc..
  • how to get unlimited FREE traffic to your sites
  • how and why tracking everything is a must
  • you will see real life examples of successful Amazon sites, very helpful
  • plus bonuses and many secret tips

Watch the Niche Profit Course Video, to see more Amazon stats and everything else that is included.

Whether you believe me or not, it’s very realistic to make a very nice steady income just from the Amazon Associates Program. You just have to approach it a little differently than the other affiliate programs. Yeah the Amazon commission rate is only 4% – 8.50% for most their products and they only have 24 hour cookies, but they do have a really, really powerful and well known Brand name. Everyone shops at Amazon, they seem to sell everything, and they have the lowest prices on the net. They practically are the Wal-mart of the internet.

If you get targeted traffic to your Amazon niche sites, they will click the heck out of you’re links. One thing to remember, even though they click your Amazon link for let’s say a $10 book, they may purchase something else, and you’ll get credited for any other purchase too!

Some of the most helpful things I picked up from the Niche Profit Course was how to create a profitable niche site that showcases your Amazon products correctly. Before I was going about it all wrong and was not displaying the Amazon products effectively and my content was not helping the cause. The niche, your site, content, traffic must be all right or you’re going to be wasting your time. Plain and simple.

I also learned a lot from Chris about selling your Amazon niche sites for a crap load of money in a short amount of time. I never really thought about it before until I read his article about how he sold one for over $100,000, pretty much within a year.

I hope you found some helpful tips and resources to help you make more money with the Amazon Associates program. I’ll be glad to show some stats and links to sites in the near future. But not until I dominate those niches a bit more and at a better place to be able to share that type of information.

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